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  1. It's not being a grammar nazi when the amount of 'your's instead of 'you're's are excessive.
  2. Okay, first, the grammatical errors in your post are simply appalling, and are worse than actual cursing to me. Second, this video contains no opinions on swearing. Michael simply states facts, studies, and historical importance leading to the modern-day cursing. He does not go to religion to explain why you should not swear. I feel that you did not even watch the video. Please, in the future, form your counter-opinion much more properly.
  3. Personally I feel as if I have more than enough privilege by admiring our overlord. I will train to become this manly, but I know I will never suceed.
  4. MLP is based off of feminism, as the main characters are all female, and occasionally the male gender is used in satire. However, the male gender is also given equal importance in the setting, as Shining Armour is depicted as an important royal guard, Soarin' is depicted as an important athletic figure, Big Mac is given the look of a hardworking no small talk man, but not much more is given to the male gender. The rulers of the land are both female, and the Crystal Empire is ruled by Cadence and there are more female characters than male (at least with important roles in the show and environment). MLP is very feminist, but not too much as too feel as the male gender is being treated as less.
  5. Being single in youth is not a big deal. You're in the mix of academics, jobs, personal problems, and so much more. But when you're in your 30's, or 40's, solitude sinks in so painfully. Do you not wish to have someone to hold at night? Do you not wish there was someone there to cry and celebrate with? Do you not wish you had someone who despite everything you've done wrong, will always find everything about you beautiful? Love is one of the reasons for happiness. It's not overrated at all, it really is as spectacular as people put it out to be. The point of life is to procreate, but humans have made it to even more than simply reproduction, it's a social structure that two people can share happily or in peril, depending on how they choose to. The thought of dying alone is much of a reason why love is very important.
  6. Red Luigi is an awesome character, straight up. Small King Kong is pretty chill too. Gum Sphere is really fun, I remember. Zelda is such a great swordsman, too.
  7. Depends on what you're speaking about. 12-15 year-olds treating their relationship like The Lakehouse is quite silly, I suppose. If any age demographic treats their relationships as they should based on the age, as well as the maturity level and time spent in the relationship, then it's not really that bad, I suppose.
  8. I just said it was fake, mate, no need to get riled up about it. I've watched WWE on various occasions as various of my friends obtain entertainment on it, and throughout the years I have never found any entertainment from it. Thus, I find the whole thing to be my 'most disliked moment.' Apologies for posting my opinion, I did not come in and say, WWE is fake and stupid, you should all stop watching it.
  9. Not necessarily, none of the posts involve the linking or posting of NSFW content.
  10. It's asking for 'most disliked moments', which, was what my first post was about.
  11. Associating WWE with entertainment television is not a good comparison. Seeing how wrestling is considered a sport, if I wanted to watch a game of football between Mexico and Italy, would I enjoy it as much if the entire match was choreographed and directed beforehand? I find WWE to more of a drama between men in tights than actual wrestling. I don't like wrestling in general, but if I were to watch it I'd watch UFC or something.
  12. First, no one will openly support the creation of pornographic imagery, or NSFW material for that matter. As for the statement of there not being any good websites to find NSFW imagery of ponies, you are very mistaken. There is a specific blog on Blogspot dedicated to such, and there are various image hosting sites which specialize in the uploading of pornographic imagery. Also, this site does not promote the distribution of NSFW material, especially the clop.
  13. Well seeing how all of the WWE air programs are fake, I'd have to say, all of it.