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    "I'm a difficult man to love" - Mr. Gold
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    Respect is Earned, not given. But Cupcakes are :3
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    Am interested in Basketball as well as Piano. But my No.1 shows are MLP:FiM ofc

    Love playing computer games (mostly strategy).

    I am on Steam a lot. You can add me if you want ^^. My profile name is Rave_Darkmane

    I love history

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    I love discussing

    I love my friends (the true ones)

    I also love the Pinkamena Hyde (representing Edward Hyde) character. Here is a link to my favorite song

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  1. That looks incredible, Buck <3 Although, who is the pony/character on the second image with Twilight supposed to be? But in any case, good job. Would love to see more from you
  2. 50$ for both ponies shaded? That sounds good to me Well, the clothing would be Victorian Mind if we move this onto a PM?
  3. With little to no response to this topic here 

    I can pretty much safely assume that most people here just don't think it is wise to replace Assad. So for all of the "Assad must go" talk has pretty much been nullified. Nice to know that people are on the same page as yourself c: 

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    2. JonasDarkmane



      Well are your threads/blogs/statuses recent? ;P 


    3. Earth


      They tend not to get replied to, regardless :P

    4. JonasDarkmane


      Darn, I'll try to look out for them, if I see you make any new ones ;) c: 

  4. request

    Omg, that is amazing! I love it <3 <3 It's fine. I would love it if you could digitalize it <3 <3
  5. Hey SFyr, I was wondering whether you are able to take up on any more commissions? And if you can, how much would two ponies, clothed and performing an action/interaction cost? (shaded and not shaded)
  6. request

    Long time since I have requested something here. But I was wondering if anybody could draw my OC and Lightwing's OC like Starlight Glimmer and Trixie here The idea would be that Rave Darkmane would be like Starlight, all annoyed and getting his hoofs waved, while Cupid would be like Trixie and he would be saying "Ship ship ship ship" while flailing Rave's hooves around References to Rave References to Cupid Strike I would really appreciate if anybody could do this
  7. Guess who is who


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    2. JonasDarkmane



      I'm gonna guess I am Starlight >.>



    3. Lightwing


      How cute! *lifts your arms that way*

    4. JonasDarkmane


      *Urrrs deeply on the inside* >:c 

  8. Thou hast no background? 

    What hast bekometh of thine background? 

    1. VengefulStrudel


      I totally did not forget to put that in!

      Took me 20m to find a good fit but here you go c:

    2. JonasDarkmane


      Not the ships D: D: 


      Good one though ;)

  9. The most memorable video game music to me will always have to be this one That final battle, it was just so shaping for me. The fantasy behind it as you are battling against your ultimate enemy, the final one in the game. I really loved it as I finished Kingdom Hearts 2.
  10. I will just say this. Be careful when you want to use specific people as examples. When you are taking someone's words and you are displaying them for everybody to see, be careful. It is easy to misinterpret words or to present them in the wrong way. I for one would rather make it a habit to ask people first whether you can use people's posts or words in your videos, before putting them there. That way, you might get a chance to discuss more thoroughly with them and reach a better understanding of what they meant. Otherwise I think the video is overly fine. I liked hearing the topic about younger fans inside the brony fandom, they are definitely there, as Jeric points out
  11. Nice avi you got there. Really cute <3 

  12. staff

    Congratulations Glacies. I am sure you will do fine. During my time, you seemed like a fine chap. You have now joined best team and best section to monitor, greatness is expected But really, remember to relax and always work with your team. No matter what the circumstance, if you are in doubt or are not sure, look to your team members or even just the staff as whole for guidance and you shall succeed and become greater than any living man that has walked this earth (taken from a movie, this line was c: ). Teamwork is the key and has always been the key. Remember that Also, remember not to burn yourself out, it can happen. Take rest when you need it. But otherwise I salute you and wish you a successful career as a troll hunter and post fixer on the best section <3 You can do it ;D
  13. Mega Thread

    I would say about 7/10
  14. Not too far off from best pony race 

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    2. JonasDarkmane


      Unicorn is master race! 

    3. VengefulStrudel


      Did somebody say master race?



      Alicorn master race :sunbutt:


    4. JonasDarkmane


      Darn! Can't argue with that.