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Posts posted by Meemayfox

  1. I have two, actually.


    Sir Jackleberry

    This one is my main channel, and I use it to upload Let's Play/gaming videos. Been going since late October, however I'm kind of lazy on the uploads, as in I'll often stop making videos completely for extended periods of time.



    My second channel, which is made for Downfall parodies. Just made this one recently, and I'm not sure how this one will compare to my main in terms of activity, but it exists for when I feel like whipping out a good ol' Downfall parody (I felt it would be better to have them on a separate channel). :P


    I do enjoy laughing at the expense of Hitler.  :lol:

    That movie by the way, was damn good. 

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  2. We're a bit behind on technology these days. I don't think I was lied to though. The fact of the matter is, you need time. When you get a new computer, it's already considered old. We make strives throughout short intervals. The core of everything can last a lifetime, renewing of the sorts are built upon, and built upon, and built upon. Our aspirations far exceed our capabilities. That's good because it fuels more achievements down the road. 


    If people depict a world of tomorrow on TV (fake or not), and that flying car with lasers never comes around - really whatever because, there was no guarantee. 

  3. Real: Johnny Gioeli, Willem Dafoe, Joe Pesci - honorable: firefighters, police officers, doctors, scientists that cure cancer, and military officers.


    Fake: Sonic, Dash, Twilight, Mega Man - yeah you see where this is  


    Sorry, several heroes & no whys.  :P

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  4. What I do is always expect the worst. So, that I am never disappointed.

    worked fine so far.


    Disappointment makes you a better person. You push that weakness aside, and what comes to the surface? More understanding and purpose. 

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  5. I love little girl shows. Alas, the little girl inside me is very spoiled. She's very hard to deal with sometimes. I ask her, 'will candy do?' Her reply, 'no.' What quenches her thirst? -- MLP of course. She makes me like these shows (and I love it, [tee-hee]). But that's OK, she's made me a better person because of it. 


    And her message to everyone here, 'bring me more ponies!'  :lol:

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