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  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Well, You could go for your names with som cool typo and a bunch fo symboles around it.
  5. I think they beauty of a name is that it only shines when you give it light. With other words, names like Katniss, Four, James Bond, Jessica Jones all works not because they are good name but because they have a rich backstory. There are names in every language wich is easier to say but easy is'nt always best. I feel that many works of art fall for this, that if I schoose an really cool name people will instantly relate to that character, it dose'nt work like that. People relate to memories, events in there lives, to ideologies they like, to belifes they belive in. For an example I usally like names that are kinda off, strange. For me a strange name means an uniqe identity but I know thats false. However I often fall for it. Like Chappie which I consider is a really good robot hero name.
  6. Well, nobody knows really. I think heaven and hell are made up places to keep people in line, however I do not think religion are. People have always socialised in one way or another. If they dont form religions they form as strong cultural subgroups. As an non religion person death have always haunted me. Maybe its my western way of thinking, that we live and we die(in many eastern countrys they belive that your are reborn, like in hinduism and budism). Its a nice thougt to be reborn to start with a new set of cards however, we're never really brought back to life. In hinduism they belive you are reborn and that you bring your soul with you, however I dont think they say that you bring your memory with you. What is the point of being reborn if you dont remmber anything, not even who you are.
  7. Ya, all the time but thats the beauty of life. That is whats get me up in the morning, because if people dissapoint me I know that they world is not static. It reminds that Im not living in a perfect world and I never will.
  8. Im studying to become a teacher in social studies (sociology, politics, national economics etc. ) and I would love to test my teaching skills, if I help a friendn or 2 on the way the thats just awesome! Plees feel free to pm me whenever, I reply as fast as I can. Dislcaimer:Social studies varies from one country to another, just be aware of that and please dont ask me about grammar, Im really bad at that.
  9. The days as Tempest - Remorse Credits for the picture:neonkitty17(DA) My name is tempest, my name is tempest, my name is... The though risp and slash its way in to my pure being. I stand over one of Stormkings soldiers. My metalhoof clamed against his chest. This one happen to be not so loyal, this one is a traitor. As part of my training and a perfect chance to show the Stormking that Im not a cute little pony anymore, I will make him scream. When I look back at this day it becomes clear that my mind was somewhat clouded. I so dreadfully wanted to show the world and not at the least my self that I was bigger and better, faster and stronger than anyone else except...the Stormking. I longed for the day that the Stormking would take me in as his apprentice. With his knowledge in combat I would soon become a fearsome leader myself. It almost brings out a laugh now days, the naive though that the Stormking was my key to becoming something in the world,to belong somwhere. Now in my new life ,which I describe in this diary as the quite days,I try to visit the makeshift graveyard I built as often as I can. Its just a block of stone really, yet tough and raw around the edges, just like the person it belong to. The stone visual only one symbole, three blue shapes and a red diagonale line. Everytime I visit this place I try to remmber the fallen traitor, trying to guess what he did wrong, why he was not allowed back in to the pack that day like me an the others. I was never told, nor did any of my research find why he was meet with this terrible fate. I often curse myself for the event that day. Back then I was driven by hate and fury then after the Stormkings my selfcentered ignorance become totally visible and like whise my guilt. Today I honor that man for standing up against something greater than himself. Even through his death, his act of defiance spread a messeage to me, a message of clarity, that one day... One day could I become something different.
  10. This is really good, I love hoe the mane of luna flows in to the nightsky. The white background also make the effect even greater. Great work!
  11. Totally agree with ya. However I somewhat feel that its a very hard character to work with in an adventure type movie like this. The movie need momentum to keep the story going and that leaves not much space for Fluttershy personallity. She is a deep thinking pony and is usally fine with being in the background, leting other ponies shine. So as sad as it is that she did not get more space I'm glad that the writers honored her personallity and did not try to change it. I think this is almost what they were trying to do, when Twilight becomes trapped by Tempest I mean. Twilight is and has always been like the main of the serie all on her on but by dividing her and the rest of the mane 6, they achive an new dimension in the story. Twilight freinds now becomes vital for the plot of the movie, in a broder sense than before. However its is tricky with so strong personallity traits on each character to give them all enough space. I think this was a good alternative. Also the movie should not be viewed as a stand alone story but an compliment to the show so I guess that makes up a little for the lack of equaliy character involvement.
  12. Purple Sky A new name, an old friend I like that name, it feels fresh. Why I took it, well its simple really. Purple is my favorit colour. The sky symbolise often stand as a symbole of change. A red sky could be a new beginning, a blue sky could be an intresting future but a Purple Sky is the Sky of mystery. I have been part of this community since 2014, with exception for a long brake of inactivity. As in every person you go through some small and some major identity changes, the fall of my youtube channel was one mine. Not that my channel was any good, I really did not care about how good or bad it was doing, just that it was fun to do. Then after a 2 years of maintaing it, I let it die. It felt right then and I still think it was a good decision. The thing doe, when it died my spirit and intrest for mlp drop too. Today Im greatfull that I never stoped watching. Back then I though I should take the step and just grow up. I wanted to stop wasting time on childish and cute things(even if I today now that these were just social norms and bondaries). Today I have learn that being intressted in cute and childish things is just one part of my personallity. When we grow up we are suposed to take on the role of an adult but that role is often shaped with faulty norms and invalid bondaries. I learn that what really count is that you like who you become and respect others. I know its not the aline with the status qoe to love this show as an adult but we all have are special intrests. I want to be honest with you, I dont know where I'm going with this but I wanted to explain why it took me so long to get back on this forum. On a more practical note, Im studying on a university right now so my time is kinda limited. Therefore my visits here are not to be regulary but I will check in every now and then. Thank you for your time. //Purple Sky
  13. The latest pmv you posted was stunning, you manage do some butiful editing and find clips that refflect back on the song. I do have some tips for you, first the intro is a bit to minimalistic for my taste(It's a taste thing really). You could add the credits for the Music and video footage, I at least think it helps a bit against copyright isusses. Also this could just be my phone but the resolution is a bit low so check that up, I recommend that you use 750p at least,1080p if you can. It looks way better. Great work, I'm subing to you /)