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  1. last chapter! I jumped in falling down to my death.... Rainbow dash got me and got me safety onto the ground. To be continued in part 2 chapter.. i lost count. Part 2!!!!! I was living "I wander? The portal is still open...." i threw a rope into the portal. "Yes i did it!" Now i had a way back in. I put on a bungee rope on just in case. I jumped in asleep...... I-i fell down and well i could of very well died byt at lest now somehow i had wings. Landes on Rainbow dashes cloud.
  2. "I was living life like normal until i woke up in ponyvill...." It will be done.. i don:t really know???
  3. I'm not sure when it will be done but i guess just in case you want to follow this and see when its done feel free! A video is being made of the mod!. BETA IS GONNA BE OUT SOON! The beta release. HAVE FUN!!!!
  4. I would love to sign up!
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  6. Nope that is way older than me. Okay here is a hint: Take 12 -1 After nearly dieing i had though i was gonna be there forever but hid my emotions from everyo-pony i should say. "Sorry, Josh the spell only works threw the sky basically what i'm saying is.... We may never get you home." Twilight said. "Thats okay its not your fault" I said she wanted there to be a new "Nickname" for as long as i'm here. Please name him:....... (Hint:He likes video games and likes story's)
  7. Welcome to the MLP forums you will find a lot of really good friends!
  8. ... i never said i hated it i just don't care for shows like what EG is trying to be like.
  10. Am i the only one who has not seen EG or wants to see it....
  11. Thanks but its not a short story its 1 chapter and yes i know my grammar is bad sorry was never good but hey i did write it on a phone.Twilight let me stay at her house for untill she found a spell to make another portal. "So whats your name?" Twilight asked "Josh** L******" (Not showing the rest of my name ot last name.) "Thats... a interesting name?" She said trying not to make fun of the human name. "Well i'm gonna try to make some friends!' I said Twilight waved bye. "Hi!" I herd i looked around to find Derpy "Hello! De-" i stopped my self there. "Whats your name?" I continued. 'I'm ditsy but most ponies call me Derpy" she frowned a little. "Cheerup i don't really care if your eyes look off!" I said "Thanks... Mr?" "You can call me Josh." I added "Yes. Josh." Then the full CMC came by and sa the blank flank and the age around 11 i was (Guess how old i am in real life and i will add your oc to the story some how.) "Hello! I see you don't have your cutie mark yet." Sweetie belle said "Why don't you join the Cutie Mark Crusaders?!" Apple bloom continued. "Yeah!" Scootaloo said. "Okay i will join but! I will leave this entire world soon." I told them. I got a cape and told them my name. Chapter end. Me and the CMC planned on getting cutie marks in party throwing all of Ponyvill was invited of course i would of gotten mine if Pinkie didn't help... Everyone came but Rainbow dash and Twilight Rainbow was in the wonderbolts reservs. And Twilight was finding a spell to open a portal back to earth. "Havin' fun?" I asked the other CMC members of course they said yes but still in it for the cutie mark. Chapter end! When i got back to twilights house she said "Hey! Josh i think i got the spell working you ready?." I nodded she did the spell and a portal opened i pulled my head in i fell down to earth. Rainbow dash had to come and get me back threw the portal again. Chapter end.
  12. Master chief and some O.D.S.T's dropped in to the last know site the covenant "Ponyvill" they dropped in killing Derpy and Fluttershy thinking they were covies then the rest started attacking then they killed Rainbow Dash and Rarity untill twilight kill em with a simple teleport spell to the sun. DA EN'D TROLLOLOLOL
  13. Just made the first chapter of my fanfic.

    1. Nuke87654
    2. Invincible


      Congrats! Did you publish it anywhere? :o

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      At the fanfic place thing here.

  14. Hello, Josh is my nickname so you can call me that but anything else you wont get. It was a normal day until i took my dog (billbo) outside i sa a portal. I remember making a stupid portal joke "Oh chell was here! Hahhahaha" and stuff like that i got my dads solar panel charger and usb charger of course, and walked in. I was falling down "Holy...." I was saved then fainted from what i sa.... Rainbow dash and Fluttershy i was scared at that point so much so that i didn't see the new pony me. "What happened?" I asked "We sa you fallin' down. Say how did you get here anyway?" She replied "I don't remember..." i said. "Maybe twilight could help?" Fluttershy said. When i got to twilight's library she put down the book and sa me with Rainbow and Fluttershy. "Found a new friend?" She said "We just found him falling down we thought you could do a memory on him to help him remember?" Rainbow dash asked. "I'm not sure about this? Lets see what he wants?" She added "Okay? It won't hurt right???" I said "About like a hoof prick. She did the spell, like she said it didn't hurt that much but i gave out a OW! I remembered and told them everything chapter end.
  15. __________________________________?????? _________________________?????????????????? _____________________???????????????????????? ______??_________??????????????????????___??? ____?????___?????????????????????????? ___??????????????????????????????????? __????????????????????????????????????? __?????????????????????????????????????? _???????????????????????????????????????? _????????????????????????????????????????? __?????????????????????????????????????_____? __?????????????????????????????????????? ___?????????????????????????????????????? ____??????????????????????????????????????? ___?????????????????????????????????????????? ___???????????________?_????????????__? __???????????_________?____??????????__? __???????????_________?__??????????_??? __????????????________???__??????????? _??????????????_______??????????????? _????????????????_____???????????????? _???????????????????__????????_?????? _????????????????????????????___???? __???????????????????????????__?? __?????????????____???????????? ___?????????????? ___??????????????? ____??????????????? ____??????????????? ______?????????????? ______??????????__?? ________?????????___? _________????????? __________???????? ___________??????? ____________????? ____________???? ___________??? __________?? I made this in ms paint. [/url] HHAHAhAHHAHAHAHAA!!!!!