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  1. Little changed when I became 18. I guess the biggest thing were darn taxes! Taxes this taxes that!
  2. The longest conversation I have had was a PM of 7643 messages or about 306 pages with @Lightwing
  3. Lived through many. But the one who has personally been in the most danger ever would have been my mother. The volcanic eruptions I have lived through have usually been rather far away from any settlements and those near have always been evacuated. The worst it has done personally done to me is cover everything in ash which is a bit of a pain to clean. But the volcanic eruptions here in Iceland have always been worse for European flight/air traveling rather than for us Icelanders. The story for my mom is a bit different. In 1973 a terrible volcanic eruption began on the main island of the Westman Islands where the majority of the island chain live in. My mother was visiting her grandparents when it happened. It happened at night, people woke up and a mass evacuation began as the island was emptied of all people, some firefighters tried to slow down the flow of lava with their waterhoses and even drawing water from the sea. The kids were the first ones to be evacuated, so my mom was put on board with a bunch of kids and arrived on the mainland a few hours later and she had to wait there for a long time with a number tag on her until her parents finally got to her. Only one person died in that event and a lot of homes were lost. These homes have recently been dug up and what has been discovered has been fascinating, how the ash has preserved most items that were found inside those houses. A museum has been built around the dug up homes and people can visit it if they want.

    1. Aangel Dust

      Aangel Dust

      Partisanship over humanity, to be expected.

  5. Since this is round two, there were a couple of people who were promised they would get added. I am going to throw @Kamii in the ring since she had also volunteered to sing~
  6. Yes, something we have talked about as a possibility down the future Same question~
  7. Paprika and peppers. This is paprika. Can't change my mind on this >:T Same?
  8. There really aren't one. I guess if you are unsure about your SO, it is easier to cut ties since they are far away. What is it that you are currently hoping/expecting from your SO/relationship?
  9. Hey, what do you know past me, you actually did! Tada~
  10. Things have changed a lot. I am a rather agnostic person, but I do have a great sense of spirituality and I have a constructed system for beliefs. I believe that all religions have a variation of sense or truth to them, but I believe them all to be locational and not all-encompassing. I believe that Ásatrú holds power in the North, in Scandinavia, Northern Germany and Iceland. I believe that Finnic paganism holds power in Finland, Northern Scandinavia among the Sami, Estonia and North Western Russia. I believe Romuva and other Baltic religions hold power in the Baltics and in the old Prussian (Pruthenian) territories. You can see where this is all coming from. For myself, I am a part of the Ásatrú, though it is mostly for cultural and ancestral reasons as I still hold rather agnostic views.
  11. IIRC, Warcraft III Reforged is supposed to launch some time around 2020, this year that is. 

    I look forward to it and don't at the same time. Some of the unit changes they have made have been pretty stupid and unnecessary (and it personally just buzzes me as someone who is an OG WC3 guy (also got into WC2)). But as a Lore nerd, I look forward to seeing the new stuff they are adding and the fixes they are making, such as new loreful hero characters. 

    But otherwise, I will be giving it a pass and sticking to the OG