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  1. I think this looks incredible. Good job You should totally do more, would love to see them
  2. I'm looking forward to see her in action. She looks like a very deep character.
  3. Everybody loves to get kisses from the good Capn.... and cookies
  4. I pretty much never get sick. It is really rare that I do. However, when I do get sick, I get very very sick.
  5. Well, I'm 17 years old, but I am not afraid. If people have a problem with MLP they usually keep it to themselves. Haven't met anyone that has had the guts to go full hate mode on me.
  6. "Well, I was attacked by some Timber wolves. I was with another pony. I think that we should look for him as well. He must be here somewhere as well". Dyna looked around, inspecting her surroundings. "Where am I, what is this place?" she asked after having looked around.
  7. @Emerald <3, @Rainbow Dash, @Vital Periwinkle, @~Phoenix~ Dyna followed and stopped near the bridge. She waited for Emerald to finish checking if the bridge was in good condition to pass over. "I hope this wagon is not too heavy for this bridge. Wouldn't want to have to take another longer route, not that I'm not up to it" she thought.
  8. Ye both be fine singers. I've been listening to ye both and I liked it. Especially since it be about pirates.... and rum of course.
  9. @, @@Rainbow Dash, @ Rave walked around the school hallways. Looking for Chrissie and the others. Last night had not really ended the best way possible, but due to them all being social rejects and having experienced bullying, one could not expect that there wouldn't be any difficulties. He hoped to be able to help Lorcan, Sinu and Chrissie. Rave felt they all deserved to be happy, much more than himself at least.
  10. No misspelling. Vinland was the colony that Icelandic Vikings settled in Canada. Vín means Wine. Vinland is now today known as Newfoundland (the island).
  11. There is this webcomic called 'Scandinavia and the world' that makes jokes about rumors about countries. The jokes are mostly about the Scandinavian countries but they also make many jokes about other countries. Do you like these jokes? Do you have any favorites? Discussions about SATW here Link to the specific webcomic:
  12. Oh, hello there big eye. Don't know how ye managed to kiss me, but perhaps ye be wanting to join the crew?
  13. Dyna looks around, inspecting the boutique. She looks at the dresses. "Such a waste of beautiful dresses". She shakes her head and pops her head outside the window, looking into the street. She doesn't see much. There seems to be snowing.... ash? She steps outside the boutique and starts wandering around.
  14. @Emerald <3, @Rainbow Dash, @Vital Periwinkle, @~Phoenix~ Dyna continued walking, walking past Zefira. "Whenever you are ready". She walked past her, not really waiting. She looked at Emerald and Vital. "Hey guys, shall we continue moving? Might want to cover some ground before we settle down for the night and make a camp".
  15. This looks lovely. It was also quite funny. Well done
  16. Alastor

    MLP Flags

    They look pretty good. I especially like the New Lunar Republic one.
  17. It looks really cute . I love it. Good job
  18. The kiss be unnecessary. Well, we might be going to get some more cookies. There be an old legend that say's an island of cookies once existed for all to see, but it be now covered in mist, hidden from sight. Perhpas ye be wanting to join the crew? We have cookies.
  19. Dyna looks at the element. She jumps towards it. When she reached it, she inspected it carefully. She then picked it up and started to snigger. "Element of laughter? Well, I do like laughing and I love to make others smile". She then returned to where her 'friends' were.