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  1. MLP in VR actually already exist, allthough it's not nearly as advanced as what I suspect that you wish it to be: It's called PonyVRville: I did try it with an Oculus Rift a few years ago, and it was quite nice.
  2. If you are refering to the leaked episodes: I have seen them, and they are almost 100% certainly real (unless we get really philosophical). The other stuff is also probably real, but that's not as certain. It's much easier to fake emails and some fanart, and it is 4chan we are talking about. Really? I have always thought that we as a fandom were overestimating our importance, but if we make up almost half of their income that would be great news for the fandom! Still, do you have a source for this?
  3. I, umm... I guess you got me there. I will give you that. But what I meant was that while the feelings themselves can drive us to change the universe (usually a rather small part of it), they don't influence the validity of an idea; The Earth doesn't become flatter just because we feel that it should, or because it would hurt our feelings if the idea of a flat Earth wasn't true. Feelings CAN however motivate us to build a giant rolling pin to flatten the Earth with. So in that way the universe care about our feelings. Yes, I agree. We should be completely merciless to ideas, but not to the persons holding the ideas. It would also be logically fallacious to attack the persons rather than the ideas, since as I said: Ideas should stand on their own merits. But that's irrelevant. As I just said: Merits! The events that lead a person to hold a particular idea have no impact on the validity of the idea. The Earth doesn't get flatter just because the flat-earther have a sympathic reason to believe that the Earth is flat. Ideas must stand on their own. Partly agree, partly disagree. It's important to listen to the empirical evidence and logical reasoning that lead the person to believe what they believe. Ideas should be given a fair chance, even outlandish ones. Compassion is of course good. I'm not contesting that. But when analyzing ideas, the purpose isn't to make ones life "go so much better". It's to figure out if the idea have any validity. It's about being honest, even when it's difficult.
  4. Does the same logic apply to whatever created the universe? This argument is just special pleading. String theory doesn't state that the 10th dimension is "characterized by infinite possibilities" (whatever that means). That's just something made up by new agers, in the same way as they pretend that quantum physics support various of their claims when it actually doesn't (like psychic powers). It's called quantum quackery, and actual quantum physicists hate that stuff when new agers twist their ideas to support claims that they actually don't support. Even if we disregard the poor example of Ken Ham, this is a horrible argument. Just because people believe in something doesn't make it right (Newton believed in astrology, for example). The validity of ideas should be judged on their own merits, and nothing else. And while there is nothing that ourright disproves the existence of an unspecific god, there is nothing that points to it either, and per Occams Razor, it should not be a preferred explanation to unexplained phenomena. Einstein didn't believe in any gods. He was a pantheist (and that was what he was referring to when he talked about god), and as Richard Dawkins said: "Pantheism is just sexed up atheism". No. Ideas should not be respected. They should be mercilessly analyzed, torn to pieces and have all their flaws pointed out. Only if an idea can stand up to this brutal scrutiny on it's own merits should it be respected, and even then only until new data becomes available that challenges it again. Anything else would be dishonest. And the feelings of those who hold the ideas are completely irrelevant. The universe doesn't care about feelings, and an idea doesn't become more true just because of "feelings". Only merits matter.
  5. Well... seems fairly accurate. I'm fairly center when it comes to left vs right, but I'm generally against government control (with exceptions of course). I usually describe myself as a "soft libertarian" or classical liberal.
  6. (CAVEAT: Now, I know that the writers are probably not thinking on this level of detail and consistency, but I still think it's fun to speculate about the deeper lore anyway) So it has previously been hinted that Granny Smith is hundreds of years old (she was present during the founding of Ponyville and Twilight says in Winter Wrap Up "Ponyville was started by Earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to clean up winter"). This raises the question of how ponies age and how long they live. As of The Perfect Pear we may have gotten an additional clue for those of us that like to overanalyze the lore of this show: Before the song, Bright Mac tells Pear Butter that it is their 131456 hour anniversary (about 15 years) since he first called her Buttercup. He did this earlier in the episode when they where young. Then they looked like the cake twins, but they spoke very well, so they were probably a bit older (but not as old as the CMC). Maybe the equivalent of 3-5 years? If that is the case, then we learned that ponies becomes young adults at about 18-20 (and also legally able to marry). This seems consistent with how humans age, but it doesn't seem consistent with Granny Smith's age. But maybe ponies mature as fast as humans, but still can live longer? I'm probably missing some previous data. But what implications does this have for pony aging? Could this somehow be used to better guess the age of the main six if combined with earlier known facts? What are your thoughts?
  7. The fandom have fewer members now than what we had a few years ago. However, that doesn't mean that the fandom is dying; It's maturing. Of course there will be a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon when something new gets popular, but most will move on to something new after a while. The more devoted fans will stay longer. That's the natural progression of fandoms. There is nothing wrong with this. There is still a lot of new artwork, fanfiction, music and other fan content being produced. I think the brony fandom will live on a lot longer than the show itself, since the fan content itself will inspire more content to be created (this is most easily seen with fanfiction, where a fic will take inspiration from other fics). And in any case, spamming other sites is more likely to harm the reputation of the fandom than help it.
  8. I'm an agnostic atheist because, as has been said in this thread, it's the null hypothesis. That also means that I am open to changing my view if evidence is presented for the existence of a god, but so far I haven't seen any valid evidence that doesn't violate Occam's Razor.
  9. The main ones are Equestria Daily (multiple times a day), their forum, Fimfiction (I'm currently reading about 20 different fanfics!), this site, Youtube (watching pony videos) and a lot of smaller ones. That's... a lot of pony. I didn't realize it until now that I write it out.
  10. I find this to be a rather interesting spin on the standard "would you go to Equestria" question. Both answers mean that you have to abandon a family, so it's a really difficult question. I would probably choose to stay in Equestria. However not because it is a magical land with talking horses (That would be a bonus, but I find it to be a rather shallow reason to abandon your family). My family on Earth would probably already had found a way to cope with me being gone (even if I'm not dead, but in a coma), so the emotional impact of me abandoning them wouldn't be as severe for them (or me) as if I abandoned my new family.
  11. I liked Angel Wings better. She was really cute, and her awkwardness only added to her cuteness.
  12. I think that there will be at least 8 seasons. The reason being the movie: I don't quite understand the argument that I have seen being made several times that the movie would mark the end of this generation. That wouldn't make any sense, since the movie will probably get more people into the show, and it would be a huge waste not to capitalize on that.
  13. I think that a lot of bronies (myself included) had already predicted most major plot-elements of this episode before it aired... ...In our sweetest dreams! This episode was exactly what I wanted! I can hardly wait for part 2!
  14. It was a long time ago that I watched Twilight's Kingdom, but did Tirek actually display any knowledge of Cadance before storming into the throne room? Still... I suppose if he didn't know about her he would have been surprised when he saw her, so he probably did.