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  1. M14Brony

    Dealing with Parasprites

    I prefer to simply ignore the trolls, given that counter-trolling them would make me a hypocritical troll in the process. Furthermore, do such pathetic people really warrant one's attention, given that such people are reduced to cowering behind internet anonymity to say things that they would not otherwise dare to say to somepony's face solely for the purpose of diverting their attention away from their numerous problems in life? I seriously think that becoming a troll is indicative of hitting rock bottom.
  2. M14Brony

    Parents put toddler in washing machine

    And once again, more concrete evidence appears to substantiate my long-held contention that parenting needs to be viewed as a privilege, not as a right.
  3. M14Brony

    How did you get your cutie mark?

    I got my cutie mark when I discovered the joy of collecting and shooting firearms.
  4. M14Brony

    Jail Time for Online Trolls

    I see. Nevertheless, their hate filled messages can still be seen by the bereaved at the funeral. Of course, I will reiterate that I disagree with WBC being able to spread such hatred, but at the same time, from a legal point of view, if they can get away with doing that, an internet troll targeted by such legislation could, in theory, easily file an appeal and get a favorable result. I don't see how anypony can expect such legislation to stand and go unchallenged. I am also irritated by Asperger's Syndrome being used as a crutch, as it fuels negative stereotypes about people with Asperger's Syndrome (myself included). The autism spectrum is wide and has so many variations that it quite frankly is not fair to lump us all together in one group at times.
  5. M14Brony

    Jail Time for Online Trolls

    I don't see how this would be enforced, given that a lot of seasoned trolls simply hide behind proxies and are difficult to track down. I would be in favor of publicizing the internet troll's personal information to those that live in his/her community so that this person can at the very least be ostracized, but I am not sure if throwing trolls in jail is the right way to go (unless it was proven that they caused severe psychological harm or caused somepony to commit suicide). Furthermore, if Westboro Baptist Church is allowed to invade peoples' privacy and protest at funerals (I don't agree with this, but this is an established fact), I don't see how a law targeting internet trolling would stand up if one were to take this issue to court in an attempt to have such legislation overturned.
  6. M14Brony

    Moped driving and stuff

    I have always heard of these vehicles being referred to as "Mopeds" around here in the USA. I drive a car myself, but I feel that people should use a Moped if they are thinking about it, as I have heard that as long as the engine displacement remains under 50 cc, one does not have to insure such a vehicle (liability insurance on cars and motorcycles is requried by law over here in the USA; such insurance is legalized extrortion). A car suits my needs well, but agian, one does not really win with a car financially speaking, as an older, worn vehicle will "nickel-dime" you to death on service needs and a newer car (as in my case) will kill you on payments, higher insurance premiums, and higher licensing fees (license tabs) for years to come. If one can get by with a Moped, one can easily save thousands of dollars by doing as such.
  7. M14Brony

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    It is unfortunate that we still have to deal with such things in the 21st Century. Same-sex marriage is not legal here in Minnesota, but I believe that it will be on the November ballot. I hope we can attain a victory here (although I am not holding my breath). I firmly agree with you that same-sex marriage will need to be legalized on a federal level before we start getting somewhere. Things were worse in the past, but at the same time, it is frustrating how short lived we humans are, as many years typically pass in history before a qualitative leap is produced. Hell, even a few decades is the mere blink of an eye historically speaking, but again, we just don't live that long. In some ways, it is better to be around now instead of being around a few decades ago, but at the same time, I fear that I will be old and gray by the time many of the problems of today's society are resolved (assuming they are resolved in my lifetime to begin with). I guess the fruits of a bettter society, assuming one comes about, will be largely enjoyed by future generations instead of ours.
  8. Actually, Marx's satement of "I am not a Marxist" pertains to Marx disagreeing with a particular trend that was deemed "Marxist": http://www.marxists....rs/82_11_02.htm While there are obvious differences between what Marx referred to and Stalinism, such a statement would be analogous to stating "if Stalin is considered to be a Marxist, then I am not a Marxist."
  9. Unfortunately, my hands and wrists continue to bother me, so I am forced to be brief and cite the fifth Chapter of Lenin's The State and Revolution, given that this chapter is relevant to this discussion. Furthermore, I highly recommend reading Lenin's The State and Revolution in its entirety, given that it is a classical work on the Marxist theory of the state.
  10. M14Brony

    Tea Party sites hacked

    I honestly would not be surprised if some of the Tea Party reactionaries involved with the hacked site happened to be active posters on Stormfront.
  11. M14Brony

    Tea Party sites hacked

    I know that these shenanigans from 4chan are anything but productive, but in spite of this, I always get a good laugh when I see somepony vandalize a neo-fascist website.
  12. I am rather amused at how apologists of capitalism continue to raise the Stalinist straw man, as they must continually shift the debate away from genuine Marxism in order to make it look like they have a point when they don't. It is also rather amusing that a lot of bourgeois arguments hurled against communism were in fact refuted in the rather basic Communist Manifesto. I apologize for keeping things short, as I am cutting back on typing to rest my hands and wrists (I seem to be developing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome).
  13. M14Brony

    What's Your I.Q. Score?

    Indeed. I have encountered people that claim to have IQ's in the 160+ range according to the official tests, but these people come off as some of the least intelligent (in an overall sense) people I have ever encountered.
  14. M14Brony

    What's Your I.Q. Score?

    Let us take a look at this interesting gem from that site's FAQ: Even genuine IQ tests are a subject of controversy, and I honestly do not believe that they are reliable indicators of intelligence, so if those are unreliable, an internet one with a mere 38 questions will be even more unreliable.
  15. I will just leave this here: I visited the Trotsky Museum in Mexico City in early 2009.