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    Don't fall victim to conformity. "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." ~
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  • "Stormfury/Azul Maya" (Bat Pony OC) ---- Stormfury's based off of Project Stormfury -¬†"Project Stormfury¬†was an attempt to weaken¬†tropical cyclones¬†by flying aircraft into them and¬†seeding¬†with¬†silver iodide. The project was run by the¬†United States Government¬†from 1962 to 1983." This Azul Maya means¬†"Blue Illusionary--Cosmic Magic."¬†"Thought that creates physical reality."¬†:maud:
  • +National¬†Weather¬†Service: Skywarn¬†Spotter:¬†State College - /PAZ¬†:ph3ar:
  • +Avid bird-watcher (birding)¬†:ooh:
  • Self-employed.¬†:dash:
  • French linguistics. Music. Art... Other stuffs.¬†:wub:
  • I can speed read, speed listen: and other neuroplasticity fun. I like meta-healing, good vibes, and being random and funny. I'm mostly a shitposter on here - but que ser√°, ser√°... "Whatever will be, will be... The future's not ours to see... Que ser√°, ser√°... What will be, will be..."¬†:balloon:
  • P.S. "Gimme dat chocolate!"¬†:BornAgainBrony: