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  1. Happy b-day! :muffins: :balloon:

  2. Happy b-day! :ph3ar: :balloon:

  3. Tumblr and Pinterest. I recommend both.
  4. Stormfurry

    Movies/TV Favorite Class 1-A Student?

    That chav Katsuki Bakugo.
  5. Stormfurry

    Movies/TV Naked and Afraid

    Yes - that's a great show!
  6. Stormfurry

    General Things you've always wanted to do?

    See the Sistine Chapel, Van Gogh Museum, and Giza pyramid complex.
  7. medium.png

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Hugs are especially welcome on a day like this; it's terribly cold outside. :D

    2. Stormfurry
  8. Stormfurry

    Say something totally random!

    “Don't be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be!”

    1. Tacodidra


      I have to say the accordion livens it up quite a bit! :D I'd be more likely to listen to politicians' speeches if they were this musical! :laugh:

  10. Stormfurry

    Say something totally random!

    "Don't be afraid to look silly." - Tara Strong
  11. Stormfurry

    I feel The Cutest Couple Contest was rigged

    Yeah...I don't get that. Honorary trophy for @SparklingSwirls and @Lucky Bolt.
  12. tumblr_pnk6ji0Y7r1x9u51to1_1280.jpg

    1. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      LOL! I was exactly like that countless times!

    2. Tacodidra


      Blue shells... :glimmer: 99% of the time, it's me who gets hit by them! I'm too good at Mario Kart (pretty much the only game where I can say that)! :P

  13. Stormfurry

    The user above you is hungry,What will you feed them?

    Back at ya, my very palatable friend:
  14. Stormfurry

    General Favorite Casino Game

    Twenty-One/Blackjack or Poker.
  15. Stormfurry

    staff The Journey of the Jonin

    Welcome aboard, Lady Kage of the Village Hidden in the Memes! Here's yer Akatsuki cake: