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  1. Heya! So, I was pretty curious about something... Could you...... *brings up a taco* turn this into a magical taco? .... Please? D:

  2. -waves-

    1. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      *happily waves* Hullo, good friend! :)

    2. BoopMan


      hello magical one

    3. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      So nice to see you again!

  3. Hey you. I hope you know you owe me a taco. n.n

    1. Bojo


      DDDD:< ... well played.

      *gives you 5 tacos and some soda* enjoy! ^u^

    2. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      Yay! *happily eats and shares* ^~^

  4. Dar avatar! It's so cute! <3

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    2. Bojo


      Woaaah. Not a problem though! I'll eventually find it C: < Now I'm intrigued to see your own art though!

    3. Bojo
    4. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      Wonderful! :) Well done.



  5. It's so nice to be back! Wow. What a lovely community. I'm loving the energy ^~^

  6. ZAPDOS!

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    2. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      It's my own team's mascot and yours is scaring meh D:

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Amount of regrets:




    4. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      *attacks him with hugs*

  7. -boop-

    1. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      Ohaoi! *is booped*

    2. BoopMan
    3. Magical Mare

      Magical Mare

      *wiggles nose and focuses eyes, making them look a little crooked for a moment before she'd recover* Ohai

  8. I think I may qualify. I've been told several times by different people that I should try voice-acting. Though, granted, I have no experience.
  9. If anyone is playing games instead of tending to real life, I think there are wiser (and more helpful/productive) words to spare than just "get back in the kitchen.." especially with the rude tone that the OP is referring to... that isn't ever excusable. If someone is using games to neglect real life or to use as escapism.. they need help, not criticism. :c
  10. It's interesting. Because it's a joke relating to the 1950s. When girls had to pretend to be stupid in order to egoboost the males. So is that what they're suggesting. Also, are we to assume those who find these "jokes" comical are white heterosexual men? I certainly hope so! It would be critically ironic if a guy with dark skin color were to make a derogatory term pertaining to the 1950s towards a female. So, in conclusion, not only is the joke not funny.. but it's limited to only a select few. They might as well wear KKK caps while they're at it.
  11. Thank you! The reason I was sad was because I won't be available for next week. :c But thank you again for the invite. Maybe next time next time. x edited to add; I'll help to vote for Princess Bride even if it'll make me jealous that I can't go. *sad pout*
  12. Magical Mare

    H-Hi Everypony!

    Thanks for you concerns, Blitz! But honestly, I feel I am here to stay. I have met such interesting people already. And I am sure you are one of them.
  13. Magical Mare

    H-Hi Everypony!

    Grand Magos Amphrose, thank you, kind sir! For your good wishes and grand entrance. Royal Samurott, It's lovely to meet you as well. I love your icon. Sergei, thank you for granting me the comfort in feeling free to ask. And thank you, too, Terminus! Such lovely folks, here. <3
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