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  1. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    It's possible that Celestia gives him and the EEA complete control of educational matters in Equestria, so in other words, he is the "princess" of the school systems in Equestria.
  2. Favorite Non pony character in the show.

    Discord I guess, Tirek maybe, IDK, so many good choices.
  3. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Er, good for people, I am not talking about other people, I am talking about me and how I feel, baby Flurry Heart being powerful enough to shatter what we were led to believe was an extremely powerful relic, just from crying, felt forced, it didn't feel natural within the plot at all. Sunburst was overly convenient to the plot, but it never rubbed me the wrong way the same way how the stakes were introduced did.
  4. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    It wasn't that they didn't connect or weren't important, it was that the way the heart was shattered and how the central threat came to be felt forced. I don't mind anything that happened in the Crystalling, it was how it happened for the weather attack. As I said, I do enjoy the Crystalling, but the impact of the stakes weren't as natural and didn't feel as impactful.
  5. I don't ship Sunlight, but those people are going to totally love this special, also I hope we get to see more of that library in the show, and not just to even further show how canon EQG is, but to see what great stuff is hidden in those walls.
  6. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    We had many different plot lines happening, with the Starburst reunion, Shining Armors breakdown, and the baby being an Alicorn, it already felt hectic (though in a silly way, not in a bad one) and then Flurry Heart destroys the Crystal Heart, which yeah why not. But it felt like it added tension because it's a two parter and it needs stakes. The heart breaking kinda came out of left field and suddenly bam, clouds are going to destroy everything. I don't think the Crystalling would have been better or worse without those stakes, but I did feel like they were forced.
  7. I can see why this was Y-7 lol. Sunset almost beat somebody up in an actual fist fight...TWICE! Cannibals were mentioned, Sunset almost called Trixie a bitch. Deserving of Y7 rating.
  8. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Well, previous two parters with the exception of maybe The Cutie Map were the entire world/universe is at risk, where as the Crystalling seemed to be exclusively a Crystal Empire problem, and it is not that the stakes weren't there, it was that they felt forced in with the other things going on and the impact and weight of the stakes never really hit. Of course that is just my opinion, I enjoyed the Crystalling for the character interactions, but it is my least favorite two parter overall. While School Daze doesn't have high stakes (Maybe) I am excited for new characters and seeing Twilight stand up to authority. Who knows, maybe Chancellor Neighsay will be a villain, maybe we will get finale foreshadowing. I am hyped either way.
  9. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Being greedy isn't really something to bond others though, I think what he meant was that their hard headedness kinda brings them together, at least the younger ones like these two in the trailer.
  10. Season 8 Trailer

    Really good trailer overall, I feel as though we have had a lack of new monsters and stuff lately with season 7 mostly just having the Dumb Maulwurf. Season 6 had that gator thing in Stranger than Fan-Fiction, and the Eel monsters in Gauntlet of Fire, but they didn't get focus, lots of cool creatures here! From the reskinned Bugbear but with more bug, to the weird furbys, to that awesome bird, excited for the adventure aspect this season! Everything looks solid!
  11. That was amazing. Like WOW, awesome stuff.
  12. At the same time, they didn't reform the Shadow, they didn't reform the Storm King, I honestly don't think Chrysalis will get one, they didn't reform Sombra, or the Sirens Right now reformation to no reformation is literally half and half.
  13. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I think the problem with the crystalling wasn't low stakes, but the fact that they conflict was forced and they pushed in a major end of the crystal empire moment when the episode didn't need it, also the baby being annoying mostly. I think this will be a we l received do ale because after s6 and s7 people likely aren't expecting g a big high stakes premiere.
  14. This sounds the most likely.
  15. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I agree, I think the season 7 arc would have been better if Campfire Tales was split into three episodes with different stories like Daring Done and A Health of Information, which each episode ending with the main character being rewarded with an item that metaphorically embodies the spirit of the legendary ponies, we would get a solid 5 episode arc instead of 3 concluding with Shadow Play, which would have like 5-6 more minutes in part one thanks to the mane 6 already having their artifact (I think the finding artifacts thing was the weakest part of Shadow Play due to the rushed nature of it) that time could instead have gotten the PoS out sooner or give us more backstory on the pillars. Of course that would still only be a 5 episode arc (7 counting two parter) which would mirror season 4. This 10 episode arc will likely have less of a tie in to the finale with the exception of