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  1. Why is it so terribly wrong of people for wanting to live forever, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. JonasDarkmane

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    Did I hear you say @Troblems? Because that is what I heard.
  3. I did a pie thing


    1. Jeric


      Man, what a great person to call out! This should be awesome. 

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      These purtugese pies dont stick much. Everyone should go there for the challenge

    3. Jeric


      Is it because they are made from real geese?

  4. JonasDarkmane

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    Alright, here is the video I promised. Taken in an apartment in Portugal. Kudos to @Kamii for smashing my face with chocolate flavored tart~ <3 The one who I challenged next is in the video.
  5. JonasDarkmane

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    Ohgod. I will see what I can do. Maybe Portuguese pies are different. I can at least up things with two pies this time, one coming from my GF, the other from my best friend.
  6. Spicy


    1. Twiggy


      I’ll watch it if it’s dubbed lol. 

    2. Yoouyu


      Chinese animation has impressed me these last years with the likes of  Mo Dao Zu Shi and Mi Yu Xing Zhe

  7. JonasDarkmane

    The final season and the Herd.

    If the show ends, it ends. It will not change a lot for me as mlp is not some big part of my life. For me, I have had my fun and met the people I am in contact with online (or even more physically close). I am not one to continue trying to make friends. So things will go as they will go. The ride was fun while it lasted.
  8. Last time, on the 17th of December, we had our guest Bowl Licker over. He caused some ruckus, but no-where near as the current one will cause no doubt. But if you want to know more about Bowl Licker, click here. Today, comes my favorite Yule lad, who is none other, but Door Slammer himself. Oh yeah, I think his name says everything there is to know about him. He. Likes. To. Slam. Doors!! Especially at night, that asshole xD The seventh was Door Slammer, a sorry, vulgar chap: When people in the twilight would take a little nap I would ask you to stay tuned for the next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 19th, but because I am going to Portugal today , I won't be around :). So this will have to do for now, so check out this link for the rest of the Yule lads and happy Yule everybody
  9. My personal favorite Yule lad has come to town :D



    To be completely honest BBC, the belief in elves in Iceland is treated in the same fashion as when it comes to Santa Clause/the Yule Lads. It is more of a traditional thing rather than an actual strong belief. 

  11. Next Yule lad is in town 


  12. Last time, on the 16th of December, we hat Pot-Scraper visiting town Check him out here . But today we will be meeting Bowl Licker (Askasleikir in Icelandic), I think his name should be quite obvious. He hides under beds and waits for people to put down a special bowl known as "Askur" (a bowl with a lid on it) down and then he steals it and eats whatever he finds down there.... hopefully if it is edible. Bowl Licker, the sixth one, was shockingly ill bred. From underneath the bedsteads he stuck his ugly head. Stay tuned for the next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 18th of December and let me tell you, he is a personal favorite of mine ;D
  13. JonasDarkmane

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    I have indeed
  14. Have a hamster~

    1. Odyssey


      This ham is a very hungry ham <3

  15. JonasDarkmane

    $2250 & $2500 Stretch Goal - Jeric Crossplays as Trixie

    Off to an early start with Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie Who would not want to see a Weird Al pony Jeric?
  16. I have not been chastised for liking G-rated things, that would be rather silly. Why would anyone really waste their times making a fool of themselves over something irrelevant such as what kind of media entertainment someone else enjoys?
  17. One Day More til I go to Portugal!!! 



    1. White Crow

      White Crow

      I hope and pray safety for you and your travels friend.

    2. JonasDarkmane
    3. White Crow

      White Crow

      Always you take care and stay safe!

  18. JonasDarkmane

    Why are Bronies shunned in the real world

    I don't really believe people who enjoy watching this show are necessarily shunned by society. If you wish to speak of it as being taboo among older people, sure, you can consider it to be that. But no one is really going so far out of their way to demonize or hurt people who just wanna watch and enjoy MLP. At least I have not noticed any such activity. Most people's annoyance when it comes to weird quirks or interests is induced due to obnoxious behavior. But it does not really become more than that, an annoyance. What they really think about the people who watch the show should not really be a concern, you are just dragging yourself down by giving other people such power over your own enjoyment. People are constantly judged, no matter what. We judge, constantly.
  19. The fifth Yule lad has arrived in town folks


  20. Last time, we had Spoon-Licker stay over with us. Check him out here. Aaaaaand today comes the arrival of our fifth Yule lad, Pot-Scraper (Pottaskefill). He steals pots and scrapes for leftovers in them to eat. What a guy indeed :'D Pot Scraper, the fifth one, was a funny sort of chap. When kids were given scrapings, he´d come to the door and tap Stay tuned for our next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 17th of December
  21. "Former Ruler"? More like "Forever Ruler", amIright? 

    1. A.V.


      Gotta give him credit; from what Twilight and Spike explored in the S3 premiere, he has one fly evil lair.

  22. Sure would, I would not mind becoming like Samuel Hayden from DOOM
  23. JonasDarkmane

    General Anyone Feel Born in the Wrong Time Period?

    I would have loved having been born in the 790s and being able to go raiding Britain or mainland Europe in the 820s and 830s. But I do like the now better than the past, so much that one can do that does not involve death and destruction. Computer games are a good way for channeling that kind of energy. Couldn't be more wrong. I remember a year ago at uni in sociology a Pakistani girl stood up and declared that Icelanders don't have a culture. She was laughed and shouted down. This is a very similar instance right now since you could not be spouting more crap than when she did it. If Caucasians don't have a culture, no one on Earth does. So let's not go pretending that some cultures don't exist when they obviously do. Your personal grief with white people does not mean that reality suddenly stops becoming reality.
  24. JonasDarkmane

    Fourth Yule lad, Spoon Licker (December 15th)

    There will be
  25. As always, another Yule lad visits town and this time it is Spoon Licker. Our last one was Stubby, be sure to check him out~ Our fourth one is Spoon Licker (Þvörusleikir in Icelandic). He steals wooden spoons known as "þvörur" and he licks whatever is left on it. He is extremely thin due to malnutrition xD The fourth was Spoon Licker; like spindle he was thin. He felt himself in clover when the cook wasn´t in. The next Yule lad will arrive tomorrow on the 16th