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  1. I'd rather talk with you personally over skype about what you want the DJ Pon3 voice to be, if you're up to it.
  2. Got the mic! You want me to send you some canon lines from FoE that the good voice of the wasteland says or what?
  3. If Dj Pon3 is still available next Friday I'll give it a shot. (Mic broke) But I'll definately give minor characters a shot.
  4. I'll loan a hoof, Camera Flash sounds just up my alley. I'll have a mic by next Friday so PM me if the spot is still available and you want to hear what I have in mind.
  5. My gamertag is PonywithCharm everypony add me! (we'll do raids 'n crucible 'n stuff)
  6. Alright Everypony! <arching season is over so I'm back in the game.
  7. SO sorry for being away for so long, I have competition season going on right now for marching band. I guess I should go through and pick everypony up :/ Sorry, been away for a LONG time.I got your message. I'll add you now
  8. Scripts are the cornerstone of anything and everything you'll have to do in analysis. Written or video we're looking for analysts, and if you want to be a part of this then who am I to let your medium of analysis stop you?
  9. I will support you fully in that, and it is an interesting view to have. Just make sure what you say accurately reflects what the Bible says in the context you choose to take.
  10. I'm trying to do both, would you like to join us? Understandable, nopony can fault you for that. Once again, if you're interested then PLEASE send me a PM! That way your skype stays confidential to the group itself.
  11. Asking good questions right off the bat, please check this link out and see if you're interested.
  12. Yes actually, one question. Would you be interested in analyzing mlp? You first and foremost would need to have a writer's mindset, the ability to ramble about things of interest and generally engage in higher thought, and be a boss. You are already a boss and ramble, would you mind checking this link out to see if you want to help us? We can find out if you have any higher thought then.