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  1. I was living in Tulsa at the time and the tv was on in my 5th grade class. Both of the towers had been hit and everyone looked on in awe. I remember feeling small and bewildered for the first time in my life as we watched the live feed of the first tower collapse. Noone said a word. A few years back the OKC bombing had occurred in our area, so terrorist attacks weren't exactly new to us, but seeing those people running from that massive ash cloud and hearing the pandamonium on the reporter's mic.... I will never forget that. There was a girl in my class that started crying and we later found out that one of her parents worked in the WTC. They hadn't gone to work yet thank goodness. My dad had traveled to our new home in North Carolina a few days before and was starting his first day at work that morning and I remember there was a lot of panic thinking that he might be in danger since that area had a nuclear reactor nearby. I know it is cheezy to say something like this, but I think this event had a huge impact on my life and probably everyone else who was old enough to experience it. Before this attack, we lived in a cozy little bubble where we were the invincible leaders of the world. That morning made me realize at a young age that the world is a dangerous place, we are vulnerable, and there is raw hatred in the world that hides behind the mask of religion.
  2. I absolutely love eggplants and tomatoes, but I think my favorite prepared food is Kimchi (cabbage and raddish) Also, carrots and sugar-snap peas
  3. Definately Tokyo Pot in Stillwater OK. Its kinda like a fondue place, only Japanese.. The vibe is totally awesome and is very nerd-friendly! You sit at a table with friends around a pot of hot broth and dump in different veggies and/or meat and IT IS SO HEAVENLY THAT YOU WANT TO WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES THE NEXT DAY JUST SO YOU CAN SMELL THAT SWEET AROMA AGAIN. Check out their facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/TokyoPot?ref=br_tf I feel like I could never do it justice in descriptions. I will say, if you love anime, you will definately feel at home here and the owner is super friendly and hillarious!
  4. Also, The Guardians of Gahoole. I will always love that silly little movie even though it wasn't a box office hit.
  5. I used to love anime but now.... I don't know. All of the plots are the same and I absolutely hate all of the panty shots and 'love interests' that borderline on pedophilia. I could go on, but yech... I think military familes are overglorified. Halmark movies suck. I'd rather lick a toilet seat than watch that shit. I may be a little biased, but CartoonNetwork, Nickelodeon, and Disney were WAY better in the 90s.
  6. I think its pretty rediculous that I was one of only 20 people in my town that showed up to vote today. I live in a place where my profession is treated like shit, I have to travel to another town an hour away to get any groceries, and I have to hide my political and religious affiliation for fear of losing my job and being chased out of town. I'm convinced that I'm surrounded by idiots and I can't wait to move to another state.
  7. My father is a landscape architect, so he is always at a drawing board, sketching out plans for parks, gardens, and new construction. He knows just about every kind of plant imaginable and I'd like to think I got my creative streak from his side of the family Think this ^^^ lately though, he has been working more with construction. My mom works for a title insurance company and does things like fill out deeds and dig up dirt on property and property owners! Kinda fitting as she is a major snoop haha. So yeah if you ever buy a house or a piece of land, you or your agent probably has to go through her.
  8. And ultimately that is up to you. I had many ups and downs as well. I felt that in order for me to accept what the church was teaching I had to reinterpret it for myself. Still, it felt like I was making excuses for something that was supposed to be 'perfect' and that didn't feel good at all. Whenever I asked these questions to my family and pastor, I was told to simply 'have faith'. That just wasn't enough for me :-/ btw, I love your analogy of the red and blue pill. That is exactly what it feels like.
  9. I'm 24 and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone! sometimes on this site it seems like everyone is a young teen. I started watching mlp in college and got my hubby to join in I've always been a fan of animation (I originally wanted to go into animation as a career) and am a huge fan of zelda and pokemon. Some day my card collection will be worth something!!
  10. True, and if it were me I would stubbornly use one weapon and then immediately lose any scuffle I got into! haha Thus, I would prefer avoiding confrontation and taking something out with a bow from a distance ( I am the most boring theif character in Elder Scrolls, but heck I never take any damage) Still, I appreciate the versitility and effectiveness of the Ngbaka. It's like a utility knife. You throw, you slice, you impale, you hook away your oponent's weapons, you rip open armor, etc. Plus its pretty unique looking coming from a visual standpoint. (I'm more of an artist than a fighter!)
  11. This guy wasn't very good with his weapons, but it's still cool to see them in a fight scene From my art history courses that covered these people, those who carried around a Ngbaka usually had more than one, a long narrow sheild, and both a bow and a short sword along with it. Armed to the teeth!
  12. While I'm more of a bow lass myself, my husband has a predominantly western sword collection. My favorite bladed weapon is probably the Ngbaka! It's a rediculous looking throwing blade that does an insane amount of damage. You don't necessarily want to be in close range either...
  13. Turkey bacon... and yes it IS good lol. Different texture though.
  14. I'm alive! I chose not to partake in last night's mystery mash. Tonight we are having honey balsalmic pulled pork, scalloped potatoes and some collards. I might break into the mead as well