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  1. Please don't Football or basketball?
  2. A memeful song this one 


  3. Not exactly a music video, but one that I thought should be highlighted as it is a masterpiece imo~

  4. One of @Kamii's favorite songs, amirite? 


    1. Kamii


      I wouldn't say favorites but I do like Jamiroquai <3 I prefer "Love Foolosophy"~

  5. This is a great one (and a little bit trippy) 


  6. I'm currently trying to change my diet. Obviously I am not going to go full on vegetarian, but I have been watching some stuff. Most of the essential components in food that help build muscles come from plants, not meat. Meat from cows, horses and other grazers who eat plants only give you a portion of the nutrients that come from the plants they eat. So I am going to be changing to a more plant based diet for my workout routines. I am still going to be eating meat though, it is just that delicious~
  7. It is time for the next one 


  8. They already do. If you mean big brands like Amazon or Disney, then not yet... not yet... But private company military do exist. We had Blackwater which was very present in Iraq. It has now changed its name to Academi.
  9. This here has changed quite a lot. I have a very very heavy Icelandic accent. I place notably heavier emphasis on T sounds, R sounds and K sounds. So you will hear me say something like "Do you rrreally liKe thaT?"
  10. Having my upper wisdom teeth removed I could deal with. But man, the lower ones are a butt~

    1. Kamii


      You are stronk, you did so gurd <3 You'll be oki eventually~

    2. PiratePony


      A true Viking would never complain of little toothache!

  11. This sounds bad from what Vivzie is saying, but I have never really understood COPPA or what it really was for~

    (For Hazbin Hotel fans, Vivzie is concerned because Youtube has been marking her Hazbin Hotel video as being kid material when she has been asking them to take that marking off of her video. If you check out the Pilot episode, you can see that she has changed the name to include "Not for Kids")



    1. Fhaolan


      COPPA is basically a 'think of the children!' law. You're not allowed to collect or retain any data on people under the age of 13 in the US. Which unfortunately, Google and YouTube needs to do in order to have targeted advertisements which the advertisers pay a lot for. So, if your video is marked 'for children', YouTube can only do untargeted advertisements, which is a lot less money for both YouTube and yourself. Unfortunately, YouTube is going several steps further, turning off comments on 'for children' videos, assuming that anything involving animations are automatically 'for children', penalizing creators if their videos are incorrectly marked, etc.

    2. Alastor



      That sounds absolutely awful~

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i am so peeved right now,excuse my language (oh no, now coppa will take me down from the internet)

  12. Just watched a video about a Space Marine Successor Chapter
  13. Slight Epilepsy warning~

  14. Decided to try out the test you shared and here is what mine turned out to be Unlike you though, I am a rather hardcore Nationalist. But when it came to laissez-faire and regulation, I think I lacked a lot of understanding as you may see in that chart. I am mostly surprised I do not have more in ecology, but then again, there were some questions there I probably did not understand. My favorite part was answering the Monarchist question and the Space colonization question, Bless the Emperor!~
  15. This one is a favorite in my workplace 


  16. I already am. 19 days until I move Do you boop your SO's nose? It is á sacrifice. Residency and tax report changes and more (different culture and saying goodbye to loved ones). Be sure of what you want~
  17. There really is only one way to answer a thread like this. People like him for being wholesome rather than because he is simply famous. Live and let live~
  18. Can't leave out our weird cousins to the East