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  1. Hi!

    1. Tanos


      Not much, just returning to this forum after a few years to see whats up. How about you?


    2. Tanos


      Yeah sure

      I just added you

      I'm not really into the show anymore but I might drop by the forum now

    3. Tanos


      Haha true, are the new seasons of FiM good? I stopped watching after season 5

  2. Tanos

    Any bronies around 18-25?

    20 here, this sounds cool
  3. Tanos

    LEGO Discussion Thread

    Haha, back when I was young lego was literally everything to me, especially bionic. In fact, this summer I took a job at the Legoland I went to when I was little and it felt super weird as I hadn't been in like 10 years and it no longer had the same almost magic feel it used to.
  4. Hey man, I've been curious about something for a while. Why is it that the apocrypha is considered divinely inspired? I'm not asking to be hostile or accuse people, I've just always grown up in protestant church(s) where the apocrypha is not recognized as being directly inspired by God like the rest of the canon and I want to know why the catholic church and several protestant churches consider it when it was written way after the apostles died. Edit: Open question, if anyone wants to chime in go for it
  5. Tanos

    Technology Oculus Rift price point unveiled

    Once there's more competition the price will definitely go down
  6. Tanos

    General Do you want children?

    I don't have some reason that that everyone can relate to. I make my choices and goals based on what I feel is right. Why ask for a way that everyone can relate to?
  7. Tanos

    General Do you want children?

    Because it's important to me. I don't need to fill some inner emptiness and I don't need to justify myself.
  8. Tanos

    General Do you want children?

    Man, so much pessimism here. Personally, I'm definitely going to have kids. That's the whole reason I'm going to college and getting an engineering degree in order to provide for my family when I get married and have kids.
  9. Haven't posted here in a while. How's everyone doing?
  10. No, cause in general it's not a good idea
  11. Tanos

    Can't find a fic

    Hey, I'm trying to find this really good fic I read a while back and can't seem to find it. I remember the story was there were murders going on in ponyville and there has to be some new detective (Non-cannon created character) that comes in and solves the case with twilight. I also remember there was a sequel where the detective teams up with trixie and I think there was another good fic by the same author about spike essentially turning into a full dragon once he hits teenage age. (I think it also might have been featured on equestria daily but I'm not sure)
  12. Are you looking to go for Medical School?
  13. About to finish my first semester at Vanderbilt University, yeah admissions is so competitive now that you really need some coaching if you want to get into your 1st choice. If anyone wants some help I can definitely give some advice
  14. Hey y'all, Haven't posted here in a while but I could really use some prayer. I'm in my first semester of college and I'm really scared about what I'm doing after college. I'm currently in biomedical engineering, but I really want to go into pre-med to become a doctor. There's definitely more important problems that people have, but for me it feels choice between being really miserable now and working harder than ever to raise my GPA or forever regretting my choice to not go through. Ever since getting to college my mild insomnia got really worse and I've been constantly anxious.