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  1. The school has not butchered any of the main cast aside from two episodes that damaged RD AJ and Rarity. The school is an okay plot device that I am glad has been mostly sidelined. The students are fun and the arc this season has been enjoyable enough. I do wish we could have had a followup arc on the pillars instead, but whatever.
  2. RyanMahaffe

    S08:E17 - The End in Friend

    WELP Congratulations! Except, Twilight also knew better. Now for the episode itself. I thought it was fun, Rarity and Rainbow have a fun dynamic and we saw a really cool looking new creature and there was plenty of laugh-worthy moments. That said, the episode writing sucked in terms of the established characters and continuity, Rarity and Rainbow are very season 1 and should not be having a fall out like this after YEARS of being friends, it's jarring. Once again the students come across as wiser and more developed than these main characters (just like Non-Compete Clause) and it is distracting. Why are the main 6 being regressed to paint the students in a better light. We have hardly seen them learn anything and they are supposed to be the ones bad at friendship. I almost feel like an outsider would think the students are the teachers if they just looked at a recap. 8B ratings so far A Matter of Principles: 89/100 The Hearths Warming Club: 93/100 Friendship University: 90/100 The End in Friend: 70/100 Yakity Sax: 64/100
  3. RyanMahaffe

    Where is Abyssinia Located

    Jim: Hey Josh, Nicole, did you finish mapping out the next map expansion yet? Nicole: Yep Josh: Yessir, looks great! So much new world building for the fans to enjoy!
  4. RyanMahaffe

    Spoiler Hearth's Warming Club broke the timeline

    No, it was originally a 1 day celebration to celebrate their escape from the Storm King, they are now adding two days to celebrate his defeat.
  5. RyanMahaffe

    Spoiler Hearth's Warming Club broke the timeline

    There is so much wrong here. 1.) We already know season 7-8 has a massive time skip and season 8 itself has a massive timeskip throughout, it makes complete sense that Twilight shared Hearthswarming with Thorax and the hive after the events of season 6. 2.) The school was opened "right" after the movie yes, assuming it took a few days/weeks to build the school, Silverstream does say that it used to be 1 day to celebrate them escaping the Storm King that just happened to be in Winter, but after his defeat, "We're ADDING two more days of AWESOME!" so it hasn't happened yet. THat is one reason she is so excited 3.) The school was open for 9 months as of Non Compete Clause, and we don't know when Non Compete Clause was in season wise, and it is possible they decided not to do Summer break as the school opened close to the season. I don't think it really matters that much here. It did not "break" the timeline at all. It's really simple really. MLP is not hard to follow unless you really try to explain it. Every season takes place after the last and every finale/episode takes place after the premiere but all the episodes spread throughout the season aren't in chronological order, at least for the earlier seasons.
  6. RyanMahaffe

    Spoiler Best episodes per season

    Disclaimer: I will not be including premieres/finales because this list would be repetitive. Season 1: Best: DragonShy 90/100 Worst: Look before you Sleep 63/100 Season 2: Best: Hurricane Fluttershy 95/100 Worst: The Mysterious Mare Do Well 58/100 Season 3: Best: Too Many Pinkie Pies 89/100 Worst: Spike at your Service 60/100 Season 4: Best: Pinkie Pride 95/100 Worst: Rainbow Falls 58/100 Season 5: Best: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone 97/100 Worst: Princess Spike 62/100 Season 6: Best: A Hearth's Warming Tale 96/100 Worst: 28 Pranks Later 28/100 Season 7: Best: The Perfect Pear 100/100 Worst: Honest Apple 52/100 Season 8: Best: Surf and/or Turf (so far) 94/100 Worst: Fake it till you make it (so far) 55/100 As for my favorite season? It's a tossup between 5 and 7 but I think due to the premiere being better and the finale being a tiny bit better for season 5 I will go with that. Season 5 was a masterpiece. Season 7 came extremely close to taking that throne. So far season 8 seems like it will end up in the middle, better than 1, 2, 3, and 6. But under 4, 5, and 7.
  7. RyanMahaffe

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    Well I will be the first to give my opinion on the episode. It was really good. Starswirl was underutilized and a little silly but he wasn't ruined and make incompetent like I feared. It was funny, we got the return of Chancellor Neighsay, some more Cozy Glow foreshadowing, and just all around solid stuff. 8B has really been on a roll so far. A Matter of Principles: 85/100 The Hearths Warming Club: 93/100 Friendship University: 90/100 And just to get it in even though it's out of order Yakity Sax: 64/100
  8. RyanMahaffe

    episode discussion S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    Maybe I am looking too far into it, but I feel like there are even more hints about Gallus than we thought in the episode. When Twilight walks up to the students and says "I think you will all enjoy the time off to be with your families." she puts her hoof on Gallus's arm and looks him in the eye. Feels like subtle foreshadowing for the reveal later on in the episode.
  9. RyanMahaffe

    episode discussion S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    Okay fair enough. To me it just seemed like you were responding with such a basic random comment about objectivity. Also F&F isn't "objectively bad" that's ridiculous but debating it here would be off topic.
  10. RyanMahaffe

    episode discussion S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    A non-answer, perhaps explaining what you meant would be whatever but meh.
  11. RyanMahaffe

    episode discussion S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    The gallus scene and him talking with his friends is extremely well written, one of the best moments of the season.
  12. RyanMahaffe

    episode discussion S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    How can we all not agree this was an amazing episode, finally giving the students some extra...character to their characters and some new layers and backstory. And Gallus has a really sad history. It's legitimately upsetting to hear about, it's far more than we ever got out of Scootaloo.
  13. RyanMahaffe

    FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

    I looked into it and yeah, they have one that is supposed to launch in 2019. I only suggested it because Hasbro has like toy rights to Star Wars, but I guess that is out. Doesn't change anything though, they would still have plenty of content and I would subscribe for sure.