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  1. It took a loooonnnggg time to write this one, I was sick for the most of the time, and I just got a new video game, But, I finally got this finished. Yaaaaaaay!!!! Back to the story. Eclipse read a book about dark spells. She yawned. Everyday seemed to be boring, reading scrolls, tomes, and books seemed to be the only thing she COULD do. Then she spotted a guard, who seemed to be out of the mind control spell. Her horn felt.. strange at the sight of the guard. She could sense the magic inside of him, then a huge grin appeared on her face. Eclipse walked right into the guard's sight. The guard nearly jumped at the sight of the filly, but relaxed once he saw Eclipse. "Who are you little one?" He asked with a calm tone. But she only grinned, then the guard began to lift, trapped in Eclipse's grasp. The guard was shocked that a mere filly could do such a spell, but then he felt he was getting weaker, and tried. Then he saw a stream of light coming off him, and heading into the filly's horn. His eye sight faded, and his heart raced. "What are you doing?!" He managed to say "Who are you?!" Eclipse laughed, then the guard dropped out of her magical spell. Eclipse had taken his energy, his sight, his crystal pony magic. She felt stronger, then looked at the guard, who was laying on the ground unable to move. "I am your worse nightmare." She said with a devilish grin. "You were strong, but now I am stronger!" She said with a bit of a laugh. The guard felt like he was giving away, then fell into the unknown world. Eclipse soon took magic from potions, keeping her powers a secret. Her horn normally wanted to take Sombra's magic, but she avoided it at all costs. Eclipse was reading a tome one day, then her horn sensed a great power, but not from just one pony, two. She rushed to a window, then saw two alicorns flying towards the castle. Eclipse gasped, Alicorns were the most powerful ponies, and they were heading towards her. She smiled, she would become the most powerful pony with both of their magic. She rushed up stairs and joined her father, who was waiting for them. "Let's show them that this is OUR kingdom." He said to Eclipse. She nodded, then sat near her father. Then with a loud CRASH, the two alicorns busted into the throne room.
  2. "Does anything matter?" A strange mist whirls around in the empty streets "What am I turning into?" Your heart was rushing "Where is everypony?" Your head whirled with thoughts. There seemed to be nobody, no animal, only the empty streets. You are alone, after waking up and finding out there seemed to be nopony and the houses torn up and beat, you only relay on one goal, to find out what happened. No sign up is needed, if you truly want to, you can post your chars link at the OCC Rules/OCC/Beginning intro are here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/109144-nothing/ Note: I do not own the image. Please read the rules before joining. Thank you. Welcome to the Roleplay of Nothing! This roleplay does have a start, a middle, and a finale. All of those will happen at planned times, which means the beginning means only minor clues which shouldn't be found, the clues that can be found will be posted on the OCC forum. If Nothing makes it to the finale, there might be a season 2 of the roleplay. Who knows? I hope that Nothing makes it to the finale. Loot, search, explore, team up, rob, hunt, survive. All in Nothing.
  3. What seemed to be a calm day turned out to be the strangest day that might ever be. You wake up, feeling a soft breeze. You sit up quickly, looking around. It seemed like your home as been torn apart. You looked around in the silent roads of Ponyvile. "Hello? Anybody!" You call out to the other torn houses. There seemed to be nopony, and no animal anywhere. There were no bodys, only nothing, but yourself. Little do you know there was other Survivors out there. You decide to find out only one thing, What happened to the peaceful world. Loot, search, explore, team up, fight for survival. From the creator of X-Pony, the owner of Ponyvile Roleplay, and the proud author of If Sombra had a filly, brings you, Nothing the roleplay of survival. No sign up is needed, join the search for truth, and survival. -Rules- 1. No killing useless you have permission 2. A little bit of swearing is allowed. 3. No god mobbing or Power Play 4. Alicorns are allowed, if you want to be a princess or a prince, message me for approval 5. No drugs 6. No Sexeal content 7. You can't find out what really happened until the finale comes (which won't be happening soon) -Hail
  4. Heck, I love that idea. If it does actually happen, here's my storyline :3 While Twilight Sparkle was in the library of the old caste of the two sisters, some of Nightmare Moon's darkness or something, was still leftover. Then, that night, when the moonlight hit Twilight, she transformed into a dark Nightmare moon Twilight Sparkle. it would be so AWESOME!!!!
  5. I don't know if this has been asked yet, but, eh. I don't understand that some of the bronys say that Dr. Hooves and Derpy are married or in a romance. Derpy's official name hasn't even been answered (at least I think so). They could be brother and sister or something. According to google, Derpy "Hooves" is a fan name. So, not like I have any problems with some Bronys say Derpy and Dr are in romance, but still, I don't get where the idea came for that, or just don't get it at all.
  6. If you passed the poll, then you're free to start the Roleplay, it's basically the main rules that HAVE to be agreed, the other rules that you must understand are here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/108890-grand-theft-auto-occ-forum/ Joe shoot at the police ponys, he looked over to his friend, Rob. They were robbing a bank, their bags were gulled with dollar bills. "Let's get out of here! I'm running low on ammo!" Joe called out to Rob, who was a little far ways from him. "Not quite yet! There's too many of them to escape!" Rob repiled. "There's hardly much left lets just run! We already got the money!" Rob only stared at him for a sec, then threw the car keys at him, Joe quickly catching them before it hit the ground. "Start it up! I'll hold off the guards!" Rob said, his gun making loud shots. Joe nodded, then made a bolt to the car. It looked like it was going to snow, he saw the car. The car was a white van, and has seen some better days. Joe turned the keys in the car, and with a loud burst, it was on. He opened the window a bit, then looked to where Rob was, he was still shooting the remaining guards. "C'mon Rob!!" He called out, then Rob stopped shooting and made a dash for the car. He was almost at the van, then with a loud BANG! He fell to the ground, with a hoof on his leg. "Rob!!!" Joe screamed, then went out of the van and picked him up. "Are you ok?" He said with a soft voice, while he was putting Rob into a seat. "The idiots got me in the leg... I'll be fine." Then Joe got into the drivers seat, then the car went dashing through the streets.
  7. You must MUST agree with these rules. GTA is a M rated game, and has a lot of bad stuff in it. Even though there's good things you can do in GTA, like walk on a beach or fly a jet, still, gotta make it a little kid friendly. Roleplay : http://mlpforums.com/topic/108892-grand-theft-auto-roleplay/#entry3037634 -Rules- 1. In-game chars are not to be role played as, sure you are can talk with them, and only then, you chose what they say, just still. :I 2. No swearing, zip, notta. 3. No sexual content, like strip clubs. 4. You must have permission from the person to kill their char. 5. No alcohol. Not a drop. 6. Enjoy!
  8. Honestly, I think Rainbow rocks will be something I won't like, 'cause 1. 30 moons = 2 and a half years (or 3 and a half) so Twilight CAN'T be in RR (Rainbow Rocks short forum :3). Me: *is watching clips of RR* *Sees human Twiliy then spits out het drink*
  9. I pick Luna. One time in my life I went through the same thing as Luna, I always thought my parents liked my sister more then me, so I "turned" and was "banished" to my room.
  10. Maybe because PC games are more clearer? Like have you seen Watch dogs on the PC? It's pretty full of HD.
  11. Sorry guys that Part 1 was short, I promise Part 3 will be much longer, and I tried my best to make this longer too. Anyways, back to where we left off. Sombra coughed out some of the smoke, then looked around for his crystal filly. "No... No!!" He searched harder, "No!" He kept telling himself. Perhaps he had gotten his too hopes up, but his filly, was nowhere to be seen. "Soommbraa" his ears went up at the voice. "Sooombrraa" it came again, the voice sounded like a young mare, but who would dare to enter his castle? His horn lit up "Who dares enter my castle?" Sombra snarled. Then he heard laugher, "You're so funny!" The strange voice repiled. "Show yourself!" Sombra called out again. Then he saw a pony flash right by him, then disappeared into the wary shadows. He got down into a crouch, and stared at the shadows, ready for an attack. But then the pony caught him off-guard, and leaped onto him, tackling him down to the ground. The attacker felt heavy as boulders, and has smooth as crystal. He stared up at his attacker, then he realized, his attacker was... hugging him? It wasn't even a full grown pony, it was a filly, then he noticed the horn on the filly's head was like his, curved with a red tip. He sat up, and got his filly off him. She looked at him, her eyes looked like his, only then didn't have the purple smoke. "You need a name." Sombra said, "do you have one?" The filly rolled her eyes, and Sombra knew what she was thinking. "Oh." He said, "well you're getting one." "What about... Sombra Jr?" The filly shook her head. "What about.. Darkness?" The filly shook her head like really dude? "Ugh, what about Eclipse?" The filly shot right up and nodded "Eclipse! Eclipse!" She said, jumping around in the room, smiling. "Eclipse it is then." He said, "Now let's go and greet the crystal slaves before they head out to go mining." Eclipse followed Sombra through the walkways that led down. They walked out of the castle, and looked at the crystal slaves, gloomy as the usual. "Every slave, listen up!" He yelled at the slaves, then they stopped moving in a line onwards to the mines. "This shall be your next ruler, when I retire." He said, the slaves giving no reaction. "What did I just say?!?! It's quite rude when you don't stomp your hooves!!" He snapped, then all of the slaves began stomping. Eclipse looked at the slaves, they were tried and beat, it must had been a long time since they rest. I'm glad I'm not one of them, Eclipse thought to herself, trying not to image what they were going through everyday, endless working. Sombra turned away from his slaves, then looked at Eclipse. "C'mon, it's time you begin studying."
  12. So, I kept asking myself, what if Sombra really had a filly of his own? I DID wrote this fan-fiction before the Season 4 finale, So honestly, don't complain about the villian's powers. This is just going to be parts due to its mid long story, and I want to leave you guys at a hanging part till the next part comes out. Now, time to begin the story. Before the mane six were born, before nightmare moon was banished, a terrible evil was created to threaten all of pony kind... Sombra watched his crystal slaves going down into the mine. He had a huge grin at this sight. But the days were lonely ruling the empire, Sombra wanted some pony to talk to, some pony to teach, some pony to rule along side him. He sat on his cold dark throne, thinking. His head was like a hive of bees, carrying one thought to the next. Then an idea popped into his head, then he got off his throne, and headed towards the middle of the room. With a flash of light, Sombra's horn lit up with magic. Crystals began growing off the room's dark crystal floor, the growing crystals matched Sombra's dark pelt. Most of the spell was weaking Sombra as he was casting the spell. He finally got to the mane and tail. He made the mane and the tail dark as the night sky. He stepped back, and looked at his filly. It was missing something, then Sombra remembered. His horn lit up again, and on the filly's forehead grew a curved horn like Sombra's, and at the tip, sharp red rubys. His filly was finished, all he needed to do, was make it alive. Then, magical beams whirled around the stone filly, making it fly off the ground. Then a huge light shined at Sombra, and he covered his eyes with a hoof. Finally, when things were seeable, he looked and saw that his filly, was gone.
  13. Sorry for the no backround, in my own words, it awful, but I took 2 weeks to make.
  14. *is joining in* Folium sat in her room/cell, her head twitching to the side. She looked around. She had been in Asylum for a very long time, and it made her go crazy. Folium bursted into laugher, that could be heard all around the Asylum. Her head twitched some more after she stopped laughing. The guards staring at her weirdly, but she only did a anger glare at them the turned away from them. Folium rubbed her hooves together, "someday, just someday I shall break out of this blasted Asylum." She mumbled to herself. "Yes.. Someday..." Then her head twitched more, the she bursted into an evil like laugher. Folium turned around, facing the guards with a wide smile. "You think you're safe... Don't you?" She said. Guard1: "Man, she wasn't like this when she first came." Guard2: "She's gone completely mad!" Folium's wide smile soon came to an angry shock through her, then she leaped at the window and punished it. "You think you're so safe don't you?!" She said with bared teeth. Breaking the window with her hooves. "Wait until I rip you to shreds!" Then she saw a strange smoke enter the room, then she fell to the ground, her hoof with a small cut. Guard2: "Thank Celestia for the sleeping gas!"
  15. Sorry guys, the big update was very late then I planned, but it's finally here. And you're in. I am taking in ideas for the next update as well, and I will get for sure update dates.