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    1. Dreambiscuit


      Hahaha!! :laugh: I haven't seen that episode in years and it made me fall over laughing all over again! That girl is INSANE!! I think Bugs has finally met his match! (Not to be confused with romantic match!) 

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Lola makes Pinkie Pie seem normal. :blink:

  2. Snow le Canard

    Hug a user!

  3. Snow le Canard

    Animation Disliked Anime and Why?

    I'ma go with what she said b/c it makes the most sense to me.
  4. Snow le Canard

    Gaming What are your thoughts on fortnite?

    It's a big pile of fuckin' trash.
  5. Snow le Canard

    Hug a user!

  6. Snow le Canard

    Do looks matter to you?

    No...they don't matter. But, c'mon - what you really need to worry about is hygiene and personality.
  7. Snow le Canard

    How many days can you go without sleep?

    Maybe 2 days. I like sleep and it's probably not gonna happen often; if at all.
  8. Snow le Canard

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    The Promised Neverland
  9. Snow le Canard

    Movies/TV The Current Fate of Pokémon

    The general consensus is that it makes too much money the way it is and if you want real's not gonna happen.
  10. Snow le Canard

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    A highly transcendental meme.
  11. Snow le Canard

    Wake up in Bed with the avatar above you, Your reaction?

    Hello, cupcake! How ya feeling?