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Status Updates posted by Alastor


    I now know where Guy gets his charms. Snrk~

    1. Twiggy


      Nazi comparisons are usually cringe but it for real looks like he rehearsed that shit. 

  2. Question for Steven Universe fans. Is it possible to watch the movie without watching the show? 

    1. Frostgage


      Strangely enough someone asked this exact question a couple days ago so imma copy/paste my answer because that's just the way I am

      SU is very character-driven and the movie focuses heavily on their history/development. But, the music is absolutely incredible and I imagine it would still be very enjoyable to watch even if you didn't understand much beyond the plot.

    1. Alastor


      I also don't know what "/s" is. I'm afraid my satirical humor and internet knowledge is much more limited than compared to @Twiggy's. 

      I'm a bit of a boomer despite being a millenial~ 

    2. Dustlicious ( > ω < )

      Dustlicious ( > ω < )


      @JonasDarkmane I was assuming you were being sarcastic.

    3. Alastor


      My original post is sarcasm yes. Otherwise I am nearly unable to read sarcasm in other peoples words :)

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  3. Bernie Sanders: We need population control to fight climate change

    Far-right: Probably advocating for white people only

    Bernie: We need to give poor countries access to birth control 

    Far-right: Oh, well, won't argue against that...

    Sane people: That actually makes sense due to the insane population explosion happening in poor countries

    Some crazy conservatives: YoU hAtE bRoWn PeOpLe!


    1. Dustlicious ( > ω < )

      Dustlicious ( > ω < )

      In their case, it's very much justified.


    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i remember playing command and conquer red alert on my ps1 i was so young  and i didnt even realize what the game was about back then i dont think i even cleared the first battle

  6. Spiii

    Image result for anai gif

    1. Kamii


      I've told you you're not allowed!! T~T

  7. Still hope she qualifies, even though the deck has been stacked against her by the elite~


    1. Twiggy


      Oh lawd. I’ll give this a play through once I’m done no lifing Classic. The changeling reich shall conquer all. 

  8. Ah Disney, the soulless company that just refuses to die. I think it is safe to say that skipping out on Rise of Skywalker will not be a loss. 



    1. Kamii


      ... but I don't want Disney to die~ Mi childhood T^T

  9. image.thumb.png.5f0a5d356906c8b36ee8716b019d9643.png

    Translation to plain English: "We will not be going anywhere, our invasion on the independent sovereign nation of Syria will continue". 

    Always lovely to see what NATO members are willing to put up with, glad that we are a part of a warmongering organization. 

    1. Alastor



      Important question from a man who lived in Belgium. 

      What kind of chocolate? :twi:


    2. Jeric


      My international chocolate sampling is limited but I adored something made by Freia (spelling unsure). Not sure where it was from. But yeah I’ll go with that one. 

    3. Alastor


      Freyja? The Icelandic chocolate?:grin:

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  10. Been watching the Big Lez Show as well as the Mike Nolan Show. Pretty skits, definitely recommend it~

  11. Hm


    1. WWolf


      Their party, their rules. It’s why you create a “ranked-choice” voting system that way independents won’t split votes with similar candidates and the political parties might reconsider running fairer contests.

    2. Jeric


      Definitely support that rather than FPtP that exists in most of our systems now. 

    3. Dustlicious ( > ω < )

      Dustlicious ( > ω < )

      @Jeric That actually sounds more democratic than how Democrats run their party.


      This isn't the first time it's happened either. It happened to Bernie in 2016 (Not-So-Super-Delegates lost him the nomination), and I bet there are LOTS of examples before that as well. I'm sick and tired of a system where only two parties run the show and they're both absurdly corrupt and out of touch with real people.

  12. Happy birthday, I hope you have a pleasant one :grin:

    Image result for angel dust art

  13. Today, an absolute madlad was buried having died at the age of 93. 

    Baldvin Tryggvason, a man of great repute here in Iceland, passed away on July 29th. 

    This guy has gone through hell of a lot. Born in Ólafsfjörður in North Center of Iceland in 1926 to poor parents who loved him greatly. He was a man of ambition who was a quick learner and determined to see his goals through. His mother wanted him to live a simple life of fisheries and get married, but he instead got enrolled for school and he was among the first in the North to do so being from a poor family. 

    This is where his first signs of him being a tough guy started showing. When he was a young adult, he got sick. He got pneumonia which was dangerous back then here in Iceland and he also got Tuberculosis which was an automatic death sentence here. He was sure he would die, but he managed to pull through and survive. With renewed vigour, he continued his studies, graduated and then married Júlía Sveinbjarnardóttir and had two kids with her later on. 

    In 1949, Iceland was set to sign the papers that would confirm the country as being a member of NATO. The communists of the country were not pleased with this and tried to block MPs from being able to get to parliament. Supporters of NATO would oppose them and the police had no control over the situation. This was often refered to as Bardaginn við Austurvöll or the Battle of Austurvöllur where NATO supporters and opposers of NATO fought each other with sticks, rocks, bottles and fists. Baldvin fought the communists and he received a glass bottle to the head. He would still fight on only feeling the pain much later as his forehead was bleeding profusely and his buddies pointed this out to him. 

    Baldvin would take part in politics, being one of the founding members of the Young Independence (Party) supporters and he would also help out with city counceling. He also had love for theater and so he worked with many writers and helped with many plays. 

    Baldvin's first wife would pass away in 1984 and he managed to cope with it because a friend managed to convince him to seek out a professional to talk with and ever since that experience, he always recommended people to seek help when they really needed it. 

    Baldvin would later remarry and that is how he would end up coming into my life as he married my grandmother who would renew his vigour as he partook in the Energy business of Iceland. 

    Having gone through many things, having seen many things and having been to many places, Baldvin's life was one hell of an adventure and he was one hell of a tough guy and a true madlad. It was pleasure having known him and I wish him the best with whatever afterlife he may be in. 

    Baldvin Tryggvason

  14. Not everyday that you get to shake the hand of the president of Iceland

  15. What work is like 

    No photo description available.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Some people seem to make it their life mission to show up at the last possible moment. I can't tell you how many times we've been dead 30 minutes before closing time, then as we prepare to lock the gates, a taxi full of tourists pulls up. :dry:

    2. Alastor


      @Dark Horse

      Oh gosh, the same happens here -_- 

      Usually it will be tourists in the 10 to 15 people who show up. But since we are located where most of the bar night life is, a lot of drunkards will also show up really late and end up holding us up to like 30-40 mins extra. The pain is real~

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Oof. I can imagine how hard it must be to get a bunch of tired, intoxicated folk to leave. Working in a museum; I generally avoid that problem, but instead I deal with the type of person who meanders around and looks at everything as slowly as possible, then gets offended when you tell them that they've run out of time and have to leave.

      Sometimes I feel like the shopkeepers in Skyrim when you hang around too long after closing.

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  16. Tulsi Gabbard is the one imo, sorry Trumpians but I am fully off the Trump train. It was fun, but I hope this woman gets it~


    1. Phosphor


      Tulsi Gabbard is fantastic on foreign policy, but I have too many disagreements with her domestic policies tho. 

      Trump should have picked her as Secretary of State, instead of Mike Pompeo 

  17. Drunk me goes up to a lasagna mini-restaurant: "I love lasagna, might have some"

    *Sees that everything is microwaved*

    Drunk me: "..... not having it, not eating anything that comes out of a microwave"

    Owner of the place that heard me: "Not that you can understand" 

    Drunk me: 


  18. I see that this site is not a big fan of "laughing", especially not as an emoji button. 


    1. Snow


      I want laugh emoji baaack D;

    2. Lord Valtasar
  19. Always a lovely thing to see


    Well, only response I can really give is

    Image result for cod wars cartoon

    1. Twiggy


      Gives me an idea for a hoi4 challenge. Annex UK as Iceland.

    2. Alastor



      The question would be, Vanilla or Millenium Dawn Mod? 

    3. Twiggy


      Probably Millenium Dawn to start with. Considering that Iceland is just straight up Denmark I think you have to fuck around with console commands to actually be able to play as it. I'll play with it a bit and see if I can manage.