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  1. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Sometimes, there is nothing we can do to change how some things are, but we can always look onwards to find something new for ourselves Do not dwell too long on the past Swirl, if that is what is ailing you
  2. Han.......




















































  was worth it













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    2. Buzz


      I just had to do that on my phone :/

  3. Time to finish my 618th Lord of the Rings marathon

  4. How do you think Sargon's 'liberalist' experiment will go? 

    1. Twiggy


      That all depends on him. I have to agree with Jim that the name seems cringy as fuck. At least for the UK. Over there liberal still tends to mean liberal, unlike in the States.

      He was saying that he feels forced into doing it, so that poses a problem. You have to really want to do shit like this if you want it to be successful.

      That being said, if he does put in the necessary work, and ups his energy when doing public speaking (getting people hyped and whatnot) then with his platform he would likely be able to get a decent sized moment going in the UK.

    2. JonasDarkmane


      Considering that he seems to be the main pillar behind this whole thing, that statement rings true, can't succeed very well unless you really want to do this. I am with you that the name does sound kinda cringy and for myself, I am unsure of what impact it could ever have in the US, but I think it stands the 'possibility' of doing something in Europe, or at least in the UK. 


  5. What are your thoughts on Canada?

    My thoughts on Canada? Basically Iceland 2.0
  6. Just.... HNNNNGGGGG 

    I've been waiting for this! 
    I also love the other one, Thrones of Britannia. Finally, the Vikings are getting more of a due, but this far more fascinating to me. Love the Eastern Asian theme. Why I loved Total War: Shogun 2 ;)


  7. General Questions How do I increase post counts?

    You increase your post count by participating in threads spread across the forums You post in a thread/topic and your post count should increase. There are certain sections where post count will not increase. That would be the Welcoming Plaza , Testing Forum , Everfree Planning, OOC & Discussion , and Cloudsdale Colosseum . Those sections are also, therefore, marked out as not being able to increase one's post count At the bottom of the image above, you can see where it says that this section does not increase post counts. As for users having 100s of posts, that would be due to their activity in participating in the various or specific threads on this forum Hope this helped
  8. Be careful when handling small flamethrowers, even if you just wanta little bit of melted Cheese. It really hurts burning yourself :please:

  9. The Westman Islands, an island chain right off the coast of Iceland where the mother side of my family is rooted from, there are a lot of puffins. And puffins are occasionally eaten ;)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ShadOBabe


      LOL, not necessarily. I’ll bet Gordon Ramsey likes brussel sprouts, and I HATE those. XD

    3. Naturelicious Tune

      Naturelicious Tune

      PUFFINS?! Poor Birds :(:( 


    4. ShadOBabe


      Puffins are cute, but chickens are cute too, and I eat a truck load of chicken.

  10. Can you beat yourself?


    Gollum moment intensifies


  11. Are most Bronies conservative?

    When it comes to sitting down and enjoying a show, I think it is the right mindset to have
  12. Are most Bronies conservative?

    You can also flip this around as 'whining about Conservatives' As for the topic itself in question, I ask, would it be a problem if most bronies were conservatives? I don't think most bronies are conservatives, but I don't think it matters even the slightest for a fandom. People can like the same thing yet have a completely different mindset. I like a puffin, another man likes a puffin. I like it grilled, the other guy likes it boiled. But in the end, it is the cook (Hasbro) who decides how it is cooked. Political ideology is not something that really defines this fandom. Does it really matter to you that others don't share your own opinion? I ask because I doubt their complaining will be taken up by Hasbro, even though I don't think their complaints are necessarily invalid (haven't seen leaks and won't look at leaks until the official release of episodes, so that I can judge for myself). Right winger btw