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  1. JonasDarkmane

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    To be honest, I probably would be the one to start getting things ready considering I am so demanding What is your fondest memory with/of your significant other?
  2. I've joined 8, but I only really participate in 2 of them since the others are more for shitposting or a fan thing (nothing MLP related).
  3. Pretty soothing Norse music~


  4. JonasDarkmane

    cycbolt CycBolt: One Year Down, a Lifetime to Go.

    Congrats, here's to many more~
  5. So you also watched Extra Mythology, nice to know. To participate in the topic though, what we have seen in the show about them is that they seem to freeze up everything, especially where strife is rife. If ponies turn into Wendigos, it might be that they have chosen to rely completely on themselves and argue and fight with others rather than choosing cooperation and friendship to try and survive. Perhaps if the 3 leaders of ponykind had completely frozen over beyond return, they might have turned into wendigos?
  6. It's funny being a Centrist. These words could not be truer, snrk


  7. Why did I not discover this sooner? 


  8. Nothing makes my day like listening to some beautiful classical music that conveys powerful feelings and sounds which can be imagined to be the sounds of cannon fire. 

    Fire away ye cannons of old! 


  9. JonasDarkmane

    How are you feeling

    I'm feeling pretty great~
  10. JonasDarkmane

    For those who care at all

    Therapy and involvement from the nearest caring people/loved ones would be what I recommend. Those physically close to us in our times of emotional distress can work many wonders. Otherwise, I say give things time as time is often the greatest remedy to any change or emotional difficulties~
  11. JonasDarkmane

    How sensitive are you to touch?

    But how will @Lightwing boop you then?
  12. Chad Centrist enters the ring



  13. New Hazbin Hotel clip

    Stay tuned folks. He he he~





    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i love these, all the characters are so great

  14. JonasDarkmane

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    My Valentine is, of course, @Kamii but she already is that every single day~ I shall proceed to lay out the very same question of who is your Valentine this year?
  15. ISIS is only moments away from complete defeat in Syria and therefore losing their last territorial ground it has anywhere on the globe aside from Afghanistan. The last piece of land they possess is about 200 square meters, no towns, no weapons munition factories at their disposal, nothing. Here's to hoping that most of them will surrender over to the SDF (and also hoping that al-Bagdadi is somewhere in there). 


    1. Twiggy



    2. JonasDarkmane
  16. Playing Warhammer II Total War as the Norsca


    Gods I love them~

  17. Man I wish I lived in the US


    1. A.V.
    2. Phosphor


      Good grief, what is going on in the UK? Very strict gun and knife control laws and now this? Sounds like a total police state over there.  :sealed:


  18. The absolute madmen did it~


    Image result for god emperor trump

    1. Twiggy


      Holy shit lol. Italy knows what’s good. 

    2. Twiggy


      Sargon did an upload with subs. It was meant to be a critique of his trade policies, but I believe that is a bit lost in translation while portraying him as a golden warrior king with Sabaton blasting in the background.


    3. JonasDarkmane


      The only critique I could notice was the hammer and sickle on his shoulders. But like Pepe, memers will take ownership over this act. 

      All this did was reminding 2016 kekistanis why they fought to get him elected~

  19. JonasDarkmane

    General Is There Anyone You Look Up To?

    Though it is a bit hard for me to admit it (due to some differing politics), I look up to Tim Pool as an exemplary human being who sticks to his convictions and principles at all times. He even admits when he is wrong and holds nothing back when he does so. Also, cool beanie Otherwise, it is Bismarck
  20. JonasDarkmane

    Last thing you got out of the freezer?

    Back at home: Some Tikka Masala~ Back at work: French Fries~
  21. Gods I love FlippinDingDong