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  1. I'm leaving this site. I will continue saying bad stuff, so there's no hope. I don't care if Rarity wins anymore. Whoever wins, I won't be here to care. I'm going to be banned anyways, so I'm just going to leave.

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    2. Astral Blitzen
    3. ghostfacekiller39


      What happened? ._.

    4. Emerald Shine

      Emerald Shine

      What? Why? Oh no...I'm too late...I hope you come back.....

  2. I deserve to be banned.

  3. I deserve to be banned.

  4. Think of the children, cold, without their parents. Even if we don't win, it would still not be wasted. Besides, I'm sure there are ways to get video games without spending a lot of money or without doing anything illegal. (I don't think a true Rarity fan would resort to stealing, so I don't have to worry about you doing that.) Required Rarity picture:
  5. for the RFC, and for children who can't spend Christmas in the winter? I think everyone who can donate should. Rarity Fan Club should win. Element of generosity and all. Not for bias reasons or anything... (That too.) By the way, I'm not being generous because of Rarity. She's the reason I'm more generous, but this isn't to make the Rarity fan club look good. I still hope we win because we would get a lot of Rarity stuff. OK, it's for partially a generous reason and partially a selfish reason. More generous since I don't expect for us to win, and I'm still maybe donating unless Ebay decides to hold it off until Friday. Required Rarity picture: (Next one is a happy picture)
  6. I only have maybe $2 in my Paypal, and I won't get anymore until maybe December 3. Ebay rules. I would donate for Rarity, but I can't. Required Rarity picture:
  7. I created a Rarity Fan Blog. I decided to list all the reasons why Rarity is the best pony without being redundant. I only got 25. Surely I could come up with a lot more. Required Rarity picture:
  8. Am I an introvert or an extrovert? I can't stand being alone, but at the same time, I can't bring myself to talk to people in real life.

  9. Corn Maize: Corn Maize is a young stallion who was born and raised on a farm outside of Cobbletown. He is a strong stallion and one ponies can easily depend on to get work done, but he struggled with extreme demophobia which was triggered in even the smallest crowds. After he fainted in the Harvest Festival, his parents agreed to help him face his fears. Now he is able to go to Manehattan, though he hates it. He is typically honest, but he will say white lies to get out of trouble. He is not one to jump to conclusions too often, but he is very impatient when he wants something. He likes farming, telling ghost stories, and racing his older brother, Corn Kernel. His dream is to own his very own corn farm and to invent a corn related food. Cobbletown is a town I made up. demophobia is the fear of crowds. Family: (no pictures of them.) Corn Cob: Father Corn Ear: Mother Corn Kernel: Older brother
  10. It was made by someone who hates Rarity. No doubt about that. It is most definitely a Rarity hate picture. The person who made this truly believes Rarity deserves it. Rarity gets way too much hate. Required Rarity Picture: I removed the picture in the quote because I will not have an unfabulous picture on something I posted, regardless if it was in a post I quoted or not.
  11. Sad moments in books/tvs/moments slow music when others cry* stress depression a lot of other stuff. I cry easily. *I'm an empath. I feel what others feel.
  12. Trixie's magic is more at the level of Rarity's if one were to strip the crowd cheers. Rarity can make appear to be there when they're not (Hoity Toity clearly saw the stuff we saw in the second fashion show in Suited For Succeed. His reactions showed that he did.) She can makes a dress in seconds, she can find gems, she may not be able to create a cloud (except in one episode), and she may not be able to make someone look ugly, but she can make someone look fabulous, and she can find gems. Yes, Trixie has done impressive magic, but so did Rarity. Trixie shows off her magic which makes her only appear to be very gifted in magic, but in reality, she's basically at Rarity's level, not Twilight's. Am I saying Rarity has better magic than Trixie? No. I'm saying Trixie is closer to Rarity's level.
  13. Everyone should be cocky. It's a good trait. Applejack sucks because she's humble, which is bad. You should always put yourself higher than everyone else.

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    2. Visual Spectrum

      Visual Spectrum

      I am the only one who doesn't like Trixie. My opinion is bad. By the way, Trixie was arrogant before the three of them showed her up. You just worship Trixie, so you don't know that.

    3. Kiryu-Chan


      tbf, I never liked Trixie either :P

    4. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      Applejack has just the right amount of confidence, thank you very much. ;)

  14. Everyone, admire me! I'm better than you!

  15. No offence Trixie lovers, but she's not that great. The most impressive magic she did was create a cloud. Yes, that is impressive, but she is NOT even close to Twilight's level. The Alicorn Amulet does not count unless you count when Twilight absorbed the magic of the other three princesses, and in that case, Twilight is still far more powerful.