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  1. episode discussion S08:E09 - Non-Compete Clause

    I wouldn't say that. Season 6 at this point already had more duds than season 8 has so far. He is such an excellent writer to me but yeah as a story editor he hasn't improved much.
  2. episode discussion S08:E09 - Non-Compete Clause

    *sigh* I miss Lewis and Songco. What the fuck was this episode? Why are Applejack and Rainbow Dash so stupid? Why are they so competitive even at the risk of others safety, they aren't even acting like competitive friends like in "Fall Weather Friends" they are acting like rivals who put up with the other one rather than care about them. It's irritating. The Student Six were the only decent part of this episode and that isn't a good thing, considering we didn't get any real development for them. Ugh, season 8 man, so far it has more ups and downs than the Wild Blue Yonder, a strong episode followed but something decent, followed by something bad, up to average, and then a string of 3 great, well written episodes, just to fall back down to this. I want some heart, some character building and emotion, not just generic "lol it's sol" stories. Now I wish I hadn't watched Breakup Breakdown, because that episode is truly amazing and it would have been wonderful to see it for the first time after this mess. . . Still better than 28 pranks later tho
  3. episode discussion S08:E07 - Horse Play

    I really enjoyed this episode, it had solid humor, great animation, a decent story, good lore and worldbuilding, and some much needed Celestia development, also the heart to heart in the clouds currently stands as my favorite moment of the season, so well done and incredibly heartwarming. 9/10 Current episode rankings School Daze: 9/10 The Maud Couple: 7/10 Fake it Till you Make it: 6/10 Grannies Gone Wild: 7/10 Surf and/or Turf: 8/10 Horse Play: 9/10
  4. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Well it is more so the fact that you didn't answer his question, you simply said the episode wasn't about divorce and didn't answer whether or not it referenced it, I think most people who watch the episode realize that it isn't an episode centered on divorce.
  5. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    You missed the point though, all he asked was if the episode referenced divorce, simply referenced, which it did. The episode is not about divorce no. But the implication is there. However this seems like a pointless debate. Oh, as for the episode, I loved it, easily the best so far of the single episodes this season.
  6. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Well I mean neither of things answer his question as he asked if it referenced divorce, which it does.
  7. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    Makes literally no difference as to what I said, my point was that Sombra is not yet reformed as the comic is non canon. Could not have made that more obvious.
  8. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    Well the Pony of Shadows, even at the prime of Shadow Play was extremely weakened compared to 1000+ years ago.
  9. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    That non canon comic means nothing, Sombra is not reformed, as of now in show canon he is dead.
  10. What if Starlight Initially Won?

    Spike would eventually notice how long they were gone, remember where the map marked, and call in Celestia to help. Celestia would one shot Starlight Starlight would go back in time to take revenge against Celestia Instead of magic equality like Twilight and Starlightr Celestia would easily body Starlight and fix everything. However Celestia wouldn't give Starlight a reformation.
  11. I have figured out who Scootaloo's parents are

    So when a Mod literally comes in and says "don't treat your headcanons as fact" the first thing you do is that exact thing. It amazes me you haven't been banned yet. FTR, I kind of like the idea of the mime pony being her mom, it would feel like an extremely subtle tease if they did go that route, though I am pretty sure Scootaloo is raised by her aunts in that Ponyville mysteries book, which I believe is canon.
  12. That might have something to do with airing in so few theaters and a massive lack of advertising. Because there is a massive stigma against MLP. Did you even read some of the reviews? They are awful and not at all constructive (with some exceptions obviously) To those who go "oh lol the movie just wasn't good lel" No. Objectively worse movies like Boss Baby and Despicable Me 3 have higher ratings than the MLP film. Face the fact of "professional" critics in this day and age, if the movie had been called "Disneys My Little Pony: The Movie" It would have an 80% or higher. If I had to place an objective critic score based on the animation, acting, music and plot, I think it should have been a 70-80%, that is very fitting for the film.
  13. Spoiler The show and season-long arcs.

    "Why is the show so bad at doing something it isn't even trying to do" None of the arcs in the series have been set up for a 22 episode story arc (not counting two parters) from the Grand Galloping Gala, to the Keys, to the Luna CMC dreams, to the pillars, etc have all had the goal of telling a consistent story throughout a season that gives the narrative flow and a feeling of progression, which I think has worked well. Look at Steven Universe where season five is getting a lot of criticism for too many SoL stories, why is this a problem to so many? Half the season has been SoL stories. The problem there is that SU hyped up a major season wide story arc and the slice of life episodes are meant to be just a bonus but in reality the SoL episodes take up way too much space and feel like a distraction from the arc. Why isn't this an issue in MLP? Well because the show is based around slice of life stories so that way we expect SoL stories with character development and maybe some world building and adventure, but the story arcs are smaller and feel like a bonus, it's the opposite of SU but works much better.
  14. episode discussion S08:E04 - Fake It 'Til You Make It

    I like Josh Haber as a writer, but he as a story editor really doesn't work I feel. Something tells me Lewis and Songco wouldn't have approved FITYMI.
  15. What makes a good MLP episode?

    This is a tough question to answer in any way that isn't simple. To me an episode should always know it's own continuity, even if it isn't based on previous events, at least make sure it is present that way we don't get any mistakes in established character traits. An episode should have a solid story that feels like it can have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Character development is always important, world development is only important for special episodes and not needed every single time, 5-6 episodes of strong lore and worldbuilding is great (which is what we usually get anyway). Idk, I just want a good story with characters I enjoy, if I feel the characters or off or the shows established lore is being sacrificed to tell this one story, I will not be pleased.