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  1. chirox the pony

    Could G5 be as big as G4?

    I would agree with the majority when I'd say the kind of popularity seen in the early 2010s is likely to never occur again. That is the media frenzy that surrounded it. However I do think it is very possible that a lot of the former fans (people who were into the show during the early 2010s) may actually return. One possible reason I believe it could happen is because the animation industry seems to be entering another dark age. A lot of the renaissance cartoons of the 2010s are ending soon with not much to really engage the western animation community in their place. Except for (maybe) MLP G5. G5 is meant to be more action/adventure oriented as well as having greater focus on lore and world building. I think this is a really smart move as it is responding to the demands of the western animation community. Many have been unhappy with the state of western animation due to it's focus on comedic and less animation intensive cartoons over the past few years. I think due to these conditions it's very possible that a lot of the same people who were into MLP G4 (as well as completely new fans) may embrace G5. I also think it's emphasis on greater lore will allow for heavy support from youtubers. For example theorist channels could potentially have a field day with it. Them having a TV show that actually does have a deep lore for them to speculate on is actually really good for engaging a large online community. Of course I could be completely wrong and MLP will just sink further into irrelevancy but having weighed up all the factors I think 2020 may see a resurgence in the MLP fanbase.
  2. chirox the pony

    Teenage bronies

    I find it quite surprising that these conversations come up at all in this day and age. I got into MLP at age 13 in 2012. Back during the prime of the brony scene. From what I saw online this was far from uncommon and there were a lot of MLP fans around that age. I'd say I handled the situation pretty well. I got teased but never a punch thrown at me. It's amazing what simple confidence can do.
  3. I first saw Mr Enter back when he started out in 2013. He felt somewhat tamer in those reviews but the editing was horrible. At least from what I remember. Anyway he's probably the single most hated person in the animation community so I assure you that plenty of other people think he's overrated as well.
  4. chirox the pony

    Which 'era' of the show do you consider the best?

    I would have to say seasons 1-4. They simply had this charm to them that you can't get with season 5 and onward. Because they were so limited in their scope it allowed for focus on the characters which is what pulled me in. The fact that this was also during the time of it's peak popularity suggests I am far from alone in thinking this.
  5. chirox the pony

    Discord in G5?

    I'd say it's highly likely given the environment G5 is supposed to take place in. It's supposed to have much richer lore so it makes sense for discord to be included.
  6. chirox the pony

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    Yeah I'm afraid I see my video being half an hour at most. It would be cool to have another documentary to send out FIM but I don't think the funding is there like it used to be. Although I do have a feeling that when the official announcement of cancellation comes it'll be pretty big news that might get people interested again.
  7. chirox the pony

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    Coming from the perspective of someone who wouldn't really call himself a brony these days (I haven't watched since season 5) I would say yes but I've been in worse. Nearly all the people I knew online or in real life who were into it back during it's heyday (so 2012 and 2013) have all moved on and don't even bring it up anymore. This can be pinned down to a number of factors (I plan to make a whole video on it) that I won't get into here (wanna save them for said video). Although unlike a lot of people here I do believe G5 could bring back a lot of the old members. I'm not sure what the policy towards leaks is around here so I won't talk about it (you can message me if you want to hear about that). I'll never forget those days.
  8. chirox the pony

    Soapbox draft: Season 8's dialogue

    I watched the Christmas special and I thought it was alright. Doesn't quite match the pre-season 5 stuff but still real good. I'll look at saddle row as I saw season 5 back in 2015.
  9. chirox the pony

    Soapbox draft: Season 8's dialogue

    It's nice to see you haven't changed after all these years. I have thought about giving the second era of FIM another shot but that's another 100+ episodes to go through. I think I'll just wait for 2020. Maybe I'll watch an episode or two of the newer seasons and see how it holds up. Is there any episode I can watch where I don't need prior context to understand it?
  10. chirox the pony

    G5's art style

    Well that is true. Still I do believe those were the final 5 design choices. We'll see what happens and which gets picked. Keep an eye on comic-con I think some announcements might be made there.
  11. chirox the pony

    G5's art style

    But of the ones that have been proposed none of them look like they would fit into gravity falls or Steven Universe. I'm also pretty sure they wanted this version to be edgier so I don't think going for that style would work with the tone of this new show. That or there are a new round of leaks I am not aware of where plans have changed.
  12. chirox the pony

    G5's art style

    There is leaked concept art that you can find online. I won't post it here but you can see it for yourself. None of the proposed designs match the calarts or tumblr style. G5 is in good hands.
  13. I have to agree with this. MLP was literally everywhere just 5 years ago now. I've mentioned it to people in their 60s and they know about my little pony and it's fanbase. It's been pushed into it's own little subsection for a couple reasons. I'd say this is due to the fact that most fanbases survive as part of bigger collections of communities (tumblr, twitter, etc) whereas the MLP fanbase used to be so big that it created several dedicated websites to it which (as the numbers diminished) caused MLP to pretty much disappear off the face of the planet. If bronies (I hate using that term now) were more integrated with other websites I imagine it would be more relevant today.
  14. Based on the info so far they want to take G5 in a more mature direction. I'm sure this can be done (especially given who is working on it) and that this can be done well. My hope is that it will be similar to how Faust initially envisioned FIM. However history has shown that sometimes when creators try to take things in a darker direction they can try way too hard and pull off themes and plot points which make no sense and are simply used to show off how "adult" their content is. Although based on what I've read I'm not seeing any signs of that from the writing team itself so things should be ok. I imagine we'll get more finalised and official information on G5 during the next comic con.