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  1. I expected they'd do it, yet I'm still pissed about it. If this cowardly vote to block their precious little ears from hearing evidence against their Dear Leader doesn't prove our Government needs to be flushed clean of these sycophantic bags of flesh, I don't know what will. #FuckTheGOP #Cowards

  2. I can feel that, though this could pivot the direction of the plot. Sort of a mystery of "what is this school" "where is it?" "when are we?" ect
  3. Sans sure is getting around nowadays 

  4. I totally agree, which is why I brought it up. I really like Druantia's powers, but it could definitely use some retooling to be more magical.
  5. Unbelievably agreed. Getting through a Class session should not take literal months to complete. I don't even want to look to see when that class started because of just how long it took to get completed. Time ground to a halt in the rp and it was exhausting. For a reboot we're definitely going to want to restructure things so that doesn't happen again. Maybe we can decide what happens in the class via OOC, and then do a post in the RP that shows what happened in a more narrative focused way. I mean there's a reason Harry Potter and the like only focused on a class scene when it was pertinent to the plot. I also agree that getting a more concrete idea of what this world is and what its rules are would help a great deal. When I started the rp I thought Magic was a relatively recent development, and research was still being done on the subject, but that time table kept getting pushed backwards as the rp went on.
  6. Hmm That's a good question. What do I think worked and what do I think didn't. What worked: The setting/Atmosphere: It's a great setting. There is a lot we can work with here and it takes well to new ideas. I like the general feel of the University. Magic system: I like how open the magic system is to interpretation. What didn't: Too many teachers, not enough students: I think having people only playing either teacher or student is artificially grid locking the rp. I think a compromise should be, IF you're going to play as a teacher, you need to have a student character as well. With how few actual students were in the rp it didn't really feel like a school, and the one class that had students in it had very little to play off of. tldr: I think if you're playing a teacher, you need a dedicated student character as well. You don't need to do so if you just want to play a student. Magic system: I think we would benefit having some more concrete rules on how rules work. As much as I like it being open, defining how the world works never hurts. Lack of magic feeling: There is merit to the idea that the powers we all have felt more like super powers and not magic. It would be good to emphasize magic this go around.
  7. @Denim&Venom A reboot you say. I may be interested in that. I've been pretty sapped of inspiration for this rp, but if we start over I could restructure my characters. A druantia 2.0 would be interesting. However, NO more Magicless classes for me for awhile. I was trapped in that place for literal months lol.
  8. The red head was one of the first to pipe up. "Well of course not! How are we supposed to do anything like that with no magical experience?" Druantia nodded to that. She was sure it could be done with spells and such, but as of now she had no knowledge that would allow her to reverse the damage. Destroying something was much easier than reversing that damage. Especially when the things that were damaged didn't match up to the users affinities. This had only firmed Druantia's resolve that she needed to learn real magic. This lesson, if nothing else, proved how ultimately ineffectual her flailing about with raw magical power really was. Just learning that one spell that repelled projectiles had opened her eyes to the idea that not only were spells great for achieving desired effects, but they were much more efficient with mana consumption than her typical methods. She was awakening to the idea that in the grand scheme of the art of magic, she had only been dabbling in the level of proverbial finger painting. Sure she could use an impressive amount of that paint, but that didn't make her unrefined flailing aura any less embarrassing. She silently resolved to become better, as fast as she possibly could.
  9. They're from Professor Duality and was placed on her after the duel in order to bring her powers under control. Dru's magic quite literally has a mind of its own, and if it gets to excited it drags the girl along for the ride and almost killed her for it. With the bracelets, her magic is effectively shackled and she is able to better handle it as well as the extreme moodswings that it can induce. Before the bracelets were placed on her, she had dangerous moodswings induced by her magic's emotional state that caused her to be quite terrifying. Now it's much less intense, though she still is rather unstable. Think of her Magic like an Untrained Clifford the Big Red Dog. Normally Clifford does what the girl wants, but if it decided to go off on a full sprint and she had him on a leash, she ain't stopping him at all. The Bracelets bring that "Clifford" down to a much more manageable size for her.
  10. @Lektra Bolt No not anyone can learn magic. The ability to even use magic is a One in a Million trait, meaning among every sentient being on the planet, there are only a few thousand magic users. Your chance of becoming magical doesn't have a connection to you being a human or Pelijae either, both have the same odds on being born that way. Of those few thousand, not all of them are even that powerful. The ones that attend the school are more the exception rather than the rule. Also We've made a point of saying that Pelijae aren't significantly better than humans in any way physically. They would tend to have better sensory abilities and some Pelijae can live longer, but in terms of physical ability they are rather comparable to a human. A pelijae can be athletic certainly, and their magic can help them be stronger, but that wouldn't be a race wide trait. Sahalia would definitely get along with Lektra. As would her husband. I have 3 other characters in the RP besides them though. My main would be Druantia: The youngest student to have ever attended Salem University, Dru has left one hell of a first impression on her fellow classmates and faculty. On her very first day attending school on the campus she ended up getting into a magical duel with the janitor that was so intense that all of the teachers had to get involved. The Gymnasium building was also utterly destroyed in the process. Druantia possesses an abnormally large magical aura and has very little control over her magical abilities as of yet. Before she had started going to the university, she had merely been willing her magic to do things intuitively with varying degrees of success. Her Magic has also seemed to have developed a personality of its own comparable to a barely trained dog, and it can get easily excited causing Dru's magic to go on a rampage much like during her duel with the Janitor. As such she currently has inhibitor bracelets that restrict her down to 1% of her normal magical levels, which places her more in line with the rest of the student body. She's still quite powerful even in this severely hampered state, but she's much more manageable for the faculty now. Unlike other magic users whose power revolves around elemental affinities like lightning or fire, Dru's domain is that of Flora. She seems to have complete control over plant life in all its forms and is frightfully creative on how they can be utilized even with her limited intuitive control over her magic. Though she did not know a single spell when she first arrived at the University, she hopes to formally learn magic and take control of her power entirely, instead of letting it run wild like it does without shackles.
  11. Which character are you talking about. I'm assuming you mean Druantia but I have a few of them running around in here.
  12. I know the pain with a laptop going down. Took me a few weeks to replace mine when it turned into an expensive paperweight lol. To be quite frank, I am very tired of having my main character stuck in the class she's in, and I was tired of it a long time before this. If I'm posting, I'm going to want to do a time skip so I can finally put some distance between myself and that and finally get this thing moving again. The rp slowed to a crawl for me ever since she got stuck in a class where they didn't even teach magic.
  13. been gone for a bit, where is the rp at the moment?
  14. I want to post but I'm debating on even acknowledging @dragon4111 's post. It's just so strange and out of place with the rest of the rp. We've had to ask him to edit several posts during this classroom scene cause he keeps trying to interrupt the class cause it's "where the action is." It's growing increasingly frustrating, which is sad cause I really like this rp.
  15. Why do you keep trying to pick a fight with Denims character? It's completely destroying the flow of the classroom scene.