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  1. @@Illiad Easle, @@Drago Ryder, "Blitz is the neko you were traveling with right?" Chain questioned Gale "Wait I haven't got caught up yet" "Later, I think he may be in danger" "I guess no one gets left behind, Gale right?" She looks at the dragon "Try to find him from above, if there's danger, alert us immediately" Banner said making her voice sound like a generals "I guess Banner's showing off her specialty, lead us to him Black Knight"
  2. @@Illiad Easle, @@Drago Ryder, "I'm not saying that at all, just telling a story" Chain said as he got his spear out and magic ready for an attack "I'm not a jerk that tries to get others possessions" Banner prepares her sword "Thanks but I think we should stick with as much people we can now, I don't want us getting hurt by what ever our group leader said was in the forests...I hope its just some bandits or a wild animal" She said not feeling the magical energy and walked to where Chain was (I forgot to mention @, )
  3. @@Drago Ryder, "Things just work out that way, I could tell you the time we met another dimensional traveler, he provided the first thing we brought back to Celestia, that was a pair of boots that when stomped on the ground produced fire and a small tremor around the person...he said he didn't need it" Chain was thinking "I wouldn't be surprised if we found another dimensional traveler, and one from a similar world at that" He said looking to The Black Knight
  4. @@Acnologia, "Well if your guess was a big no then your right" Banner replied "Whenever I'm out doing anything and I meet some person I like, always seem to go to far...then again I do drink a bit and when ever I think somethings going to happen between me and them they come up with a counter of why it cant happen or that they don't feel the same" Banner sighs "I was built for fighting, I'm happy I was" She paused, looking a little angry, but goes back to talking normal "it was at the cost of me being barely able to see social queues and such so I kind of gave up on it but Chain still teases me about it" Banner does a nervous chuckle "I was stupid back then" @@Drago Ryder, Chain keeps talking to Gale about him and the world he came from, he didn't think it would be an issue.
  5. @@Acnologia, There was a silence between the two again as Kyubi said that "That's the reaction I normally thing of when I tell people" Banner sighs "Trust me, there's no way that I'd let that happen without some sort of pain on the end with worst ideals...one time me and Chain came back to a world safety" She lied throw her teeth "I promise that we could do it a lot easier than you think"
  6. @@Acnologia, @@Drago Ryder, "Glad that so many people could have had that moment at the same time" Chain said looking at the people around "Quite unique people too" "I mean you are right, plus even if this goes horribly like another world I was in, we can always retreat to my world and close the portal so that they can't get in...of course this world may never be seen again since only Celestia can make the connection that will link worlds and she forgets a lot of them because of how many ponies she sends. She has a book full of all the certain magic she puts in it but it's like picky thing with magic like that, making connections to similar worlds, having the world be at the time period other than the one were in or having it be the right world but far off on location. Hell it could be on another planet entirely" She explains "But lets not worry about that, the only thing we should think of now is to do our best to make the best of the world, right?" She tried to make a lighter note
  7. @@Colenso Rivers, Rachel rushed to the door, bringing Riften with her "Where the hell are you going!" "Breaking the curse!" "You got to be kidding me" Veronica has her hand in her face "Riften, you made maps right?" "Uh...yeah?" He said uncomfortably "You have a map about that trail with the sign right?" "Yes" He brings it out "How will this he-" She takes the map "If I'm correct, there should at least be a path to the place we can correct this or at least some thing to indicate it and I think that sign is exactly that" She says reading the map like she's trying to memorize it "We'll brake that curse come hell or high water!" She said almost uncharacteristically enthusiastic. Banner goes to Lucian "Once she's set on it, she cant be stopped...even if one of us actually died on the way she will still do it for a reason she convinces herself of as the right thing" "So I think we have to leave now, even if I really need another hour of rest" Veronica added hoping Lucian would do something to help, other than just saying that they were doomed. Meanwhile Throg was writing something down on a paper next to the door "We got to hurry so you two need to hurry up!" she yelled even though it hasn't even been 30 seconds
  8. @@Acnologia, "The think is, we want somethings to spill into it, the whole mission is to gather powerful warriors, artifacts, anything that could help the empire...hell they said we could try to make trade routes if possible" Banner said trying to remember what Celestia said "Anyway the world I come from has ponies rule the world, well most of it, there are talking dragons, griffons, changeling which are a pain in the ass, and many more creatures that also control land but...there are a lot of insane things in the world as well that could very well destroy the Equestrian empire and that's why they want help from other dimensions from how bountiful the resources are" Banner explained this like she had said it multiple times before "And it brings in a bunch of things for the citizens to try and go places they could only dream about going" She said with a happy expression that slowly faded "Of course it could also bring the undoing of everyone if it fell into the wrong hands, so that's why scouts like us are sent first with limited supplies"
  9. @@Colenso Rivers, They all got chills down there spine "N-nothing you can do?" Veronica said shivering in fear "Alright, who did it, who was about to do something wicked?!" Banner yelled getting on the stairs for more leverage "How do we know it wasn't you?" "I would own up to my mistakes and ask for help, that's what I think the person who did this should also do" Veronica steps up with Banner "She can vogue for me that I fell asleep around the same time she did and she didn't here any noise from me" "Speaking of noise" She stared at Riften which made him unconformable "I think I heard you talking in the room next to ours, something about a her and how you would take her away" "I didn't think it was wicked to bring Veronica back to her home ok?!" He yelled with a tear coming down from his face "I was sent to protect her and I thought we would be here for a while so I made a message with this crystal to try and bring her home" Veronica looked disgusted "You were hired right?" "Yes, I was one of your personal far away guards, the ones and roofs or in buildings spying on where you went. They said to put on this persona to make me less guessable" his voice deepened as he was looking around worried "Wait" Banner spoke up "I don't think it was Riften that caused this, it doesn't seem wicked, he didn't want to kill anyone on us and I'm sure it was just for protection" Veronica sighs "I guess your right" Throg and Rachel were now the focus. Rachel was bickering this whole time about how Lucian just gave up on helping them and that even though it pained her to say it, these were her friends she needed to help. Throg held Rachel back from doing anything but turned his head as the others looked at him which gave an opening for Rachel to flee and get closer to Lucian "So there is nothing you can do to even help us?! No direction at all?" What looks like a tear in her eye forms as she yells
  10. @@Colenso Rivers, The whole party raced down stairs hearing Lucian and the cackle of a madman "What the hell was that!?" Riften, out of breath came down last, holding something that looked like a crystal in his hands "So did it have to do with something about what Lucian said about the rules?" He said touching the ground off the stairs "And why would you get that idea, OF COURSE IT HAD TO DO WITH THAT" Rachel yelled. Banner noticed what Riften carried "What is that?" Riften hides the crystal in his pack "I use it as a protection measure, it has magic in it to make things back off" Throg glared at Riften, a glare that said 'Confess'. "I'm telling the truth guys, it does have magic in it! And I wasn't doing, or thinking, anything wrong!" He yelled in defense. The group all stared at each other "Stop pointing fingers right now because first we need to confirm all this with Lucian first, would this happen if we broke one of the rules?" She looked over to the child
  11. @@Acnologia, @@Drago Ryder, "It does make sense, A dog barks and a cat meows" Chain ponders it for a second "Well its great to meet yet another ally to get to know, and one that seems nice" "Your right, I knew that even when I was a child" Banner said proudly "I mean if I wanted to go far as a protector then I had to...I'm still protecting to this day, in fact going on this adventure is still protecting the place I love and the the people I like" She smirks like she just did the best thing in her life and takes off her helmet to reveal her face
  12. @@Illiad Easle, Chain gave a slight smirk "I'm not going to brag but, I called it" Chain turned to the dragon "I wasn't interrupting anything was I? I tend to do that sometimes" He looked a little down "Anyway, do you mind telling me your name?" He then realized that the dragon may not know his name "If they didn't tell you" He nodded to the Midnight and the black knight "my name is Chain, over there is Banner and Kyubi" He pointed with his thumb
  13. @@Colenso Rivers, As dusk becomes night and most everyone is sleeping, a sudden jolt brings Banner up around 1am to find that the other bed still had Veronica, Banner sighed as she laid back down when she felt something off. Not from the room but from outside somewhere else...She thought she heard talking coming from the room right next to hers taken by Riften. As Banner came close to the wall she could hear a few words "She's fine...only 4 left...We'll take her away...her brother" he went on but That's all she could make of it, It made her have trouble sleeping but eventually she got some rest thinking, and hoping, it was a dream.
  14. @@Acnologia, The two had some conversation with Kyubi as they traveled with the rest of the group, well mostly Banner as Chain was looking at The Black Knight most of the time seeing him talking with a dragon "You know you can go over there right? I'm not going to stop you and he is in distance to catch up" Chain sighs as he realized it was too obvious and walked away "So as I was saying, The only way to win the poker match against that kind of luck was cheating" She looked over to Chain to see his distance from them "And I was a little to good to think of it but Chain did it without a second thought" Banner kept sharing stories with Kyubi "Hey, I see you made a new friend" Chain said approaching the two in a jog "I didn't know that there were talking dragons here but its not like I have anything against it" He said trying to leave no misunderstandings (Sorry I was not responding)
  15. @@Colenso Rivers, Veronica turns her head at the last part, like shes thinking of something bad "We have to share? Well I think the two guys should do it" She point to them "I need some personal time alone, like I do every night!" "Right because you sleep away from the group, you are so weird and I thought you would die" "Well I made sure I wouldn't end up like..." The group all looked a little down until "You can have your room, me and Banner will share a room" "Sure, it could be worst" Banner opened up the room for both of them while the others split off. Rachel probably said something about how stupid the rules were but everyone knew she would still follow them. Banner instantly went to the left bed "You know out of anyone, I was glad they agreed with me and you" "Why?" "Because I hate being alone at night and Rach-" "I get it, I just want some sleep right now" She thought about what Lucian said. If you harbor any wickedness, and you are within dark, keep your eyes closed until you are illuminated again. And about walking out. If you must venture, do so carefully and without evil in your heart. She just thought it was so weird that a Dismal would say things about evil that way, she was sure that she needed to be like Veronica right now and have an open mind but it was just off to her