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  1. In my honest opinion, such stereotypes should have no purpose in existing. But due to humanity talking it upon themselves to judge others for the things they do, stereotypes became an inevitability. But in some sense, the gender stereotypes are not so bad. However, there are some life damaging gender sterotypes that have leaked into what affect laws. Such as 'Males always thinking of sex'. That stereotype is so embedded into most female perceptions of men that it's become the accepted norm, and laws do not support sexual harassment of males because of it. It's so bad that if a male doesn't want sex or have encounters with it, they are automatically weird in the head, or considered 'gay' for spurning the advances of females.
  2. My reaction? Honestly, I'm at the point in my life where I've mentally decided to avoid the whole 'love' thing and have considered it a waste of my time. But if this did happen, I would be nice and say that I appreciate the thought, but I am not interested. I know that people will try and tell me that I shouldn't run from love, but really I see no point in giving in to something that really is probably more a physical attraction than anything else. Though, I am pretty sure I'm unattractive to just about anyone, anyway. Flattery will merely get you appreciation, not much beyond that. So if anyone would try to, I'm saying this now. Don't waste your time.
  3. Despite being online a lot having friends to talk to IRL, I am lonely more than I can count. But It's more that I chose to be alone. The more I've learned about this world, the more I wish to remove myself from the world that haunts all who give it mind. To much in this world has been twisted, yet the people of the world cannot see it. Or they choose to ignore it for the sake of keeping to a safe space. Eh, it's loneliness of the self inflicted kind I suppose. I've come to accept it and have learned to love my loneliness really.
  4. Been tired today really. If anything I'm the most relax I've been in a bit. Mostly due to stress. Eh, life is full of things both wondrous and monstrous I suppose.
  5. Considering my lack of... social interest with strangers. My chances of being anyone's love or vice versa is zero, really.
  6. 98 Cinna went offline. I think it was mere coincidence then that she disappeared when I went on.
  7. 94 Yeah. It would be best to keep the details quiet. Though, if things do need the speed up trick, then there will be quiet a boost in our advancement.
  8. 90 The trick I speak of is something that has slowed down 42, and Dova would be no different. Something the legendary Crimson Cross did a lot to work in a lot of posts fast. The good old 'speed up' trick. When it's done is also brilliant. I cannot say more, but yeah.
  9. 87 Well you are getting there. With some time and work, you can help propel this dethroning to highs that could surpass mine and a few others who aided me. A little trick I know, is something that not even Dova can truly stop entirely successfully.
  10. 85 Don't get too excited. I've done multi-dethrones that are much higher up. Trust me, once we get into the 700+ point, then it'll be quite a feat.