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  1. Same as back in the day


  2. Spoiler










  3. Kyle absolutely speaking my language :wub:


  4. I hear Minnesota is burning


    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I have never understood the logic of destroying  stuff belonging to those who have nothing to do with the thing. 

      Like here in Finland one year group of people were mad at the yearly party that is kept at the president's castle, so, they decided to cause damage to small businesses and other parties with nothing to do with the party. :maud:

    2. Alastor


      @Catpone Cerberus
      A lot of people are assholes or just plain evil. There are also those who use the opportunity of chaos to loot and destroy and become vandals when everyone is occupied with being angry. Opportunists will make use of the anger to cloak themselves in the masses and go about wreaking serious havoc. It is a menace~

    3. Yoshi89


      Rioters don't fight for anything. They just do this for attention.

  5. I agree with you that wanting to regulate twitter is really stupid and it is a stupid response and was mostly born out of the recent fact check. The most reasonable and justifiable thing that he could do would be to strip twitter of the protections of Section 230 as they've violated those sections. But Trump did say regulate, which is wholly different and just plain dangerous. No thank you Cheetos in Chief~
  6. The fact check thing was really stupid. I checked it myself, there was no fact checking. Only "according to CNN" and a few other news outlets. That is not fact checking, that is not even asserting a fact, it is basically the same as saying "allegedly". Is it funny? Yes, it kinda is, it is basically Trump getting trolled. But does it hold any actual sway or is it long term feasible? Most likely not, especially if Twitter is too scared of asserting facts themselves and has to delicate responsibility to news outlets (which, btw, are not fact checkers)~
  7. Too true. To be fair, VICE tried to rectify this by actually doing boots on the ground coverage, but they fizzled up in the end. Sad~


  8. "I'm going to tell them that an African-American is threatening my life"

    Fucking Karens man, there is a reason why no one likes them~



    1. Kyoshi


      My county has coyotes all around. :o You can very often hear them at night. Haven't exactly seen any around town myself but people say they see them from time to time.

  10. These two fing lol 






  11. Meanwhile in Hungary

    Orbán viktor legyőzi az ellenzéket (2018 kíszínezve) - YouTube


    1. Yoshi89


      If that's not an argument for term limits, I don't know what is.

    2. Alastor


      That is what the new constitution will implement, term limits. The only thing is that it will only start taking place when the change is ratified, which means that Putin can technically run for office two more times and then he will be through~

  13. Only the most important issues~


    1. Yoshi89


      Just here for the like:comment ratio. :ButtercupLaugh:

    2. Catpone Cerberus