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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hello and Happy Birthday! :)

  4. Happy birthday :) 

  5. So, the new Doctor is a woman. I kinf of already expected that. It'll take some getting used to, but I hope she does her best. I'm more worried with thye change of showrunners, honestly.

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      Yeap. He was there for 3 years, like all the others (Except Eccleston).

    3. The_Gobo


      wow, I thought they were there for longer.
      Jeez... it's been 3 years for Capaldi already?

    4. ImDaMisterL
  6. Hey, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. I've heard that UrDaMisterL.

    Care to comment on this intriguingly subversive rumour?

    1. Duality


      Shall I take that as a 'no comment'?

      Because those can be really handy to subtly bias news reports.

  8. Hey, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here (Though I've seen you've already been posting here and there) I got into it thanks to having to watch my little brother. He was watching MLP, so I watched it with him having nothing better to do. I honetly got scared when I liked the show. I mean, it was airing on Discovery Kids and was about ponies. You can imagine why I was worrying. Imagine my shock when I discovered the fandom and got relieved I wasn't just going crazy
  9. ImDaMisterL


    Hey, welcome to the forums my dude! Hope you enjoy your time here Question, ever watched Doctor Who? If so, and you enjoyed it, we'll get along well. (We'll probably get along well regardless, tbh)
  10. ImDaMisterL

    animation project

    Probably here: https://mlpforums.com/forum/198-stardoms-creative-resources/
  11. ImDaMisterL

    Hi Nice To Be Here

    Hey there, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here
  12. If Spike was a bit older he'd be perfect shipping material.
  13. ImDaMisterL

    Hello everypony!

    Hey there, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay
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