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  1. how are you that good at posting

    1. Surface


      you are 58278% better than me at posting

  2. NotABadPoster

    General Chat Thread

    spiderman may may is still a thing??????
  3. NotABadPoster

    General Chat Thread

    I prefer to think that they don't exist.
  4. NotABadPoster

    General Chat Thread

    bby ur freight is what keeps me chuggin on
  5. NotABadPoster

    General Chat Thread

    I love how you lambast me for being a SHIT-TIER TROLL, yet you take the time to reply to me letting me know how awful I am at trolling. YOU'RE MANAGING TO BE A WORSE POSTER THAN ME MAN HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL
  6. 100 character limit wasn't the "old days" lol
  7. NotABadPoster

    Vikings and pokemon

    this is an amalgamation of old forced memes please get a decent sense of humor and take it down
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