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  1. My favorite character was Eddard Stark and Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister but with Eddard's death he has been replaced with Stannis Baratheon who is so hardcore.
  2. Yeah I agree with that. It didn't really fit :okiedokielokie:
  3. MLP music is just the best. It is what mainly drove me to watch MLP. I also love brony music since it is really good. People like Woodentoaster and LivingTombstone really impress me :D

    1. Yummychickenblue


      Yeah the fan music is definitely the best fanon stuff.

  4. What do you mean forced relationship? Do you mean that the relationship between Twilight and Flash didn't really make sense since it didn't have any construction to it (sorry for my bad English, not my native language)? That it was just bing bam boom suddenly they are in love?
  5. I think Spike is more like a sidekick. The Mane Six are all Batmans while Spike is Robin and I like it that way.
  6. I don't dislike the character of Flash Sentry but he just doesn't really impress me as a semi big character in EG. I don't know :okiedokielokie: . But what is your opinion of Flash Sentry? Any positives or negatives?
  7. Freikorpist Jonas

    Rainbow Rocks Where can I watch Rainbow Rocks?

    Can't wait for Rainbow Rocks. It is sure to be good, especially since it is centered around music (which I adore). However I don't think it will come to Iceland since pretty much nobody watches the shows or even knows they exist . So I will either have to watch it on Netflix or just watch it on watchcartoononline.com :okiedokielokie:
  8. Personally I liked the movie, however the movie did have a few hiccups such as with Sunsetshimmer. What really made me like it was the music, I found the music awesome. Well they could have made Spike into a cat if you would have liked that better I expect Rainbow Rocks to be quite better since those making the movie will have learned by their mistakes that they made during EG. Also RR will be more centered around music so YAY!
  9. I would rate the movie 8/10. The music was just amazing, but the story had some hiccups such as with Sunset Shimmer.
  10. I also started watching really recently, well I started watching in like May 28th or something. I'm really new but I have watched every show and movie and I'm really anxious to see Rainbow Rocks and Season 5. I'm really anxious to see how that plays out. For me the series have only been getting better. Even my best friend who is a non Bronie and doesn't really fancy the shows thinks that as well. He watches them with me (though he refuses to watch season 1 since he finds that to be really ''gay'' but he can tolerate the other seasons and the movie (though not the singing)) and he sometimes fin
  11. I know that you've watched the movie but I thought I would throw in my opinion of EG. I found the movie entertaining. I really didn't want to watch it since the ponies were being turned into humans. But after I watched it fully (I didn't watch it fully the first time, I pretty much skipped over the human parts and only watched the pony parts, but after I gave it a chance it really surprised me, although I would prefer that EG doesn't interact with the main story line (FiM) which it isn't doing). Of course the story wasn't that perfect but what made me like it the most was the music. I found th
  12. Well I'm one of those praising the last movie. I liked the first movie, especially the songs. That is what made me like them really really much. So I'm looking forward for Rainbow Rocks since it's obviously centered around music. I think it will be a success (perhaps it will be even better then the last movie since people often learn what they did wrong and perfect it).
  13. I liked the movie but I wouldn't want to see Twilight leave her friends behind in Equestria so I agree with that as long as it doesn't interfere with the current FiM then I'm okay (I would also be ok if it only interfered a little bit). Also looking forward for Rainbow Rocks.
  14. Discovered MLP:FiM not very long ago (like few months ago) and it has already become my favorite episodes. I joined this community since I want to more involved with the Brony community and perhaps contribute something to the community or/and MLP:FiM

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