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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. If I met Fluttershy I'd probably squeal but then enthuse about animals and we'd be animal geeks together.
  4. Black Ops 3 on last gen consoles. I own it on PS3, I purchased it unknowingly they excluded so many things from it. I didn't mind a campaign not being there, but there was no split-screen multiplayer/zombies, emblem creator, lack of zombie maps. Basically, you could only play multiplayer. It was a huge disappointment and a waste of money since me and my sister were really looking forward to this game.
  5. Dawn of the second day. 48 hours remain...

  6. I actually like it, it looks kinda cool. :3 It's something very different and fresh some seeing regular pony styles.
  7. Hello, it's me...

    1. Lightwing
    2. Arini
    3. Lightwing



      And I am me! Everyone is themselves! c:


  8. What Bogrick said, obtain a cheap sketchbook and your drawings will look 100% cleaner. Other than that, this drawing is 100% Pinkie Pie approved.
  9. Got my new computer today, yay back to the internet!

  10. Hey everyone Arini here! As you may or may not know ...I've been gone for quite some time. But I am back now! I'm here to update the blog and tell you all about what I've been doing. For the most part, I've been busy with school and too lazy to get back on the computer. I'm frustrated with just how slow it performs, can't wait to get a new one for my birthday. But Yeah! I'm back! *Confetti* It feels almost surreal that I'm now a senior in high school and I only have less than a year until college and grown up stuff. Remember that green hair I had? Yeah, it's Burgundy/Brunette now. I think it looks a whole lot better lol. So yes, more to come and whatnot if anyone is still reading this congratulations. See ya later for now. ~Arini
  11. Two more weeks until school... nooo

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    2. Arini


      I'm definitely not ready to be a senior!


    3. ~Kitty~


      You're going to be a senior? =) Congratulations! I hope I survive as long as you x3 I'm just about to be a freshman. I have no idea what to expect *insert Derpy Hooves emoticon here* cx I hope you have a great senior year ^^ I can't wait to get to that level myself =D

    4. Arini


      My younger sister is gonna be a freshman as well! A little bit of advice it PLEASE don't mess up freshman year by getting bad grades, you'll regret it. Just pass your classes and you should be fine. Also, high school isn't spooky as many people say it is. Have fun! These are your last few years as a kids before the real world hits ya. And thanks! I wish you luck on your journey as well! :D

  12. Destiny, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and Terraria ^__^
  13. Finally back :D