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  1. 5 hours ago, zerox said:

    Pretty sure that they left Iceland when your currency collapsed and after the global economic meltdown of 2008/09.

    Pretty sure all you did was a simple google search and looked at the first simplified non in-depth reason as to why Mickey D's left. 
    I was here when McDonalds was having an open dispute with the Icelandic government that they should be buying the meat locally and not shipping it over to the country. 
    The high import cost of foreign meat was what cost them the business here. The Depression only made it cost even more. Had they only swallowed their pride and started buying locally, they would have started turning a profit again, considering people were still coming in droves to eat at their restaurant. 

    In other words, no, it did not have to do with the collapse of our currency nor with the global economic depression~


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  2. To add to what @Fluttershyfan94 said, some of which I agree with and some of which I disagree with: 

    I really hate the celebration of weakness and weaklings. Instead of celebrating true strength and how a weak country is able to stand to this day, having moments of glory in its relatively short independent history such as our victory in the Cod Wars, we instead celebrate stuff like Pride and Cultural Night (Menningarnótt) where the purpose is just to get drunk and piss on the only people that are working on that day. These two events even overshadow the National Day of Iceland of 17th of June when we became a Republic. We could at least fix Cultural Night to be more about what it was supposed to be, to celebrate the birthday of Reykjavík, the Capital. 

    I do not like that there is no celebration at all for our day of sovereignty and independence, the 1st of December. That day is disappearing from our collective memories. 

    Karens. Fucking Karens. This country is rife with them, as well as simps. 

    The lack of Nationalism is always a sign of great evil and moral decadence being in place. People are immensely proud of being Icelanders and will gladly wave the flag, but they will drag it through the mud by attaching disgusting imagery along with it, making it out to be more internationalist. The only Nationalism that we have is what I classify as Football Nationalism. Gotta rectify that. 

    I dislike the entitlement culture here. People feel entitled to everything and I don't mean just the material, I mean entitled to certain actions or behavior from you. This has mostly to do with the Karens who feel they are entitled for you to kiss their feet while they lambast you or demand that you speak in Icelandic rather than English. It is not like the Icelandic language is the easiest one there is, it is enough that foreigners know English, that is the least they can do to show a bit of goodwill towards us rather than not being able to communicate with us at all. 

    Finally, there is the lack of art. We could do with more public art to install in certain places to celebrate our unique culture and to make our city and towns a bit prettier, dress it up a bit rather than feeling like you are in some Soviet block~ 

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  3. I am terrible with fashion. I wear mostly stuff that makes feel good, stuff that allows me a lot of movement. It is why I rarely wear jeans and more often wear sports pants. 

    I usually get help from those who have more of a mind for fashion than I do when it comes to wearing the right style of clothes for an occasion. Otherwise I am have picked out clothes that fit certain occasions~ 

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  4. I believe in many gods. I believe every god has a specific influence over an area, but the Judeo-Christian god has far overreached and outstretched its influence to the point of trying to kill off other gods and other peoples culture. I'm none too pleasant around the Abrahamic faiths~ 

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  5. Oh, I am a connoisseur of classical music as well as Baroque. I listen to the likes of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. 

    However, personally, my absolute favorite composers come from the romantic period of the 19th century with people like Franz Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Offenbach and Wagner. 

    But the one whom I place on a pedestal above all others is Johann Strauss II 






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  6. Always lovely when people come here to not participate. 

    To answer the real question, our first "date" was at a Brazilian restaurant. It went alright. We were both probably a bit nervous since we were trying to make conversation. We've definitely had better "dates" ever since.

    Same question~

  7. Honestly my care runs a little low these days for the place. I participate from time to time, but I am rather done with the whole "morality" part of debates which goes on there fairly often, I already know where I stand when it comes to moral issues. I mostly respond to threads that concern geopolitics as that is my field. 

    From my experience, the people who are most dissatisfied with the forum are either the "I'm just here for ponies" type or the people who have been btfo'ed so hard in that forum that their salt is saltier than the Dead Sea. Not everyone can handle it or argue within the boundaries of the rules without getting too personal and going the ad hominem rout. Takes a lot of levelheadedness to participate there actually~ 

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