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  1. Third Yule lad has arrived in town 


    1. Yoouyu


      Here santa is called Yule/Christmas Goat basically if you translate it literally

    2. JonasDarkmane


      Snrk, Christmas goat? Now that is intriguing. 

      Here in Iceland, the Yule Lads are basically our representation of Santa Clause.... at least today. They did not use to be, they were basically just figments of legends, people who would prank and then harass folks of poor old Iceland. But today they have taken the role of leaving gifts in the shoes of children by the window if they behave well, each night from the 12th to the 24th. 

    3. Yoouyu
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  2. It is time for our next Yule lad. Our last one was Gully Gawk who you can see in this blog. Today on December the 14th comes Stúfur (Stubby) visiting town and he is quite the little fella! He likes to hide, using his small size and he will find pans to steal and scrape off any food leftovers he can find to eat. Stubby was the third called, a stunted little man, who watched for every chance to whisk off a pan. Stay tuned for the next Yule Lad who arrives on the 15th
  3. JonasDarkmane

    Why Do You Use MLP Forums?

    I literally have nothing better to do
  4. JonasDarkmane

    How do you talk?

    You definitely 100% have a discernable notorious accent, snrk
  5. Alright, the second Yule lad has arrived in town, welcome Gully Gawk! 


  6. JonasDarkmane

    $500 - Stretch Goal Prize B - Donor Song

    I do not remember @Dark Horse singing, unfortunately, so my vote goes for him. Step out of the shadows you great Irish poet!
  7. JonasDarkmane

    General Do you have a feminine or masculine side?

    Do you mean something like Jokes aside: As to the question of the topic, I have demonstrated what could be considered as feminine behavior and masculine behavior. I was probably more masculine as a young kid but I showed some feminine behavior like going around and singing my favorite song of "Girl's just want to have fun" (probably mostly influenced by my older sister). These days, I think it is more balanced, but I give more way to masculine behavior as it holds more sway with me, but that does not mean I have to appear as some kind of a die-hard football fan (soccer for you Americans). That's not my forte. I do like having a nice quiet time and just sit down, get cozy and watch some movie or even drama shows such as "How to get away with murder" starring Viola Davis. In the end, it does not really matter that much to me, so the question is not really personal in my eyes.
  8. JonasDarkmane

    What tattoos would you get?

    I would probably get this one
  9. No, but I will still randomly start laughing at times without having thought of anything funny (or having thought of anything at all).
  10. Well hello there people of all ages, boys and girls . This blog is about Santa Clauses. Now, many of you may be familiar with your own type of Santa Claus from your own region. However, here in Iceland, we in fact have 13 Santa Clauses, who arrive separately each night from December the 11th to December 24th, when the last one comes to town. And then they all start departing from town, one by one until January the 6th . Today, the Yulelads are known for being kind, bearing gifts to good children who behave, if they put their shoes by the window. However, naughty children get a potatoe, so that they will be encouraged to do more good in the future, for only kindness and goodwill is rewarded. But the yulelads did not use to be this way, once in the distant past, they were my country's biggest troublemakers during the Christmas season. Each of them had their own way of terrorizing the populace. Their mother and father and even their cat were no different, being one of the worst you could run into. Still today, children must be good and not be naughty, otherwise their mother Grýla, who is a big troll, will come with her sack, collect all the naughty children and then go back home with them and eat them. So remember, be nice or Grýla will eat you. The Yulecat is not a really nice creature either. If somebody does not get new pair of cloths for Christmas, the yulecat will eat those people, for not wearing good new cloths (our culture is a bit brutal and weird). But these blogs will be focusing on each Yulelad as they come seperately. So let us start with introducing them as a collective, shall we? Let me tell the story of the lads of few charms, who once upon a time used to visit our farms. They came from the mountains, as many of you know, in a long single file to the farmsteads below. Grýla was their mother - she gave them ogre milk - and the father Leppalúdi; a loathsome ilk. They were called the Yuletide lads - at Yuletide they were due - and always came one by one, not ever two by two. Thirteen altogether, these gents in their prime didn´t want to irk people all at one time. Creeping up, all stealth, they unlocked the door. The kitchen and the pantry they came looking for. They hid where they could, with a cunning look or sneer, ready with their pranks when people weren´t near. And even when they were seen, they weren´t loath to roam and play their tricks - disturbing the peace of the home. Now, the first one who comes today, would be Sheep-Cote Clod (Stekkjastaur in Icelandic) He is known for his stiff legs, not being able to bend them. He comes on the 11th of December, to harass sheep and steal all their milk The first of them was Sheep-Cote Clod. He came stiff as wood, to pray upon the farmer´s sheep as far as he could. (Stay tuned for more daily uploads of each Yulelad as the poem continues, if I miss out any days, I will make it up by including them all in one go Merry forward Christmas ) Next entry
  11. JonasDarkmane

    Music Songs That Make You Feel Better

    Quite a few songs actually make me feel better. All of the Sabaton songs envigorate me. Then there is some of Mystery Skulls music that also makes me feel more determined. In truth, all music that I particularly enjoy makes me feel better. But there really is nothing in the whole world that can really beat the old classic of all feel betters ...
  12. JonasDarkmane

    Snow Wars!

    Why you!!!! *Throws a snowball back at* @Venomous and how could I forget my arch @Randimaxis and @Snow Frostflame
  13. JonasDarkmane

    Snow Wars!

    I have been dragged here against my will. I have to defend the honor of being a Northerner and an Icelander. Do you dare face the wrath of the cold North? Have at thee! Hyaaaaa!!! @Dark Horse @PiratePony @Buzz @Bojo @Twiggy @Mesme Rize @King @Troblems And a special snowball for you my dear @Kamii
  14. That would require a massive change in personality on her part to actually do that. But I will entertain this question. So not in a sexual way, no. I am not bi in any capacity at all. I am a full on straight man (stop hitting on me guys). So sex and romance would become nullified. Platonic love, however, would be possible.
  15. Happy Birthday man, hope you have a great one~

    1. Querch


      Why thank you~

  16. JonasDarkmane

    How are you feeling

    Was not the best at making friends in school myself.... or rather, maintaining those friendships to be precise. Well, you have a good chance of making some friends here. Just keep one thing in mind: One can not expect to always be in the spotlight. Considering the status updates, hope they get out of their bad situation as soon as possible As for me, I am feeling quite impatient, the days just don't go by quickly enough (soon I will be hypocritically wishing that they went by more slowly, snrk) I've also felt rather.... observant, if that makes any sense. Joined a new chat group and it has been rather interesting.
  17. JonasDarkmane

    Do you like tradition?

    The best response in this entire thread as I very much identify in the same way as @Dreambiscuit does. I treasure and honor tradition and I always seek to further understand it. I respect it. Do I follow every ounce of tradition? Probably not, but I don't directly dishonor it nor do I disrespect or spit on it, even if I may disagree with it. There are some traditional ways I live by and others I don't, simple as that really.
  18. "Af því bara" which in English is "just because", one of the most unhelpful phrases you can say to someone. If you ever ask someone why and they answer with "just because" and don't follow it up with anything else. That is not you explaining why, that is just you evading the question at hand.
  19. JonasDarkmane

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    @PiratePony How about you throw in your eyepatch along with my axe, join in on the piefestivity and enter your name onto the list?
  20. New Hazbin Hotel Clip