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  1. Wow... I really need to get on here a lot more often...

  2. I'm back. I miss you ponies so much! <3 \^~^/

    1. CosmicHooves


      <(•_•)> hugs?

    2. Disturpona


      Oh, most definitely. <(•_•)>

  3. I will be gone for about 2 weeks. So. Sorry. I'll miss you, fellow ponies!

    1. DND


      Where art thou going?

    2. Just Blivy⚡️

      Just Blivy⚡️

      Okie dokie man, see ya when ya get back, and bye!

  4. Thanks for the add man. Disturbed is awesome

    1. Disturpona


      Oh, anytime. *Raises fist.*

  5. Is there any Christian ponies out there? Be amazing to have a bunch of them on the friends list. <3

  6. Hmm.... well,... Mane: White. Eyes: Ice Blue. Skin: Black. Considering my looks, I'd probably be a BatPony.
  7. ... Are you serious?... People react angerly to this? My god. I don't... really see anything rage inducing about this photo. Nothing at all.
  8. I see. Lol. But I mean.. Everyone has their own opinions on Rainbow Dash. Whether they love her, hate her or just wants to marry her, (Don't do that. Marriages with real animals Is bad.) Every person has an opinion. Just like me, I expressed mine. But, yeah. Free opinions for everone.
  9. Yes. I know. But I was just saying... not trying to be a jerk about It. If I was, I apologize.
  10. A lot, my friend. A lot. Though, It doesn't surprise me.
  11. With a personality of "I'm better at everything!" screams "No one cares." Don't get me wrong, I like her. But jesus, dude. An attitude like that Is.. Its too much. Too much.
  12. Hi! Haha. *Hands you a Hershey Muffin secretly.* Shhh. Don't tell anyone I gave you that. I'll be sure to do so! Just as soon as I get done playing Warhammer. Thanks for the welcoming me with open arms!
  13. That moment when you hit your hip on the corner of a table... Son-of-a bitch..

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Disturpona


      They feel as If nails from Nail Guns have been shot upwards through your foot! Thats why I burn every LEGO I see. LOL.

    3. Windseeker


      Yay for magnifying glasses!

    4. Disturpona
  14. Well... I'm off. Goodnight, every pony. (: