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  1. @ (By the way, I'm Sketchbook here not Amara.) Sketchbook awoke inside a cage and saw Disruptis running around in a crazy maze that changed every second. Next to her outside the cage was a green and transparent pony sitting on a throne. He said "Well lookie here, my princess is finally awake. Are you enjoying the show?" Sketchbook looked horrified that Disruptis was running for his life. She asked "Who are you and why are doing this to Disruptis?" The strange stallion replied "I am the spirit who was trapped within a magical book for a century until you, my dear, freed me from my prison. You who is teaming with beautiful ideas and thoughts for me to play with. Disruptis was the one who casted me into that prison, so it's only fair that I give him the time of his 'life'!" Sketchbook was shocked to learn that Disruptis was over a hundred years old, but she would save that to ask later. For now, she had to figure out how to get out and help Disruptis. And as soon as she thought of an idea, (but knew she had no strength to do it) the bars bended to her will. Sketchbook was startled by this, but then leaped out of the cage and landed next to Disruptis. "Oh," said the green stallion "you want to join in on the fun? Let's see how you handle this!" He throws a huge fireball towards Sketchbook and Disruptis, and Sketchbook easily blocks this with a wall of water between them. She then turns to Disruptis and says "You have a lot of explaining to do when we get out of here." (I'm so glad to be back! I hope everyone had fun while I was gone.)
  2. I'll be gone from the internet for a few days.

  3. @, (By the way, after this I won't be able to post for a few days since I'm taking in my laptop to get fixed. Feel free to play as Sketch while I'm gone or start another side story.) "Oh my Celestia, you mean Princess Twilight!" Sketchbook started, "I heard so many stories about her and her friends from ponies who traveled through my village. That's part of the reason I wanted to move here, that and I always love learning new things so I was kinda hoping Princess Twilight would become another mentor of mine. I already learned so much from my parents and from the ponies from my village, and I'm going to learn so much from my grandpa too." She paused for a moment when she realised Disruptis didn't know her grandfather. "I'm sorry, I haven't mentioned I'm living with my grandpa here in Ponyville. His name is Grandpa Canvas, no really it's Grandpa Canvas, he really likes being a grandpa to not only me but every other pony he meets." As the two kept chatting, Sketchbook started thinking she wanted to be not only Twilight's student but maybe Disruptis's as well since he knows more about the world then she would ever know. And just through knowing that, Sketchbook couldn't help but smile at the idea. Once the two ponies were in front of the treehouse, Sketchbook couldn't help but stare at awesome (to her eyes) the house looked. Disruptis stepped up and knocked on the door, "I'm coming!" some pony answered from inside. The door opened to reveal the purple alicorn who smiled at the black and tan ponies at her doorstep. "Why hello Disruptis! Who's your new friend here?" Twilight said. "My name is Sketchbook, your highness. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Outside Sketchbook looked quite professional, however inside she was squealing like any other fangirl would. "Oh please, just call me Twilight. I don't care for those formalities, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Sketchbook. Please, come in." As Twilight kept the door opened for her guests, Sketchbook couldn't help but squeal again after confirming that Twilight was as modest as everypony had said. "Would either of care for some tea? I was just making some when you came." Sketchbook answered yes, while Disruptis asked Twilight if he could use her bathroom. As Twilight went to get the tea and Disruptis went to the bathroom, Sketchbook had a look around the library. She spotted in the corner a very old looking book that seemed to locked with a spell of some sort. However when Sketchbook went to touch the book, as her curiosity told her too, the book suddenly snapped open and turned to the first page. As Sketchbook read the first sentence she saw, all at once everything went black for her and she fell into a deep sleep. (How's that for a cliffhanger?! I'll see you guys in a few days, bye bye!)
  4. @, @, @@Hailcanuseacomputer, Sketchbook couldn't help but laugh at the funny face Disruptis was making at how shocked he was. Soon both Pinkie and Disruptis started laughing as well and other ponies wanted to see what was going on. But as soon as they saw Pinkie there in the middle of the laughing fit, they just chalked it up to Pinkie being Pinkie. Once the three calmed down, Pinkie suddenly said "Oh my guber gosh! I haven't given you two a 'welcome to Ponyville' party and song. Meet me at Sugarcube corner in an hour and we can party until the cows come home!" And with that Pinkie left, skipping the whole way. As she was walking, Pinkie thought this was the best time to invite Hail and that other new pony she heard Zecora talk about named Violia. So Pinkie Pie went to Fluttershy's cottage and asked to have her bird friends send out the invitations. Fluttershy agreed and had the birds fly off to everypony in and outside Ponyville. As one of the birds started to head to Violia's hut, it got scared by a sudden noize and dropped it's invitation. Once the bird flew off, a small fruit bat by the name of Void grabbed the invitation and flew back to Violia's hut. ~Meanwhile, back at Cookie's Breakfast~ "Well," Sketchbook started as the two ponies walked out "what should we do while we wait for the party? I can't help but feel excited, especially if it's a party for the both of us!" She said this while thinking that this was another chance to gain more friends and learn even more about Disruptis. (Just lost my post and had to rewrite the whole thing!)
  5. @ (Don't I know it, and sorry about the name.) "I'll have a hot chocolate and some chocolate pancakes, please." As the waitress left, Sketchbook said "I also heard that about dragons and how they even sometimes use their tails as well! But I also heard that some creatures called 'humans' are the best in making art, since they have thumbs and developed numerous techniques for painting and drawing as well." As they kept chatting like that for a long time, long past finishing their breakfast and almost into lunch, Sketchbook completely forgot to ask Disruptis about his other friend from the Crystal Mountains. She really enjoyed Disruptis's company and even thought that they could become the best of friends. Not only that, but he was knowledgeable about everything and anything they talked about. It was like he was a walking book, and Sketchbook had to keep herself from laughing at the mental image. However, soon a bright pink pony came walking in and noticed the new pegasus and the other pony with the yellow hat and cape. "Hey there, my name is Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" (I'll let you handle this since I don't know if your friends with Pinkie or not.)
  6. @ "Um.. ok. Sure, let's get some breakfast." Sketchbook wasn't sure what to think, she did think it was a bit rude how he never answered her question about the other pony he meet. However, Sketchbook just thought that maybe he didn't hear her or had a reason to not tell her. So she figured if she asked again later that if he still didn't answer her question, she would just drop it. When Disrupits stood up and started walking Sketchbook followed along, just happy that she meet somepony new. As they were walking together, she couldn't help but feel that she met Disrupits somewhere before. Which was hard to believe since before yesterday, she never went outside her village before. She then thought that maybe she had seen him in the village before, since he did say he travels and that he knows somepony from the Crystal Mountains. However as soon as that thought came, she thought that it couldn't be it. Because she would have remembered some strange pony coming to the village. Mostly because she always made sure that any pony who passed through would have one of her paintings or she at least sang to them to welcome them. So she decided that it was other question to ask him later since she wanted to ask some other questions instead. "So," she started "what brings you to Ponyville and how long do you think your going to stay? I'm only because I was kinda hoping to make a painting for you, to commemorate our new friendship before you left for someplace else!"
  7. "Yes, I am from the Crystal Mountains. I just moved/got here so I'm new. My name is Sketchbook, but feel free to call me 'Sketch-It' or whatever you like." As Sketchbook took another look at the black stallion in front of her, she can't help but think that maybe she found her first friend. She also noticed that despite the fact that he was just sleeping, Sketchbook could have sworn that this odd stallion looked tired. It was almost the same look of tiredness that other older ponies like her grandpa had. This made Sketchbook wonder how could a pony who looked so young, could feel like he was odd. However, Sketchbook brushed this off as her being silly and asked the black stallion "By the way, who's this other pony you know from the Crystal Mountains? Maybe I know her, after all not many ponies can stand to live there." It really bothered her that the black stallion knew where she came from just from her scarf. Not that is wasn't rare, it was made from the wool of sheep only found in the Crystal Mountains because theirs was the most resilient to the harsh winters there. It bothered her because unless you looked for a special patch stitched into the scarf, you wouldn't be able to the tell the difference between this and any other scarf.
  8. - Sketchbook just finished unpacking the last of her things into her new home. It was so different compared to her small log cabin up in the Crystal Mountains. Her house was a hollowed out tree that stood just outside of Ponyville and it was right next to the Everfree Forest. How her grandpa never had any trouble with the local wildlife, she would never know. Sketchbook's room itself was on the second floor of the tree house and it had a beautiful overview of Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. In her new room, Sketchbook just finished hanging the last of her many paintings. When her parents told her that she was going to live in Ponyville with her Grandpa Canvas, she had been so excited she couldn't sleep for weeks! Now that she was finally here, Sketchbook really wanted to go out and meet as many new ponies as possible and gain some friends. With her grandpa out shopping for some supplies before his next commission, Sketchbook thought now was the perfect time to head out. As she started to grab her bag, full of pencils and other art supplies, Sketchbook thought to herself "I know I'm going to love Ponyville! I wonder who I will meet first?" As she had just closed her door, she spotted a large hill that overlooked Ponyville and she thought she could see somepony sleeping on top the hill. "How could anypony stand to sleep outside?" she thought to herself. Although it seemed to be summer, it still brought a shiver to Sketchbook to think anypony could sleep outside like this odd pony. So she decided to take it upon herself to see that this pony wasn't sick or anything like that. Besides, it was already 10:00 AM Sketchbook figured that this pony had enough sleep. Once she was next to his odd pony with the yellow hat and cape, she gently shook him awake and asked him "Are you alright?" (I really hope I wasn't godmodding or anything like that.) @
  9. Anypony a fan of Game Grumps? If so, who's your favorite grump and why? Also, favorite game they played so far and favorite story they told us?
  10. Since she grew up in a very harsh winter climate, Sketchbook has to deal with all sorts of wild animals trying to hurt her and her family. Her parents aren't the best at fighting and one time when Sketchbook was young, she saw her mom getting hit from a wild polar bear. So Sketchbook's protective instincts kicked in and she stopped the polar bear before he could hurt Marble Heart anymore. *I'll add this to her OC page*
  11. Don't worry @The Mighty Ninyn, I'm sure it will go swimmingly! Just be honest with Twilight and you'll be fine.
  12. I chose Sketchbook's name because it reflects her talents for story-telling and for making art. Otherwise, the reason I chose those three talents is because they are the talents I'm the best at. I want Sketchbook to be my personal persona in the world of MLP, that and I think it makes her more unique compared to other OC's and helps her stand out more. So I'm going to keep her talents the same.
  13. *crawls back, very slowly* You promise you won't do anything to me?
  14. THANKS! You are a life saver! *Runs off before @@Discorded flutter does anything to her*