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  1. Snowflurry

    Would you kill or kiss the avatar above you?

    A loving kiss.
  2. Snowflurry

    Say something totally random!

  3. Snowflurry

    Do you like coffee?

    What about decaf? That's what I mostly drink.
  4. Snowflurry

    Hug a user!

    @Lucky Bolt @Twisted Cyclone @Denim&Venom
  5. Snowflurry

    I'd hit you with _________

    A hot falafel.
  6. Snowflurry

    The user above you is hungry,What will you feed them?

    A blueberry beigel.
  7. Snowflurry

    Hug a user!

    Xmas hug: @Tacodidra
  8. Snowflurry

    We need more Luna episodes for season 9!

    I think it would be great if an ep. 1 kicked off that way.
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    2. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      cool, never thought that there would be another TS, with Kaenu Reeves, no less... love that movieseries!

    3. Tacodidra


      I'll have to make sure to see this one – the first three were great! :pinkie:

    4. Silver Snow
  9. Snowflurry

    Animation The Adventures of Puss in Boots

    I need this in my life.
  10. Snowflurry

    What was the last food you ate?

    Spaghetti with buttery bread and Smucker's.
  11. Snowflurry

    Hug a user!

    Xmas hug: @Mirage
  12. Snowflurry

    Snow Wars!

    @Bas Got u sucka!
  13. Snowflurry

    donald duck Ask Donald Duck

    How do you melt ice so fast, hothead?
  14. Snowflurry

    Snow Wars!

  15. Hugs u

    1. Kyoshi


      Thank you friend. Past couple of days have just been very off for me.

    2. Bas
  16. ♪ Have a @Holly Jolly Ody. ♪
  17. Snowflurry

    Snow Wars!