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  1. Good on DeBlasio~

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    2. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      Because it is clear you know nothing of violence or of mob mentality in even the slightest. 

      It was a dangerous move for the people to try and stop the car and start piling at it. You have no idea where that car needed to go and for what purpose. When you start backing away, it is a sign of weakness which would further encourage the rioters to try and stop the car and encircle it. We already have gods knows how many torched police cars. The kids gloves must come off and this must be handled the hardline way now. 

      No, it does not matter to me in the fucking slightest right now. Anarchy is unacceptable and order needs to be restored, then we can talk about cops being corrupt. 8 people are already dead as the result of one person being dead, I guess that is preferable. 

    3. Miss


      Obviously you know nothing of the plight of black, poc, and other disenfranchised people and are calling for death. And yea obviously the cop moving forward didn’t make everyone calm down and enraged them so you are the one who doesn’t know shit about anything.

      Shows the kind of person you are, calling for death of protestors. One more disgusting person on this website to avoid. 

    4. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      I don't care about their "plight" if the response is anarchy and further death. Of course it does not calm anyone down by moving forward, but it ends up with you not being dead. That is what you are not understanding. So forgive me, but the so-called plight of disenfranchised people is not enough of a justification to not get run over when they are being violent and showing every sign of wanting to trap you. 

      And I know which disgusting anarchist terrorist fucks I need to avoid~


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