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  1. Octavia_Melody2

    General Any Serious/Die-Hard Toy and Action Figure Collectors Here?

    I don't have alot of money right now either so I've had to cut back. I'm even thinking about selling some of my stuff.
  2. I don't know if there's a thread for this or not but I'm wondering if there's anyone else who's big into toy collecting as a hobby. I used to fancy myself a big time 1/6 (GI Joe size) figure collector until the market got too expensive. I have a pretty extensive collection of GI Joe size figures (although now they're all sitting in boxes) from various companies like Sideshow, Hasbro, Dragon etc. I've also got a pretty decent collection of those fancy MLP "fan series" sculptures like Discord and Chrysalis (as well as a few decent plushies). Anyone else here a toy collector?
  3. Octavia_Melody2

    Health How hairy are you?

    Male here. Almost full grown beard. I shave about once per month. My ankles however are as hairy as a hobbit's.
  4. Octavia_Melody2

    Movies/TV Into the Spiderverse Reviews/Reactions [SPOILERS]

    Probably not as much, it is a bit heavy on the lore. I'd say at least watch the first two live action Spiderman (Tobey McGuire) movies before you see this one.
  5. Octavia_Melody2

    Movies/TV Movies that you liked, but never want to see again.

    The Grey Zone, Precious, and 12 Years a Slave were all really moving, well-made movies but way too brutal and depressing for me to watch again.
  6. Octavia_Melody2

    Best and Worst Plushies/Plush Companies?

    You can find some decently priced plushies on Amazon. 4th Dimension plushies ones are official releases too. Just type in "MLP 4th Dimension" and they run between 30 and 50 dollars. As far as custom life size plushies, even if I had that kind of money, I don't know if I could spend thousands of dollars on a stuffed toy.
  7. Octavia_Melody2

    I love MLP but hate real horses/ponies!

    I don't mind real horses although I keep a distance from them for safety reasons. I've only ridden one once in middle school and I've never raised one. As a military history buff, I think horses ridden by soldiers in uniform (especially Napoleonic era) are simply majestic. Also, I'm pretty partial to Clydesdale horses, a rather large breed (Big Mac's design is partly based of a Clydesdale). I used to go to Busch Gardens theme park and see the Clydesdale stables. Not bad at all.
  8. I don't know if there's a thread on this already but I'm starting to rack up a bit of a plushy collection and most of 'em are of good quality. The Funrise plushies seem to be the most basic. I bought a Rarity only to have her eyes scrape off in the wash (it was creepy). I have two 4th Dimension plushies (Dr. Whooves and Trixie) and they're practically top notch custom quality. I also have a bootleg Chrysalis from the infamous Only Factory who apparently steals custom designs. So any thoughts on who makes the best/worst plush toys?
  9. Octavia_Melody2

    Would you live in Equestria if it smelled like a toilet bowl?

    Equestria seems to have indoor plumbing at least in the nicer looking places. Although I'm sure Applejack's farm smells like "fertilizer" and all they have is an outhouse. Also, at least one fan animation implies that Canterlot uses chamber pots...so yeah... But then again, if you're camping deep in Everfree and you gotta do you're business, just gonna have to pick a tree.
  10. Octavia_Melody2

    What was your first view on Bronies

    At first I thought it was something my sister made up as I first heard about it from her. Then I thought it was some ironic hipster thing (I didn't know that G4 existed yet). Then I thought they were kinda creepy, despite the fact I'm a guy who grew up watching Sailor Moon. Once 2013 rolled around I got to seeing the fan animations on youtube and eventually I joined the brony cult. ("One of us. One of us.") - Trivia: Which movie am I referencing here?
  11. I'll admit I'm a bit new to the whole "sophisticate"/hipster scene or whatever you want to call it but I was wondering if anyone had any decent food/wine combination suggestions?
  12. Octavia_Melody2

    What will G5 be like?

    Is anyone here looking forward to G5 of MLP? According to some leaks I may or may not have seen they're going to look alot like G4 except as Clydesdale horses. If anything, I think G5 is going to strengthen the brony fandom and give new life to this series.
  13. Octavia_Melody2

    Are we really near the end/WWIII/apocalypse?

    After reading everyone's replies I feel I must apologize, I was in a btiter mood when I wrote this. I'm not an absolute pessimist and I don't think Judgment Day is imminent, but I do think we'll see another conflict, similar to WWIII or whatever, within the next 10 years. Not saying I want it to happen, in fact, I wish humanity could do away with all conflict. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I'm an MLP fan.
  14. Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended), but every recent generation seems to have felt that it was the last (WWII, Vietnam, etc.). Seeing how we came dangerously close to nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, does anyone else feel that things could reheat? Are we really on the brink of World War III or a nuclear holocaust? Obviously I'm not saying that I want such things to happen but I do worry. I'm not yet 30 years old and I'd like to live to at least 90 but I can't help but feel that something is looming. Not to go on a rant, but as Christian, I was frequently taught about the book of Revelation and Judgement Day and I pretty much have a morose feeling all the time and wonder about how things will really turn out.