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    Like almost every kind, but Kingdom Hearts is the Best ;)
    I'm 18
    I'm Christian

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    PM me about anything, I love just chatting' with friends

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  1. Hi!

    1. Tanos


      Not much, just returning to this forum after a few years to see whats up. How about you?


    2. Tanos


      Yeah sure

      I just added you

      I'm not really into the show anymore but I might drop by the forum now

    3. Tanos


      Haha true, are the new seasons of FiM good? I stopped watching after season 5

  2. @Tanos I miss your animated pic.

    1. Tanos


      @UltimateGhost3What do you mean?

      @UltimateGhost3 Also, hi send me a pm when you get on again

  3. "Well isn't this quite the combination of secondary characters" lol that was savage

  4. cute profile pic :3

    1. Tanos


      Thank You!


  5. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  6. Haha, back when I was young lego was literally everything to me, especially bionic. In fact, this summer I took a job at the Legoland I went to when I was little and it felt super weird as I hadn't been in like 10 years and it no longer had the same almost magic feel it used to.
  7. In a rough patch of life right now :(

    1. Alpharius


      Anything I can do to help?

    2. Captain Whirlwind
    3. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      thats too bad *hug*

  8. lol lunch in baja is not worth 4 hours getting back across the border

  9. Sister is back, somehow she became more of a bitch

  10. Y'all don't forget water in the summer, just made that mistake at work today and ended up at first aid with heat exhaustion.

  11. First week and I already hate my job :(

  12. Finished 3 hard finals in 2 days. Victory!

    1. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      myn are next week ^^