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  1. I'm aware, we discussed it quite extensively for weeks Right, several teachers. Teachers, correct me if I'm wrong here, are quite powerful yes? Hell your Janitor is wielding some insanely powerful gravity magic. What I'm trying to make sure we are on the same page on is that Dru is now on more of a level playing field with the STUDENTS now. While she isnt going to be able to brute force a teacher, a student would still have a rough time with her at 1%. What I feel like you are doing is trying to retroactively nerf her even more than I've already done. I am telling you, as the person running the character, that she is on par with students now. Please do not god mod my character to be weaker than What I am saying.
  2. That is pretty reductive and demeaning of what actually happened. She didn't just give him some bruises and break his arm. The fight put the entire campus into lockdown. Her plants were taking on a bunch of teachers simultaneously. She summoned something on accident that people didnt think was possible. The school is still recovering from what went down and everyone both npc and player alike has been affected by it. To reduce it down to "lol she just bruised the janitor" makes me feel like that whole event was a waste of my time and effort.
  3. It's just that I'm running a very powerful character. You have to be very careful not to go overboard with this kind of thing or else other players could get discouraged from playing. I know I can handle it because I understand the importance of limitations and weaknesses. I saw (and still kinda do) your addon as tipping the scales from her just being strong to being untouchable in combat, and that's no fun for anyone.
  4. That... makes sense I suppose. I don't like it but I suppose there are in universe reasons to have the training wheels. It's going to ultimately amount to her having additional advantages against her opponents but if you want that this much I'll roll with it.
  5. OOOooh I see what you're saying, he uses staffs which is how he has the knowledge of what would be good material for staffs. That makes sense actually. She wouldn't really need to carve it, she probably could just grow it into a staff. It would take her longer now that she's at 1% but she could do it.
  6. I do like the staff Idea, in fact I had plans for one a bit later down the road with her Avatar pic My objection was how does he know what that seed does? Where did he get it? Why does he have this previously unknown knowledge of magic seeds that create staffs? It struck me as contrived and made up on the spot, which you said it was.
  7. Okay but no matter how dire it gets IN universe we are going to know about it OOC. Dru's not used to concentrating to use her powers, she's used to using them passively. Which is why she's having a hard time with them initially. As she grows more accustomed to it her true level will reveal itself, especially as she starts learning actual spells. I have this all figured out trust me.
  8. Which is WHY I mentioned being able to unleash her powers during moments of real danger. I'm really not sure where the confusion is here. If Dru is in a life threatening situation (which would be discussed in OOC and would not come out of nowhere here) then Duality can unleash her powers or a portion of her powers to give Dru the edge she needs to win. If Dru's 1% is on the level of a Student (or normal power level) then her 10% would be ten times stronger than that, and her 100% would be one HUNDRED times stronger than that to her hulking wreck half the campus magic spamming glory. You can have it so she can monitor where Dru is sure, and if she gets into a dangerous situation you can unlock a portion of her power if you deem it necessary.
  9. But we already have a safeguard for such a thing. It's called the OOC. If a character is going to get into a fight with Dru we're going to figure out how the battle is going to go down before the posts actually go up like the last time. Layering ANOTHER thing on top of that that basically says Dru cannot get into any real danger and she basically has training wheels on would still give her an unfair advantage over other characters. There's no reason for it. Just stick with the one that I've already mentioned a few times. I should also really emphasize here, Dru's 1% may be scant for HER, but she is still quite dangerous. One percent of a Billion dollars is still ten million dollars, which is more than enough wealth for anyone. She's not going to be wrecking half the campus, but anyone fighting her should definitely not underestimate her or her inventiveness in combat. No other character has this "just in case they'd die" feature on them, so I'm very much not interested in having it on Dru. Let the OOC be the safeguard.
  10. Certainly no need to rush out posts in this rp that takes weeks to move lol. Take your time, really think about the scene your character's in. Dru has by no means had a normal childhood. She's dealing with a loooot of unresolved issues compounded on the stress of a new environment without her security blanket that was her overwhelming powers. A man she knows she can't beat asking her to come to a second location is of course going to set off ALL the red flags in her mind, especially since she's had attempted kidnappings before.
  11. Okay so how would he even know this seed does such a thing? @dragon4111 ? Where did he find this thing? This sounds like something Dru might come up with on her own not be handed to her by someone who hasn't really shown that he has knowledge of magical plants or how they could be grown into staves. Feels kinda contrived don't you think? @Duality I am very VERY much against this retcon to the bracelets for a few reasons. 1) It would defeat the purpose of Nerfing Druantia: Dru at 1% is now on a more even playing field with the students in the school and is now at more of a disadvantage with teachers, as supposed to being an absolute juggernaut wrecking the campus with a hulking aura. If the bracelets nullified a normal student to 1% when attacking her, they'd basically be powerless and she'd have all the power in the situation all over again. She'd still be massively overpowered it'd just be for different reasons and at a smaller scale. The bracelets are for leveling the playing field and making it harder for Dru so she has to think outside the box. 2) I've already mentioned a safeguard for her bracelets: If she is in legitimate danger and Duality see's she's in that danger, then there should be a protocol to temporarily turn off the bracelets or increase how much of her power she can use. like lets say 10% power as supposed to 1%. Basically Duality would have control of the proverbial faucet on Dru's powers, if she wants to let all of it out, crank it to 100%, if she only needs a little more than normal 5%, ect. 3) It's not necessary, like at all: Dru is more than capable of handling herself even with the power restrictions. She doesn't need Magic NULL on top of what she already has, that's just going overboard. So I'm going to ask the both of you to edit your posts please.
  12. Buck Testa

    Open Salem University

    @dragon4111 Dru's face paled at being told to come along. The whole thing felt rushed and incredibly uncomfortable. She could almost hear the voices of the many people who had tried to kidnap her over the years using similar language. People she killed in self defense in ways that stuck in her psyche years later. This strange man trying to get her to follow him triggered all sorts of instinctual emotions and feelings inside of her. Her aura slammed against its confines like a caged animal, wanting to lash out instinctively at the threat her mind was registering. She backed away from the Janitor with a haunted look on her face, her eyes almost seeing through him rather than at him. Her aura, even repressed as it was, violently came to life and became visible to the naked eye around her. His voice was distant and muffled to Dru as he continued and it made her back up slowly from him. Trace amounts of pollen in the air and in her clothes began to move and swirl about her, becoming highly toxic and dangerous to exposed skin as they formed a protective barrier around her. Her hand went up and gripped onto the pendant that @Duality gave her and with a shuddering breath she started to focus on it. As fast as it had flared up her aura had started to die down as she focused it onto that piece of metal, barely warming it up in the process. It truely was far more sturdy and heat resistant than the Basalt was. Although her aura calmed down though, she was still very much on edge with the man trying to lead her somewhere. "I need to head to my next class..." It was difficult for her to form words with how tense her body was at the moment. The memories of her previous kidnap attempts were still sending fight or flight signals to her brain, and the fact that her magic was so repressed did not help her anxiety any. She gave the Janitor a wide berth, her eyes locked on him and her body almost shaking as wanted to get away to the next class. Part of her knew he didn't mean anything by being so intrusive, but she was far too on edge to care after that exchange.
  13. Buck Testa

    Open Salem University

    With the new limitations came new challenges for Dru. Though her powers were weakened, they were still rather versatile, which meant that she would have to lean into finesse and creative uses of her abilities more than just brute force. As she walked through the hallway she found that while growing plants at an alarming rate was beyond her abilities now, at least in any combat effective way, she could still control the composition of a plant with some concentration. As she walked through the halls she went over the things she had learned from the Professors class. The growing knowledge of glyphs and how to apply them, coupled with practical experience now was putting puzzle pieces together in her mind. Potential combinations and applications of this magic was going to be very fun to experiment with. @dragon4111 As she turned a corner however, all those thoughts were exchanged for heart thumping panic. The second she had turned the hallway, who should be on the other end of it but the Janitor she had gotten into a duel with a week earlier. She let out an audible yelp before she darted back behind the wall and put her hand over her mouth. She didn't fully understand why she was hiding from the Janitor or why she felt so embarrassed, but all she did know was that she wanted to be anywhere but around him at the moment. Maybe it was the fact that she had completely lost control of her powers while fighting him. Maybe it was because she had no chance of strong arming him now that she was only at 1% of her power. Maybe the fact that their fight was pretty much the source of all her problems made her feel a whole casserole of emotions towards the man. If she were at full power she'd have just leaped out the window and let the grass break her fall on the way down, but she was not confident she could get them to react to her quick enough or grow big enough to do so. She'd have to think of another means of escape before he found her.
  14. Looks like we have some movement happening in the game!
  15. Power copying is a very powerful ability and probably should have some weaknesses and drawbacks to it to make it more interesting and balanced. My character for instance is ludicrously powerful, however she really can't control the lionshare of her abilities right now without dying and she's currently got that 1% limiter on her so she can't cause campus wide disturbances for awhile. It's also very taxing on her mental state, as it has developed a psyche of its own and influences her rather rapid mood swings. Right now she has a bit of a reprieve from that because of the limiter, however she's still got it to contest with. My point being, yes she's powerful, but there are a lot of caveats that come with that. It only focuses on plants, she doesn't really know how to properly use it and she's just winging it intuitively for the most part, It causes rapid and extreme mood swings, it has the potential to overtax her body and potentially kill her if it gets too excited (like in the duel), ect. If she were just powerful and had absolutely no drawbacks to that power whatsoever that would be rather uninteresting. What kind of drawbacks could copying powers have? Rogue from the X-Men for example could only copy the abilities of the people she touched, and she could not turn it off and on. What's more, if she touches anyone too long, even unintentionally, she could kill them as she draws more than just their powers. In fact she even draws in things like personality and memories, which can temporarily and even permanently change who she is as a person. In exchange for a very powerful ability that could have easily made her uninteresting, there are a lot of dynamics that her powers flaws brings in that help define her character's struggles more. So what flaws does this power have, what drawbacks does it have that gives your character interesting challenges and conflicts?