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  1. Happy Birthday man, hope you have a great one~

  2. JonasDarkmane

    How are you feeling

    Was not the best at making friends in school myself.... or rather, maintaining those friendships to be precise. Well, you have a good chance of making some friends here. Just keep one thing in mind: One can not expect to always be in the spotlight. Considering the status updates, hope they get out of their bad situation as soon as possible As for me, I am feeling quite impatient, the days just don't go by quickly enough (soon I will be hypocritically wishing that they went by more slowly, snrk) I've also felt rather.... observant, if that makes any sense. Joined a new chat group and it has been rather interesting.
  3. JonasDarkmane

    Do you like tradition?

    The best response in this entire thread as I very much identify in the same way as @Dreambiscuit does. I treasure and honor tradition and I always seek to further understand it. I respect it. Do I follow every ounce of tradition? Probably not, but I don't directly dishonor it nor do I disrespect or spit on it, even if I may disagree with it. There are some traditional ways I live by and others I don't, simple as that really.
  4. "Af því bara" which in English is "just because", one of the most unhelpful phrases you can say to someone. If you ever ask someone why and they answer with "just because" and don't follow it up with anything else. That is not you explaining why, that is just you evading the question at hand.
  5. @PiratePony How about you throw in your eyepatch along with my axe, join in on the piefestivity and enter your name onto the list?
  6. New Hazbin Hotel Clip


  7. Sure why not. I'll gladly have another round if I am called up again (or I'll just do it to myself anyways lol). For good ol' times
  8. Man, why did you have to remind me of that? That rhubarb tasted most exquisitely. Pie away folks, don't let that list be the only ones who get a pie. You deserve a pie as well~
  9. JonasDarkmane

    How are you feeling

    I am feeling quite wonderful my darlings. 15 days and I am off to Portugal, what a wonderful thing to be excited about. Also done with an essay, what a wonderful relief!
  10. Have a thing



    1. Randimaxis


      Dammit, JoJo... now I need INSULIN.

  11. JonasDarkmane

    Dusky's Political Views

    You know, it is not so often that I see people being so consistent with their beliefs, it is something I find lacking among people nowadays. I commend you for being so consistent
  12. 8a647a04a20b5909f915246295d76157.jpg
    Today, on the first of December 100 years ago, the agreement confirming Iceland as a sovereign state/nation was signed between the Kingdom of Denmark and (the Danish colony of) Iceland. For the first time, we finally had our own national flag that was hoisted up. 

    Unfortunately, many did not attend the ceremonies that day as Iceland had gone through many tragedies that year. There was the Great Frost (Frostaveturinn mikli), a volcano had erupted and then finally, what was currently plaguing Iceland was the Spanish Flu which was wreaking massive havoc and death. But we pulled through, despite all of that and those who showed up refused to let all that hold them down. And still to this day, we cherish our sovereignty and I hope that we will continue doing so for the next hundreds if not thousands of years~








    1. PiratePony


      Happy Centennial to Iceland!!

    2. Yu Ziyuan

      Yu Ziyuan

      Youngsters! Finland is already turning 101 this year:P