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  1. hello cute good person with cute good everything that i've never met before how are you (besides cute and good)???
  2. sweetie belle because she has the cutest colors and is also related to my second favorite pony uvu i like scootaloo a lot too and apple bloom is cute ok i like them all
  3. close but no cigaractually no i lied you're not even remotely close
  4. i go CRAZY for those orange halloween kit kats i dont even think they taste any different than the normal colored ones, but food just tastes better to me when its a pretty color haha
  5. too lazy for makeup pictures yay!! but i just finished my halloween costume so im happ
  6. time to watch cheap slasher flicks while I finish my halloween costume ovo

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    2. Queen Cassie

      Queen Cassie

      Excellent choice! Mabel is a great character, as I understand it. I haven't watched too much of the show--as much as I like the theme music and the idea of the show, I have a bad tendency to feel bored whenever I try to watch it--but my friends like to talk up a storm about it and everything I learn about Mabel says she's awesome. I approve.

    3. halcyonharlot


      I really like it, especially how they portray Mabel and Dipper's relationship. I mean they actually feel like real twins and that's really great.

    4. Queen Cassie

      Queen Cassie

      Aye. One of these days I plan on sitting down and watching it with someone else--I get the feeling I'm missing a lot by trying to watch it by myself. I keep trying to give it fair chances since I know it's a good show. I think it deserves those kind of fair chances.

  7. bulbasaur i want to grow up to be a pretty grass dinosaur owo or ditto so i could be a cute little pink slime i mean thats basically my two favorite things right there
  8. almost every other post in this thread makes me dry heave, does that count? if not, then i think ditzy doo is a cuter name than derpy hooves and I'd much rather have her be called that.
  9. vomits, lies down and cries softly into puddle of vomit

    1. ParsoOfEquestria


      sounds like me when i drink too much

    2. halcyonharlot


      this is me every night really

  10. Weather's pretty nasty here in Michigan, but obviously we're not getting the worst of it. I just dread having to take the freeway in this crazy wind tomorrow. That being said, I hope everyone dealing with the actual storm stays safe.
  11. i cant read the early sailor moon manga without laughing at this poorly drawn cat on the computer

  12. is it hard to kiss with his big ol snaggletooth in the way
  13. well obviously you're destined to be with shining armor
  14. it's really hard for me to nail down what i find attractive in terms of personality, but I guess I just really want someone laid back who isn't a total piece of shit?? also similiar interests would be really cool yeah yeah!! physically i find a lot of different things attractive, so here are just two people who are super attractive to me, to give you a general idea dudeski ladydy
  15. wow too edgy for me in here she's hella cute and her singles are pretty good, but I never really go out of my way to listen to her music. i tend to like the little bits she gets in other people's music more than her full length songs also she wears a lot of cute clothes a+ good style