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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a Ponyrific day! :squee:


  4. Happy birthday!! :):pinkie:

  5. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day :D

  6. Saw the art you made of me and Rave (Jonas), its pretty badass man. I'm setting it as my new screensaver for my PC, and phone. Arigatō gozaimashita (Thank you very much), dragonsponies.

    1. dragonsponies


      heh, thank your friend Rave for it, he commissioned it ^^ 

      though i'm very glad you like it, thanks for the message, i don't get that a lot :adorkable:

  7. seems like you have a very cool and original style, it's something i've never really seen before. you work really well with colors. i can clearly see you use a very large variety of colors which makes every piece just that much more special and colorfull. seems like you have a nice amount of fantasy as well. with the cut open body you posted for example or the colorfull piece with the crow (that's my fav piece btw) apart from that i can say i like the style for the bodies as well. the style for the hooves and the way you draw faces is great of course this is all on the ponies, i have next to no experience with humans (i've only drawn like 2 or 3) so i can't really say much about the humans apart from the fact that they look good don't be afraid to start commissions. you certainly have the talent ;p
  8. i've noticed teenagers to be rather harmless in my eyes. whenever i pass them on the street or whatever they just seem kinda loud and stuff. but in the end they're just having fun. i think we were all a bit "weird" as teenagers. nothing wrong with that, sometimes they might insult you and such but meh. don't think i've ever heard anything genuine enough that made me feel bad. overall i think teenagers are alright, some are annoying but every person is different ^^ could be though that i don't find them that bad since i'm not that far from their age group
  9. i like it, it's cool to see traditional art from time to time. it's something i see a lot more rarely these days, which is to bad really, digital art is nice but traditional art has this entirely different feel to it. nice job!