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  1. Hello. Would you like a cupcake?
  2. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qp-ypYp6rQ
  3. 007FFF

    Visual Art I did this with melted crayons

    HUH? Way past cool! I give this all my yeses.
  4. Listen to Bieber till your heart's content. But enough of him or her, have some of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLjphhzDDrY Lol.
  5. They can be if they want to be. Not wait...it's if we want them to be. A great personality and a nice a** equals sexy to me.
  6. Luna has me lost for words... So I'll just say... When you're hot...you're hot! It's dat magic she uses on us, lol.
  7. I reserve my swearing for anger and comedic values. I'm not against swearing at all. Though as a repetitive nature, it gets old fast. I'll try my best not to swear and I don't do it too often anyway. Yeah it's a bad habit - gotta at least exert some control.
  8. 007FFF

    Hello Everypony! ^^

    Hey there. Welcome to MLP forums. .. Awesome site, fantastic ponies... Enjoy your stay!
  9. 007FFF

    Hello, Everypony.

    Hello. Have a cupcake on me.
  10. 007FFF

    Back in the fandom

    Hello there fellow pony member.
  11. 007FFF

    Heh, for the lulz

    Hello and welcome to MLP forums. We hope you stay for the long haul. Oh yeah...lolz at your username... Futurama rocks!
  12. 007FFF


    Hello. For me MLP/anime is love, life and ya gotta have cupcakes too... Enjoy your stay!
  13. 007FFF


    Greetings and have a welcoming basket - full of cupcakes! Hope you like cupcakes. Enjoy! @Thunder-Wing: Love the sig banner, by the way.
  14. 007FFF

    Hello! :)

    Hello there. Welcome to this handy site with wonderful ponies. Now let's get fat on cupcakes.
  15. 007FFF


    Greetings. Welcome to this fabtabulous place. We hope you love it here - I do.
  16. Welcome to this place. Where you'll find fun in all the right places... OK, that came out sorta weird, lol. TTFN.
  17. Welcome to the greatest show on Earth! Not Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's. But life. Where 'Friendship is Magic'.
  18. 007FFF


    Greetings. I have cupcakes. Enjoy your stay!
  19. Hello there, nice to meet you. I make cupcakes... What's your flavor?
  20. Hello there. Welcome to this great place. Tarantulas you say? I like fake ones, that is all...lol. TTFN.
  21. 007FFF

    Yo Ponies!

    Hi there. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
  22. Hey there! Welcome to MLP forums... And...
  23. 007FFF


    Welcome to Jurassic Park. Wait...wrong line. Welcome to MLP forums. ... Got it now.
  24. 007FFF

    Hi there!

    Greetings lad. Hope you have a great stay!
  25. 007FFF

    Hello Everypony!

    Hello. Have a great time here...
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