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Status Replies posted by Ecto Storm

  1. I made it through 9 episodes of DuckTales 2017 :yay:

    Gonna watch more today :squee:

    (Finally getting something out from having Disney+)

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      It's the best...along with Dalmatian Street.

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  2. *boops* just dropping by to say hello :fluttershy:

  3. These two are honestly so cute I can't even...


  4. Got my retest results back today. I indeed have covid. They came back positive. Doctor had me retested cause she thought it was a false negative stating I may have gotten tested too soon for it to be detected. Kill me .-.

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Get your rest...sleep and drink a lot of water...this how u beat those things.

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  5. Hey y’all! I’m on break at the moment so just wanted to pop in and say hi! :eager: Sup? 

  6. Good news. Covid test came back negative. Sort of not good news, now I have no idea why I was dying with almost 104 degree fever and similar covid symptoms .-.? Should be back at work tomorrow. Just gotta figure out how cause I have no car 

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Wow...glad to hear you're doing better. :))

  7. I summon all 99 of my followers to this status update! :kirin:

    You are all awesome! :grin:

    I also need to ask you all a favor - can you all please tell @DivineNightmare1000 how awesome they are down in the comments of this status update? They've been telling everypony else how awesome they are, including me, so I've decided to return the favor! :eager:

    Thanks for answering the summon, and have a nice day! :fluttershy:


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  8. Found the Starswirled Music Festival

    r/interestingasfuck - The Electric Forest Festival in 2019

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Love eet!

  9. Okay so my friend and I talked about the first two episodes of What's New Scooby-Doo?



    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Scoob's always good.

  10. Decided to write a Scooby-Doo fanfic of my own.

  11. My fears are creeping on back again. I am now scared of everything going on right now

  12. So I’m pretty sure I sprained my wrist or threw it out or something like that. I was at work and lifted up a large dog onto its respective table and I heard a big pop. Pain shot up the side of my wrist and it still hurts hours later. 


  13. update: The Fox and The Hound still makes me cry 

  14. Spooky Emerald will be coming your way very soon...

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Let's Halloween sooner! B/c it's the best!

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