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  1. Damn ... busy few days ahead, all in the run up to the family holiday that i'm not allowed to go on ... woo ¬_¬

  2. Laughter .. at least i think so because i do almost anything to get a laugh out of people Yet every test for this kinda thing i take always matches me with loyalty
  3. If We're talking about pizza, the only way to go is good ol' margherita pizza Preferably with multiple types of cheese, plenty of herbs and a very tangy sweet sauce thats just YUM Homemade is best cause i make myself a spicy chilli powder base that gives it a fantastic kick
  4. ok so i got a OC WIP (like extremely WIP) ... on my profile, I dont feel good enough to add it to Octavias Hall yet :(

    1. NotoriousSMALL


      Looks good, his head could use work (thats a problem I had for a long time). I think when you add it to Octavia Halls you should open a program (even paint) and trace it, and color it then add it to make it look pristine!

    2. ScaleWrangler


      Thanks, yeah the heads tough, eventually i want him more expressive and RD jumping on that cloud to put out the fire on the house, also want more in the background and i really need to figure out a cutie mark XD

      this is just a hours worth of sketching

  5. Its been a while, but when i was in school i had a STM (sleeptalkinman)messenger bag with one of his quotes on i chose "F@*K OFF and let me bask in the glory of being me"
  6. I'm lying down .. working up the motivation to get up and try draw my OC .. but what if it sucks XD

    1. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      if you don't draw it for fear of it sucking, it will always suck. Practise makes perfect, bro ;)

    2. NotoriousSMALL


      look up some youtube vids, thats what I did. Now I draw ponies.. better.


  7. These are all so fantastic I'm getting happy an warm fuzzy feelings just from reading HAPPINESS PARTY
  8. Waiting for some random guy in a business suit to say that my business plan is ok so i can get a loan to help start up my own business
  9. I think it would be more Love is earned tolerance is given Everyone should be given a chance, and if they are not bad people they become loved
  10. Trying NOT to fucus on having a special somepony and just focusing on work and such is hard ... I miss the cuddles

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    2. ScaleWrangler


      I'm with you there, I was with someone for 4 years, we were engaged and one day she turned around and said £the spark isnt there anymore .. you should move out" worst of all she doesnt seem to be bothered by it and it just feels like i wasted those years on nothing now

    3. NotoriousSMALL


      It was pretty hard for me and my gf breaking up only because I had to move, we weren't fighting or anything. We knew keeping a long distance relationship would be hard. If you want to find the right one you have to go out and look for her! It's unlikely she will just come to you. I'm sorry for you.

    4. ScaleWrangler


      amen to that /)*(\

  11. OK so i was digging through my loft and i found this book, which my mom used to read to me when i was little as a bedtime story. i reread it and it felt fantastic, like i was 6 years old again and didnt have to worry about anything. the same thing happened when i re watched toy story 1 and the PPGs Now the question I pose to you ponies. Have you something from your childhood that can revert you to a kid again? For example - a show you used to watch - an old toy you used to play with - books you read - films you saw Or even just a game/ silly little things you used to do whic
  12. Ron perlman Because War, War never changes
  13. It made me realise that i was only going to get what i worked for, and gave me a chance to meet people as crazy as i am so yes it affected me greatly, i feel i can do more now i know things i did not before, and i have slightly more faith in people
  14. ScaleWrangler


    I have this, though i never knew it had an actual name ... or other people feared deep water too after nearly drowning following my cousin into the deep end of a pool, i remeber repeatedly trying to push myself up to the surface when i hit bottom, i remember the pool guards shouting and pointing but noone came in after me, it ended up being some stranger in the pool picking me up and carrying me back to my mom, choking and crying now anythign that goes over my head is too deep, i hyperventilate and my body siezes up i cant even get on boats that go over deep water
  15. ScaleWrangler

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Listening to my ipod whilst browsing, currently listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash
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