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  1. I am big spoon! I do the spooning What is the funniest/silliest thing you can recall your SO doing? Go for it. My sister and her boyfriend actually have a few rats of their own (it was mainly my sister who wanted them). They are super adorable and they can be trained~
  2. She absolutely does. She will get to hold one as well come July~ Does your SO like animals (and if so, any specific animals)?
  3. Kinda the same. I would say I spend more time at home considering my SO not only has university but also internship. However I do a lot of work on my shifts so that kinda balances things out. Have you thought out your future with your SO?
  4. I know quite a few languages already. But I would like to learn European Portuguese (yes, I have to make the distinction since most sites like duolingo teach Brazilian Portuguese).