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  1. INTP here. Me and @Kamii love doing research on this type of stuff.
  2. Question for Steven Universe fans. Is it possible to watch the movie without watching the show? 

    1. Frostgage


      Strangely enough someone asked this exact question a couple days ago so imma copy/paste my answer because that's just the way I am

      SU is very character-driven and the movie focuses heavily on their history/development. But, the music is absolutely incredible and I imagine it would still be very enjoyable to watch even if you didn't understand much beyond the plot.

  3. Whadiyatalkinabeet?

    you fuckin' druggo 

    1. Sassy the Sasquatch

      Sassy the Sasquatch

      That's a skits status mate~

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    2. Sassy the Sasquatch

      Sassy the Sasquatch

      I also don't know what "/s" is. I'm afraid my satirical humor and internet knowledge is much more limited than compared to @Twiggy's. 

      I'm a bit of a boomer despite being a millenial~ 

    3. Angus Delaney

      Angus Delaney


      @JonasDarkmane I was assuming you were being sarcastic.

    4. Sassy the Sasquatch

      Sassy the Sasquatch

      My original post is sarcasm yes. Otherwise I am nearly unable to read sarcasm in other peoples words :)

  4. I just bought the game River City Girls
  5. River City Girls has just been released on Steam (and other platforms). I am so getting it right now Edit: So I have tried playing the game a bit. It looks pretty unfinished, or at least from my end as I bought it on Steam. I am seeing good reviews, but it is mostly from people with consoles or controllers. Keys are really junky and the game does not seem to allow you to configure your keys. There is a thing where you can go into key bindings, but you can't interact with it at all. That is a big down for me as someone how has played games like Shantae by Wayforward. There also does not seem to be an online multiplayer option but an actual physical player option. This is where the PC suffers as this is perfect for console gamers while us PC gamers have to cram together with our fingers to try and play on the single machine. All in all, as it currently stands, this game feels like it was made for consoles while still being distributed to PC gamers, but not really taking them into consideration.
  6. Bernie Sanders: We need population control to fight climate change

    Far-right: Probably advocating for white people only

    Bernie: We need to give poor countries access to birth control 

    Far-right: Oh, well, won't argue against that...

    Sane people: That actually makes sense due to the insane population explosion happening in poor countries

    Some crazy conservatives: YoU hAtE bRoWn PeOpLe!


    1. Angus Delaney

      Angus Delaney

      In their case, it's very much justified.

  8. We are both introverts. She is an INFP, while I am an INTP. I would probably be the more introverted out of the two of us though. Same question~

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i remember playing command and conquer red alert on my ps1 i was so young  and i didnt even realize what the game was about back then i dont think i even cleared the first battle

  10. Spiii

    Image result for anai gif

    1. Kamii


      I've told you you're not allowed!! T~T