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  1. Wow........I posted on this once, and I was so morbid back then..........XD But yeah, I think this could tie in to the Schrödinger theory, that when something is outside your immediate perception, it could be anything. We don't have any idea what happens when we die, therefore it might be anything. (Not to be morbid or make ya depressed or anything!)
  2. I've got an idea for a roleplay, and it's a bit more like a small group of people who are unique in abilities, and they just travel around and adventure. Kind of like DnD, or The Elder Scrolls. Here's the RP thread. Rules 1. My word is law. I'm not going to personally exist in the story, so I won't be personally biased. No explicit language. Use pony swears if you must. Ex: What the buck? (Abbreviations aren't acceptable either) 2. If you have an idea for the story, tell me about it in this OOC thread. 3. In any scene, if you want to affect the story in a smaller way than you think is enough to actually say anything in OOC, if that didn't sound rude, use the word "attempt." Ex: he released a fireball from his horn, 'attempting' to incinerate the bandit. 4. proper grammar is required. 5. Have fun. Or else...I will give you a literary cookie.
  3. A small group of people with unique skills travel on the roads and wilds, making differences all across Equestria. Currently, they are on their way to a village where dark, mysterious forces are at work, and they will be in for a nasty surprise when one of them is captured and made into a slave. How will they get their friend back? Will they be able to stop the evils surrounding the village? Or will they fail, and never see their buddy again? Or, will they just remember the time he ate your cupcakes without asking and leave him there? Maybe they'll just hoof it to the next town afterwards, unaffected by the odd things. Maybe they'll make bad puns all the way. Maybe they'll all end up as Mary Sue alicorns. Heh. Let's hope not. Hopefully, they will all be awesome. Heh. How are you today? I had a good day, I saw that movie with that guy from that place with all those things. He seemed a bit.p know, like that? Wait, shut up a second.......................I have to remember something........................ Where was I again? don't know. Who's idea was this? Where am I? Who are you? Find out by Roleplaying. Just....DO it!!
  4. I enjoy watching people's reactions when they find out I like ponies. cue princess trollestia nodding in approval.
  5. a person once said things to me, because I am a brony, and I never want to repeat those words. but then, my eyes started glowing and I shifted into one of my ethereal forms, and I released all the deep magic of all fandoms, of all arts, all things beautiful. I filled them with all the pain suffered by all fandoms and artists. what happened after that has no words. in this language, at least.
  6. I think that there is a conspiracy! they are planning to send Derpy to important places, making her think she is a postmare, along with a massive artillery that you wouldn't think dangerous, such as...a cloud, perhaps? she is a weapon of mass destruction, but she doesn't know it!
  7. my OC is an alicorn as well, but I have a well thought out character and am working on a backstory. do you have either of these? not trying to sound rude, by the way. sorry if I do. that's the thing. if you could choose, would you choose a world without violence and danger, a dull world of boredom, or would you choose a life of glory and adventure, a world of companionship and wonder?
  8. i think about that every day. i think, "maybe if i just lay down here, i will suddenly die and go to equestria." i sometimes wait for hours on end. but no, i will not die. and suicide is out of the question, although maybe if this cruel, deppressing world grabs enough of my essence away, i will consider it, just to escape. my mind even tries to create figments of the mane six, but they are not enough. i sometimes hope that princess Luna will enter my dreams and speak words that will give me peace, but she never comes. i can hardly breathe sometimes at the fact i am here, and not there, in that beautiful world of magic and friendship. please, if anyone out there has found a way to equestria, tell me, for i am dying inside every day that i am away from equestria.
  9. i said that i would swear an oath to the princesses because, let's face it, EVERYPONY ELSE already pretty much has! and i would say anything to other ponies about earth, because then they would know how utterly horrible it is. i also agreed to be purified, because it makes sense: i would need to be clean of this worlds' filth before entering Equestria. i would also want to serve as a royal guard, because, well, you would get to live in canterlot and have access to special places and get to wear Badgrass armor. and who wouldn't want to help fluttershy with her animals?
  10. i want to end haters, FOREVER!!!

  11. Shining Strike