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  1. EmberSky

    Movies/TV Recommended animes?

    I don't watch a lot of anime but I think "The Future Diaries" or Mirai Nikki was really good. Like the Hunger Games but with 12 people and kind of creepier... It has some humour, action, cool fights, all of that stuff. Sad ending though. Whatever you do, do not watch Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. It's only 4 episodes but VERY gruesome. Hard to describe it. XD
  2. Well I used to flap my arms like a bird when REALLY excited. XD Then when people argued in my class, I would be the kind of messenger person when they wouldn't talk to each other, so in an attempt to cheer them up I would pretend I was a messenger DOG and bark. Oh, and when I was 9 for some weird reason I was certain that when I turned 10 I would be able to shape-shift into a dragon... Um... 9 year old me wasn't very smart...
  3. EmberSky

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    I have multiple reasons. XD 1.) My old warrior cat character was called "Emberpaw". 2.) Fire is awesome, plus used to be my favourite Pokémon type. Now it is water though- water is blue, so is the sky. 3.) I have a corn snake called Ember and one of my cats are called Sky. 4.) Favourite colours are blue and orange.
  4. Reaction: Uh, well, this is really nice and all but... who are you? XD
  5. Reaction: "W-what... why are you in my bed?!?! I, uh... are you seriously lost or something?!?" XD
  6. EmberSky


  7. Female. Or at least I hope female, otherwise this is kind of awkward. XD
  8. Hello! I'm new too and would love to be friends! You have so many pets~ I'm really jealous. XD I have 4 cats, a Leopard Gecko and Corn Snake. :3 I would probably have more snakes (and a tarantula because they're awesome and adorable) but my mum is scared of them. :/
  9. Um, hi. You can call me Ember or Sky, whichever is easier. I don't really know what to put here, but nice to meet you guys! I hope I can make some friends here. :3 Stuff about me... I'm 13, shy in real life yet fairly confident online. I love Doctor Who, Pokémon, Minecraft... all of them kinds of things. I'm quite new to not just the site, but the fandom too. Sorry if I get any facts about MLP wrong. (._.)" EDIT: The faces I type appear as ponies! That's cool.
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