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  1. I would like to transfer the chests within my storage chamber. Ign: King__Chrysalis Position 1: xyz:-1782 64 7974 Position 2: xyz:-1806 67 7958 Pasting Location: To Be Determined

    1. Silver W. Valensnow

      Silver W. Valensnow

      Arguement: How about League of Legends? *rainbowdash voice: Best... game... EVER!*

  3. Welcome BubblegumPinkie to the herd. I hope you have a wonderful time here. Brohoof /)
  4. Hey guys, I started writing a fan fiction a little while ago but stopped because I wanted some input on it and your opinion as to weather or not I should continue writing it. I would like to clarifiy this is a work in progress but without further ado, Harbinger of Darkness (The first chapter) Chapter 1: Strange New World It was night in the Everfree Forest. The moon was full, the air still, and the eerie silence was the only sound apart from the faint hum of the portal. The portal was in the center of a large clearing of the forest surrounded by large trees and foliage in the clearing was dead and wilted. The portal itself consisted of a ring of pitch black obsidian with indecipherable symbols that glowed with a faint red hue etched into the stone and a sheet of red light filled the inside of the ring. Suddenly the humming from the portal grew louder and a man clad in black robes fell out of the portal then the portal vanished into the ground without a trace. The man fell face down into the dirt just barely catching himself before hitting the ground. His hood fell back revealing his face. He was young and pale-faced, his eyes were blue and he had shoulder-length black hair and the starting of a beard on his chin. He looked around and scanned the tree line for movement. “Where am I?” he said to himself. He lifted himself to his feet and took another look around. The brush rustled to the left of him then he turned and drew his short sword from its scabbard and shouted “Who’s there!?” A rabbit hopped out of the tree line into view, it stared at the man for a few moments then turned around and hopped back into the forest. The man chuckled slightly and relaxed “It’s just a rabbit” he said to himself. He noticed a parting the trees and saw it was a trail leading deeper into the forest. “Guess I don’t have a choice” he thought. He opened up a pouch on his belt in withdrew his flashlight and turned it on then started down the trail. The man started down the trail into the forest. It didn’t feel right, he always felt as if he was being watched by something just out of sight. It could have been just because it was night or the fact he was in a strange new place but the feeling was still there. The trees where tall looming over the man and the leaves were thick blocking out the sky the only light he had was his flashlight that he kept fixed on the trail. On either side of the trail was thick brush consisting of various plants high enough where if something were hiding in them, they couldn’t be spotted. “Hope this trail leads out of this place” he thought. After walking for a few more minutes he thought he saw the green glow of two eyes just out the corner of his eye. He quickly shown his flashlight on the spot but nothing was there. “This place is getting to you, calm down” he reassured himself and continued down the trail. After walking for another few minutes, the man saw the glow of the eyes again but this time there were three sets of eyes instead of one. The man froze and slowly drew his sword and stared in the direction of the eyes. There was no light except for the eyes and they seemed to be getting closer. The man shown his flashlight in the direction of the eyes but the eyes disappeared. His grip tightened around the sword. “There’s definitely something there” he thought “Should I stay and fight or should I run?” “If I run whatever they are would more than likely follow me. Its probably best to deal with them now.” The man kept the flashlight fixed on the spot listening closely for any sound. Suddenly he heard a growl from behind him. He spun around sword in hand. One set of eyes where mere feet in front of him then their owner leapt out of the brush at the man. The man raised his sword to defend himself and the creature’s mouth closed around the blade. The man was now able to get a better look at the creature. It appeared to be a wolf but its entire body was composed of sticks, branches and leaves. The same glow of its eyes shown threw parting in the wood that made up its body and its teeth were sharpened sticks. The man threw the creature back which landed in the brush beside the path. The man heard a stick snap to his left, he looked and another wolf was preparing to attack. As it jumped the man struck it out of the air with his sword and it shattered into a shower of sticks and branches, the source of the glow disappeared. The man turned around expecting to see another wolf but what he saw was worse. An army of eyes shown from the darkness of the forest and the man froze. “Crap” the man muttered. A single wolf stepped into the light of the flashlight about three feet in front of the man. The wolf howled starting a virtual symphony of howling from the army behind the wolf. The man sheathed his sword, spun on his heel and ran as fast as his legs could carry him down the path away from the wolves. The wolves gave chase and quickly caught up with the man. The man shouted in rage and drew his hand back as if he were about to throw something then a ball of fire appeared in his hand. He threw the fireball which struck a wolf on the back engulfing it in flames illuminating the surrounding area to reveal more wolves. The wolf howled in pain but was cut off presumably dead. The man looked back and saw the burning remains of the wolf. “Did I do that?” he thought. The man drew his hand back again but nothing happened and he continued running. The wolves started to get ahead of the man. The man tripped and tumbled into a clearing in the forest. The man flipped onto his back and looked towards the tree line and was semi-relived to see the wolves stayed in the brush. The man took a second to look around and realized the area was light up by the full moon. “The light must be keeping them at bay.” He thought, but to be careful he drew his sword and raised himself to his feet his sight locked on the tree line and the eyes. He was fully relived to see that, one by one, the eyes disappeared into the forest. The man relaxed, sheathed his sword and got a better look at his surroundings. The trail came to a fork in a road. One path lead to a mountain with what looked like a city built off the side of the mountain. The second path led to a town down the hill where the man stood. The final path lead off the other side of the hill but the man couldn’t see where the final destination might be. “A town, I’ll start there” He said. Then he started down the road that leads to the town. Before he started down the path he noticed that the road sign that pointed to the town read “Ponyville”. “Ponyville huh? Odd name” he remarked and continued on the road. The man was half way down the road when suddenly a large winged creature landed in front of him. The impact made the man fall backwards and his flashlight flew out of his hand. He drew his sword and pointed it at the creature. “Stay back!” he commanded as if it could understand him. The creature opened its eyes that glowed white and the man got a better look at the creature. It was dark but the full moon illuminated just enough of the creature to make out faint details. The creature appeared to be a horse with wings like a Pegasus and a horn like a unicorn. Its fur was dark blue and its mane and tail were translucent purple on the edge and dark purple with spots that shown like stars on the inside. It wore a black pendant with a white crescent moon in the center and a black crown. “Put thine weapon away mortal.” The creature demanded revealing herself to be female. Being in no position to oppose the man slowly put his weapon on the ground. “Rise” the creature told the man. Slowly the man rose keeping his hands in view. As the man stood the creatures eyes stopped glowing revealing them to be bluish-green. The creature’s head was at the same height as the man’s when he was standing. “What and who are you?” the man asked. “Thou hath no idea who we are? Amusing.” The creature said. “I’m new here.” The man replied. “Obviously. Thou shalt address us as Luna, and our sister as Celestia.” Luna said. “Why do you keep saying ‘we’ and talk like someone from a Shakespearean play?” The man asked. “Tis custom for a pony of power to use the royal ‘we’ and speak in the formal tongue when addressing subordinates such as thou.” Luna answered. “I see. Why did you come to me? I doubt it’s for a friendly chat.” The man said. “We sensed a magical disturbance from the Everfree forest and we decided to investigate. We saw thou coming out of the forest so we thought that thou were the cause of said disturbance. What was thine doing in the forest?” Luna asked. “All I remember was I came through a portal and ended up in a clearing a forest, the portal nowhere to be found. I saw a path that lead through the forest so, having no other choice, I followed the path but was attacked by these wolf creatures. I was able to take on three but there was an army of them hiding in the forest. So I ran as fast as I could and luckily came to a clearing. The wolves were apparently afraid of the light and didn’t pursue me beyond the forest. I found this road and saw it lead to a town so I started towards the town then I met you.” The man explained. “And thou hast no memory of anything before that?” Luna asked. “Nope.” The man replied. “What was thine name? or can thou remember?” Luna asked. “Serevok” the man replied. “Serevok, what art thou?” Luna asked. “I am a human.” Serevok replied. Luna examined Serevok for a moment then her eyes widened slightly but then she returned to normal. “Serevok the human, thou shalt come to Canterlot Castle on the morrow then we will decide what to do with thou. In the meantime rest in Ponyville there is an inn to the left of the gate. The innkeeper will allow thine to stay free of charge. We hast ensured this fact.” Luna commanded. Luna spread her wings and Flapped downwards, disappearing into the sky and sending cloud of dirt into the air. Serevok shielded his eyes then the dirt cleared. He dusted himself off picked up his sword and put it in its scabbard then searched for his flashlight. It landed in the grass to the side of the road. The man picked it up and began walking down the road to Ponyville thinking about Luna and what would happen to him at the castle all the while. Again, work in progress. Thanks in advance for your input. please don't hate me if it sucks.
  5. Apparently the url broke or something. But i think i fixed it. Sorry.
  6. I was looking at this year's Bronycon recently but wasn't able to go because of lack of funds . I was wondering what its like to go to bronycon and if its worth it to go. I know its kind of late to post about bronycon but i was curious. Thanks for the info /).
  7. Could use my custom avatar so i had to use one i found on the internet (Well done to the guy who made it)

  8. This is great for just doodles. I particularly love your rainbow dash drawing but you apple bloom is good too.
  9. A pleasure to meet you Silver Snow , Welcome to the MLP forums. I'm new myself but from the ponies I've met i'ts a nice place here. Hope you enjoy your time here. By the way, i would be interested in role playing.
  10. Everypony exited about Legends of Equestria? ( http://www.legendsofequestria.com/ )

  11. Drew this a while back but thought i would share it here. (Not my best work...) Btw I have a deviant art page: http://haloguy232.deviantart.com/ (If your interested that is... ) (Edit: I think it broke. I edit the url so it should show up but its huge )
  12. Surprising how fast the replys came. Thanks for the welcomes . Brohoof /) Thanks for cider. And judging by all the great ponies i've already met, It is gonna be great.
  13. Halopony232


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hi guys, I've been a brony for a little while now but just now created an account on here. Just wanted to say hi! Brohoof /)