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  1. This is much more in line with the 2017 leaks than I initially thought it would be. It seems they just scrapped the use of the six characters from G4. Also it seems that hasbro are still sticking to the plan of CGI film and 2D animated series as there has been official 2D artwork of these characters leaked (I won't post it here but it's not hard to find). The characters are noticeably less cutesy than what was seen in G4. This seems to line up with Hasbro's intention to market this to an older audience. We also see some new naming conventions. With two of the characters' names being "Sunny" an
  2. Overall I'm not happy with this. The early leaks for gen 5 left me very optimistic. It felt like they were going to make the series Faust originally wanted to make. But as we all know things can change drastically during production. And this seems to be one of those cases. The character change may be pleasing to some but from a marketing perspective it's rather baffling. For example look at transformers. Every generation features Optimus prime, Megatron, Starscream, etc. Why? Because they're highly iconic. Ask any random person on the street and they can probably name at least a few of t
  3. The possibility of such a thing happening is already out there. The leaks for gen 5 hinted that they might well go in this direction. Now that was early in development and thus it may well have changed by now. Overall my interest would be highly dependent on how overt the messaging is. If it's just having a bit more representation then I'm fine with that. If we're talking about direct messaging and themes then it will be a very different case and it would require very good writing on top of the propaganda in order to maintain my interest. Either way we won't know until 2021 (possibly 2022) and
  4. chirox the pony

    Pony Life Bad

    This is simply a cheap means to maintain interest in MLP. Now that G4 is far past its heyday and G5 has been seemingly delayed it makes sense Hasbro would do something like this. Lego made that unikitty series to keep the Lego movie IP in the public eye and Hasbro are doing the same. This series will go on for two seasons maximum before being phased out as generation five launches.
  5. I'd say they should move it over to streaming services. Hasbro already seem to be planning on copying the Dreamworks strategy of CGI film and then 2D animated series. Dreamworks usually puts its cartoons on streaming services. Other toy companies such as Lego have also shown a preference for streaming services. Hasbro has also put hanazuki up online as well so I think this is actually fairly likely.
  6. I'm not dead folks. Just patiently waiting for G5 and hoping it's all good from there.

  7. Hey I'm not the one starting these topics talking about the current state of the fanbase. You ask this sort of question and I'm gonna be honest about my opinion on this whole issue. For me and nearly every other person I knew I/we lost interest after season 4. And I wouldn't consider myself a total downer. I myself am really anticipating G5 and feel it has real potential. So I come back here periodically in the hopes some new info comes out about it.
  8. I got into this show in late 2012 during the middle of season 3. I stopped watching this show when season 5 ended. I saw the direction the show was headed and I wanted no part in it. Now I have returned to the fanbase (not the show itself) to patiently wait for the premier of G5. What I have returned to is a fandom in grieving over what used to be. And I don't blame a single one of you. In answer to the question. yes. this show's magic is long gone. What used to be this charming show about 6 (well 12 if you count Spike, CMC, and the princesses) characters having these personalities which bounc
  9. From the info obtained in the leaked emails, yes. It mainly consists of returning writers from the earlier seasons (seasons 1 and 2 specifically come to mind). However depending on how far into production the series is that may change. All I can say is that it seems the later writing staff are not involved. Something I can say I am very happy about.
  10. chirox the pony

    General Media Forced Diversity

    The problem with term "forced diversity" is that it's what we call "loaded". In that the framing of the question automatically has negative connotations. If I was to go up to you and say "I want forced diversity in films" I'd sound like some crazy control freak who wants to control all art forms. Thus making the term inherently difficult to debate. It also doesn't help that it was largely coined by internet pundits where it's difficult to get a consensus on what the term even means. Thus I would use the more mainstream and academic term which has a much clearer definition which would be "token
  11. I'm not talking about this forum specifically (if even 10% of the people who were into MLP at it's peak in the early 2010s were to join this forum the servers would crash instantly) but I'm talking about other, more mainstream platforms such as facebook, twitter, and especially youtube. From those sites I am not seeing much attention being given to this. I was hoping for something similar to when the game club penguin was closed down. The whole internet got together and said goodbye to the game and I feel like MLP should be getting similar treatment. Again it's still very early days and we cou
  12. I certainly hope so. I'd hate to see something like this be swept under the rug and forgotten about. Especially considering just how big this thing was.
  13. What upsets me the most about this isn't the fact it's ending (I myself haven't kept up with this show since season 5). It's the lack of response. This was a huge thing on the internet in the not so distant past. It's peak popularity was in 2013. That was only 6 years ago now. Yet only the people who stuck around have shown up to mourn. This was a uniting force for people around the web to express themselves, to create, to question. Sure it wasn't the answer to any problems in the world but it was so comforting for so many people. All the people who were into during it's peak are still alive a
  14. I would agree with the majority when I'd say the kind of popularity seen in the early 2010s is likely to never occur again. That is the media frenzy that surrounded it. However I do think it is very possible that a lot of the former fans (people who were into the show during the early 2010s) may actually return. One possible reason I believe it could happen is because the animation industry seems to be entering another dark age. A lot of the renaissance cartoons of the 2010s are ending soon with not much to really engage the western animation community in their place. Except for (maybe)
  15. chirox the pony

    Teenage bronies

    I find it quite surprising that these conversations come up at all in this day and age. I got into MLP at age 13 in 2012. Back during the prime of the brony scene. From what I saw online this was far from uncommon and there were a lot of MLP fans around that age. I'd say I handled the situation pretty well. I got teased but never a punch thrown at me. It's amazing what simple confidence can do.
  16. I first saw Mr Enter back when he started out in 2013. He felt somewhat tamer in those reviews but the editing was horrible. At least from what I remember. Anyway he's probably the single most hated person in the animation community so I assure you that plenty of other people think he's overrated as well.
  17. I would have to say seasons 1-4. They simply had this charm to them that you can't get with season 5 and onward. Because they were so limited in their scope it allowed for focus on the characters which is what pulled me in. The fact that this was also during the time of it's peak popularity suggests I am far from alone in thinking this.
  18. I'd say it's highly likely given the environment G5 is supposed to take place in. It's supposed to have much richer lore so it makes sense for discord to be included.
  19. Yeah I'm afraid I see my video being half an hour at most. It would be cool to have another documentary to send out FIM but I don't think the funding is there like it used to be. Although I do have a feeling that when the official announcement of cancellation comes it'll be pretty big news that might get people interested again.
  20. Coming from the perspective of someone who wouldn't really call himself a brony these days (I haven't watched since season 5) I would say yes but I've been in worse. Nearly all the people I knew online or in real life who were into it back during it's heyday (so 2012 and 2013) have all moved on and don't even bring it up anymore. This can be pinned down to a number of factors (I plan to make a whole video on it) that I won't get into here (wanna save them for said video). Although unlike a lot of people here I do believe G5 could bring back a lot of the old members. I'm not sure what the polic
  21. I watched the Christmas special and I thought it was alright. Doesn't quite match the pre-season 5 stuff but still real good. I'll look at saddle row as I saw season 5 back in 2015.
  22. It's nice to see you haven't changed after all these years. I have thought about giving the second era of FIM another shot but that's another 100+ episodes to go through. I think I'll just wait for 2020. Maybe I'll watch an episode or two of the newer seasons and see how it holds up. Is there any episode I can watch where I don't need prior context to understand it?
  23. chirox the pony

    G5's art style

    Well that is true. Still I do believe those were the final 5 design choices. We'll see what happens and which gets picked. Keep an eye on comic-con I think some announcements might be made there.
  24. chirox the pony

    G5's art style

    But of the ones that have been proposed none of them look like they would fit into gravity falls or Steven Universe. I'm also pretty sure they wanted this version to be edgier so I don't think going for that style would work with the tone of this new show. That or there are a new round of leaks I am not aware of where plans have changed.
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